Sunday, October 25, 2009

blues in the velvet room

Covered this after being so inspired and motivated by Mr. Meguro.

the wonders of cgi movies

To let our hair down after mid terms, Eric and I went to watch (3D) Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Unfortunately a few people were too busy to join us *coughs*coughs*. Great movie indeed! How can you actually hate a movie which revolves around food? (Especially when they look as if they fall in front of you!) Okay, maybe not so much around food but you still get to see an influx of food throughout the movie. Cheeseburgers, eggs, bacons, toasts, sausages, ice-cream, gummy bears, jelly beans, steaks, pizzas, meatballs, spaghetti and JELLY and Sardines of course. I was a tad disappointed because there aren't many meatballs after all. Meatballs only came down during the second half of the movie, and they're gigantic. There is of course a moral value behind this food story thing, which I find kinda okay, maybe it's redundant but still okay. If someone were to ask me the best food in the movie, I'd say the JELLO land! I'd die from happiness if I lived there. Die from obesity as well since I'll be consuming jelly every day. Quite a nice way to die ey? 2 awesome CGI movies will be coming soon during these 2 months; namely, Astro Boy and Avatar. Those two are must watch and I hope they don't screw up Astro Boy since it's a classic! It'd be a shame if they do so. I'm already spotting many Astro Boy merchandises in One U.

And before I forget, something funny happened during the first day of mid terms. Eric and I were sitting beside each other but with an unused PC in between us because that's how it should be during examinations. All of a sudden, the lecturer asked us not so sit together lest we will argue in the middle of the exam. I was like, uh, okay... do you think we're that immature to suddenly argue and throw insults at each other in the middle of an exam? Lecturers nowadays can be so funny.

I've also managed to get my hands on an "okay" qualtiy version of Persona Music Live. It's fucking amazing. Seriously. I kept getting goosebumps throughout the whole video except for one song by Nana Kitaide which was extremely disastrous. She sings worse than me so you can kinda get the idea how terrible she is. As if that's not enough to make me go EWW, she was wearing some kinda pyjamas-like attire with lace! To be more precise, it actually looks like a night gown! Let's not digress from the awesomeness of the video per se. It was an electrifying experience seeing the sound producer/composer of the SMT series rocking on his guitar for practically 2 hours. The other bands members are pretty good too. To my surprise, all the female vocalists did really well except for Nana. (boo to her even though she has a quite an okay face) All the songs sound exactly like what I've heard when I'm inside the game except that they made a lot of improvisations, which means more piano, saxophone and guitar solos! Now if only I can find the original DVD for this in Malaysia. Checked on YesAsia and it costs around RM 175++.

Anyhow I was looking forward to a laid back Sunday where I can just spend my whole afternoon finishing my games and playing the guitar. Unfortunately my parents just love going out on weekends. This can be pretty annoying when you already have everything planned beforehand so I guess this will just be another boring Sunday. Go out and look at the people. Immensely huge crowds making noise, colliding against each other as if the words hygiene and mannerism don't exist at all in their damn vocabulary.

Monday, October 19, 2009

new addiction = onmyouza

Forsook my blog for at least 2 weeks if I'm not wrong. Well, I was too caught up in watching a few Yuri series such as Kannazuki no Miko and Aoi Hana (both worth checking out because they're the best Yuri I've watched so far, lol) and also playing SMT : Persona for the PSP. It's basically a remake of Persona : Revelations which was released years ago on the PSX platform. Old school dark JRPG! I'm loving the game so much. It has 4 endings, simply amazing. The best way to waste hours of my life away. Actually, I'm kinda tempted to get the original version since it comes with the soundtrack as well and since Shoji Meguro is one of my favorite video game composers, I wouldn't mind having the original OST but then again P3P will be coming out next year. Maybe I should save my money for that instead because I'm pretty damn sure P3P will be fucking epic. STOKED.

Mid term exams are this week, on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Notice the break between Monday and Thursday? Not that I'm complaining about it but I think it's a tad weird. This might encourage some students to slack rather than study. It's hard to focus on studies for such a long period of time. And I screwed up C together. Have got to make sure I don't do the same for Visual Basic. Depression awaits me if something similar happens again. I've just realized today that I can get affected by exams. Maybe times has changed or maybe I was like that all along. Sometimes I don't give a damn even if my results are incredibly ugly looking but sometimes I end up getting super troubled by my results even though they are not very bad. Weird. OR maybe I'm really getting weirder each day. Some sort of phase?

Speaking of which, I've also been quite inspired lately to try coming up with my own acoustic renditions of my favorite Utada songs. Weak attempts but I'm sure something will come out of this soon, hopefully. It's a frustrating, (yet) satisfying process since I know nothing about family chords. Someone should just force me to take music theory, that'll make my life much easier.

Oh, someone's birthday is just around the corner!
LEST I forget to wish her, which sounds kinda infeasible since there's a huge reminder in the cbox, I'll wish her first. Happy Birthday CHICA or PRINCESS or HOTTIE or whatever name you wanna name yourself k? And uh, cash? No I don't have any, I don't think I'll be able to contribute to your *coughs*...franchise idea if you're still into it, which I doubt so *coughs*.

I'm off to watch some amazing videos of PERSONA LIVE MUSIC on youtube.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i got my lunchbox and i'm armed real well

*post deleted because I do not want resentment to tarnish my blog*

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