Sunday, January 31, 2010

of fats and pee

Just got home from Genting. That was pretty random, it never occurred to me that Michiko would wanna drive to Genting. It was so damn abrupt but I guess she likes to do stuff like that. She could've at least took the courtesy to tell me that we'll be going there then I wouldn't have wore shorts and flip flops.

Since she took the wrong direction, she had to ask the people at the Tol for a bit of guidance. Asked 3 girls in total and the first girl actually gave wrong directions; thus, it was confusing!  I was like, damn, hitherto we're just gonna end up driving all the way back to Ipoh. The last 2 girls were of better aid but still she had to  pay unnecessarily in order to u-turn, you get the idea. We took the old road, it felt as if it was taking centuries for us to reach there because both of us wanted to pee and we were famished. Lucky for her she has cigarettes. On the other hand, I had nothing except for hunger.

I think I nearly died in the car park, it was freezing cold and I was pale as fuck. I looked creepy in the mirror, I think that was mainly due to my hunger. Crystal eats to live, not lives to eat. Surveyed the area to see which shop will be great for dinner. Fast food outlets were obviously excluded from the list. In the end, dined at some Hainan restaurant. Was too hungry to look at the name. Something sheepish happened while we were waiting to be seated, I cut the queue because hunger took over my conscience, really. Took me awhile to realize that I actually cut the queue when Michiko gave me a whatthefuckareyoudoing look. For real, I didn't notice the sign saying "Wait to be seated".

Took her 5 minutes to handle the pepper. Speak of great skills.

Happily having my Traditional Mutton Stew. Apparently, I ate quite fast.

Took a stroll outside after dinner then came back to PJ. Talked a lot about past issues. In short,
had fun.

Dad asked me where I went and I lied, "One U". He responded with an eww face and said, "Boooorrrrinngggg". Have you seen people who actually enjoys bursting people's bubbles so much? Yup, I love being boring and I'd rather you scoff at me because you would've killed me if I told you the truth. He got pwned without knowing it and in a way, that's kind of hilarious. Hah!

Friday, January 29, 2010

what's the matter with you? blue eyes

Photo from U3MUSIC INC.

Just thought these autographed balls by Utada are pretty cool. No, I'm not fangirling. Please scrutinize the drawings on the balls. Bears voicing Gay rights. Apparently, her bear or otherwise known as Kuma is a gay bear who's only into male bears. Okay fine, maybe I was fangirling a bit after getting to know that one of my idols is so supportive of the LGBT community. Another reason why I love Utada Hikaru.

Time for something serious.


Okay, I know this shot ain't as epic as her singing but truth be told, I have better shots of her singing along to Akon's music. After contemplating, I decided not to post those beautiful shots because I'm a really good friend. Seriously, this girl knows practically each song on Akon's album. Scary and it's even scarier when there's abrupt screaming/cursing in the middle of the song. After yesterday's experience, I realized that most of my friends are pretty aggressive when it comes to driving. Hazardous, very. Ironically, I find them funny.

Monday's a holiday. About time for some repose--which reminds me I haven't started on the Dream Analysis. As much as I'd like to use Freud's theories, they just don't make sense. Oh, Freud, where art thou? There's so much I'd like to ask him in person but that's merely impossible.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Evangelion Afterthoughts

Years ago before I got into anime, I've always been curious about this particular character  (the chick with short blue hair ) that I saw everywhere in town. This ubiquitous character left me wondering about her importance. Why is her action figure available in every single anime shop? When I first started using the net during the 90-s, I can still recall how often images of this character or the name "Neon Genesis Evangelion" appear in my search results. It IS rather odd because I was actually searching about something else. It is inevitable, even most forumers would use characters from Evangelion as their avatars / signatures.

Fast forward to 2004. The advent of my newly found addiction. Finally I discovered the "mystery" behind the ever popular Evangelion. Since it's quite an old anime (released in 1995), I had no interests in watching it. It was till 2009 when I downloaded it. The whole file is 10 gb and I managed to download all 26 episodes + 3 movies in less than 24 hours, via torrent of course. Impressive. Then I realize, this series must have really really hardcore fans who are willing to seed the files at such rate. This speed is considered quite good for Malaysia's broadband. Well, I finally watched the whole series together with its movies. In fact, I just finished End of Evangelion about 30 minutes ago.

Never in my life have I cringed so much just from watching an anime. I'm serious, Never. I was so ludicrously overwhelmed by what this anime has to offer. At first glance it looks like some stupid mech anime, which I don't really dig but I still ended up watching it just to find out for myself why the strong fanbase? After watching it, no doubt it is truly an anime which has successfully revolutionized the anime industry. I can now see where most animes draw their ideas from. It's so obvious. Since the animes that I've watched are those made after 2000, I have to say that after I watched Evangelion, other animes that I've previously watched are all child's play. I kid you not. It utterly changed my perspectives.

WHY? It's deep and it's serious and it's dark and I can go on and on about why this anime is such a masterpiece. The characters are all designed well, physically and personality wise. The show does not just touch the characters on the surface, there's a lot of character development/exploration going on. The main thing, its storyline causes viewers to keep analyzing and think think think. It's not a stupid child cartoon where the line between good and bad is clearly drawn. Difficulty in comprehending its ending is what virtually every single viewer faced out there. Despite its dino-age release date, there are still active forums on the net where users discuss the ending. Oh, and I was saying, it's not some crappy mech anime. In fact, it's not really mech. There's a whole lot more to the anime. In addition to all the greatness, there's a great deal of psychological factors involved which might be disturbing. The voice acting enhances the overall experience and impact of the anime. There were many scenes that made me cringed like crazy because of the VA.

I don't wanna sound like I'm fangirling because I'm not but  I'm merely stating the fact that it's brilliant. Evangelion is a bona fide anime and I think every single person who loves anime should watch it, that is if you haven't. Or maybe if you think anime is childish, watch Evangelion, it's an enigma. I believe most people out there only watch stuff like Naruto or Bleach and other newer animes but seriously, watch Evangelion. NGE is vehement on so many levels.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

too much candy is gonna rot your soul

I know I made an oath to update this blog as frequent as possible but it has been quite a challenge to do so because of the things that I had to attend to during the past 6 days or maybe I just do not have the motivation to blog as frequent as my friends do. I've always wondered where do they draw their inspiration or motivation from? Or perhaps I'm just too lazy? There are many possibilities but someone mentioned last week that I'm too "keras" to blog about everything which happens in my life. She did not clearly define what she meant by "keras". I'd take the word literally. There is some truth in what she said. I do not blog every single thing which happens in my life, especially the ones which are too solemn  or depressing to be mentioned here. Who would want to read something which emits negative vibes? And which is why sometimes I'd rather not update. I have to be in certain moods to update my blog or else there will be full of "fucks" in my blog.

Like I said, this week has been quite a hectic one for me and most probably it's because of the stupid replacement classes that we had today so that we do not have to go for classes during Chinese New Year. The day was long as I was compelled to follow my parents to attend my supposedly Godfather's son's wedding. Complicated. To make it simpler my long distant cousin brother's wedding. The speeches weren't as moving as compared to the wedding dinner which I attended last week. Personally, I think this is due to his really young age. He's only in his early 20s. However, I got really excited when one of their slide shows utilize Mika's song as the BGM, Lollipop. I believe my parents rolled their eyes when I did a fangirl squeal. And of course my dad never misses the chance to insult my interests. He said, "Your Mika sounds like some character from Sesame Street".

The music video for Lollipop. A nicely animated video. It's extremely colorful, which makes up for the dark lyrics. Heck, the song is so upbeat, listeners would be fooled into thinking that it's a happy happy song.

Because of my packed activities these past 6 days, I had no trouble sleeping at all. In fact, the lethargy accumulated by the end of the day made me slept around 12.45, the latest. I'm pretty content with current sleeping patterns. Months back, I had trouble when it comes to sleeping. Used to toss and turn for about 1 hour ++ before I could really fall asleep and when I did, I'll wake up a few times throughout the whole night/morning.

Ever since I've started taking Psychology, things which happen around me have made me perceive them in different ways and also I think it's pretty coincidental that many materials that I've started watching or reading are very Psychological. Even the fan fictions that I read are psychological, it had me googling on the net about the theories - Oedipus Complex, Electra Complex and also a few other theories which are not so psychological. Coincidentally, the anime that I've been watching a lot lately, Neon Genesis Evangelion attributes to a few Psychology theories. Very intriguing. It's either coincidences or it is because I've developed an awareness to things like these. To make things better, I'm kinda required to keep a dream journal because we're currently studying about dreams. I have to go and type my first entry. now. Had a really funny dream last night starring my friend, Leong Qianyun. Not gonna go into details. *lol*

Anyways, it's a very nice Sunday today. Finally a day off and hopefully I'm permitted to stay at home because there's a whole load of things to be done at home. Have a great weekend everyone, they're rare! :D

Sunday, January 17, 2010


As I was daydreaming while listening to my phone during my trip back from the wedding dinner, it suddenly dawned on me that I do get jealous of my relatives. I actually mentioned that I do not get jealous of my relatives on my Plurk and also bullshitted about how sinful it is to be jealous of your own family members but it's fully acceptable and comprehensible to be jealous of your friends or other members of the society. I know it doesn't make sense but oh well, I deliberately came up with it, just for fun. Back to being jealous of my relatives.

During dinner, I sat beside this guy cousin of mine. Not really close to him because he's from my dad's side but so far he's the one that I talk to the most and that's mainly because of our music interests. Cool guy. To be more precise, a metalhead who doesn't really look like one and he plays the guitar. He attended the dinner with his sister. Both are quite old, not as in old looking, I mean older than me. They're in their late 20-s. Throughout the dinner, both talked a lot. From music and I mean really quality music talks. Don't ask me to define what are quality music talks. Anyway, that's not the main point. And they kept getting food for each other. What I'm trying to say is, I saw many caring gestures from both of them and it kinda moved me.

Perhaps I'm getting old myself. I'm not sure but I've always been envious of people who have siblings who care for them. This is not the first time I'm envious of such people and also it won't be the last. And yes, I'm really jealous of my friends who have really nice siblings, who fetch them here and there and have heart to heart chats with them. You people know who you are.

There are many things that we can be jealous of but practically most of these things that are actually attainable if we put more effort into it. For instance, wealth, skills (which eventually become talent), fame, good looks, etc. However there are also things which are impossible to be obtained at certain stages in life, no matter how hard you try. In this case, I'm referring to siblings. To be more clear, I'm not jealous just because there's someone there to get food for you, to talk to you or to fetch you around. It's because there's much more to that when you actually have a sibling. The feeling is overall different and it also changes your perspective, as well as your personality if you have one. Sharing is definitely something one will learn when he or she has siblings. I don't think I'm great at sharing, in fact I hate sharing. To be frank, I really abhor sharing especially when it comes to certain things. Let's not go into that.

I tend to digress a lot, it's difficult not to. Anyways, my message to anyone who reads this is, be thankful and appreciatibe, sorry, I mean, appreciative that you've been blessed with such wonderful siblings - that is if you do have siblings. If they are really obnoxious, in lieu of hating them, think of it as free training to cultivate patience and tolerance. As for individuals out there who do not have siblings (like me), too bad for us, just gotta live with it.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mom

 Yesterday was mom's birthday. Went to Red Box to celebrate because she enjoys karaoke sessions a lot and also she loves eating. Thank God she's not really obese because of the amount of food she consumes. The food there is just average. not many choices but plentiful oysters and other seafood as well such as raw tuna, baked crabs, shrimps and dory fishes. Pasta is quite bland, creamy but lacks salt. Most cakes served are not of quality ones except for the cheese tarts and orange chocolate cake which I find really nice because the sweetness doesn't turn people into diabetic patients.




This photo is made of win.

And for a more normal looking one.

Sound quality there ain't that impressive. They have problems with lowering the key of most songs and I hate the fact they have so many MTV videos instead of proper karaoke videos. It's annoying. Hit songs which are not that new such as Lips of an Angel, I Hate Everything About You and Rain do not have karaoke videos. That sucks because they were released a year ago or even longer than that. Personally I think Karaoke places are too busy filling their lists of karaoke videos with pop, rnb or hip hop videos. I can't comprehend why they hardly take the initiative to offer more rock videos. This applies to their selection of J-Music as well. Karaoke videos for J-Pop are everywhere but not J-Rock. There's Luna Sea and the legendary X-Japan but no lyrics and if there were, there's no romanized lyrics. Like most Malaysians can read kanji or whatever.

It's funny to go karaoke with my parents because they tend to sing really new songs. For instance my dad sang songs by Creed, Hinder and Daughtry. On the other hand, my mom likes to sing songs by Sean Kingston. Oh wait, let me rephrase, she jumps into almost any song. Occasionally Taylor Swift.

Anyways, I think she had a great time. Was smiling all the way through. Happy to see that.

Friday, January 8, 2010

top 10 reasons I like to have a home gym

Few years back, I've already realized that that public gyms can be really annoying. Wait, to be more precise, it's mainly caused by the amount of people who workout there. I won't generalize and it is definitely unfair to say that everyone who goes to public gyms are such jerks because that's wrong, I wasn't. *smirks* As if it's not horrible enough, I've ascertained that apartment gyms are bad too. Oops, let me correct myself again, it is  the people who kills the fun. Not all, but many.

10. Sound pollution. Ah yes, the ubiquitous sound pollution! Most gyms do have music being played. It's loud enough. Therefore, I don't think it's necessary for people to take out their phones and play their music through loudspeaker. Are you nuts? Your music vs. gym music is causing lots of pollution. It sounds disgusting. It's not your house. Get yourself headphones if you think gym's music sucks.

9. Earthquakes. Yes, earthquakes do occur in gyms. For some reason, people just love throwing the weights to the ground after they finish doing their reps. For what? So that everyone will pause and look at you? Throwing actually means not doing the last rep in the correct form/manner. And it really causes earsore.

8. People who keep bugging you. Such pests! In other words, they strike a convo while you're giving 100% attention to your weights or whatsoever. Hello, I'm busy here, could we talk later?
7. Men who try to look really professional by giving advice incessantly. Seriously, is this my body or your body? Don't tell a person his or her limit. Just because someone looks small or short or whatever, it doesn't mean that you have to warn him or her to not push the limits. It's all about pushing yourself further and improving. Moreover, you don't even have the certificate as a professional trainer! 

6. Disorganized barbells, E-Z bars or simply, weights. Okay, we know you paid for the membership but it doesn't mean you can simply dump what you've used there. Have the courtesy to put the equipments back in their original place? Inconsiderate bastards! Other people have to search the whole gym to find one single piece of EQ.

5.  Aunties or uncles who talk more than exercising. They talk about their shit from one end of the room to the other end. Loud, very. As if that's not distracting enough, they need to emphasize the topic by adding in lots of foul language. We don't need that in public places, c'mon, there are people who bring their kids as well you know? And some people just can't focus well if you make so much noise. To be fair, this does not only apply to aunties or uncles, I've seen young men doing this. Oh please, if you enjoy talking so much, go for high tea sessions.

4. Princes and princesses who use the treadmills or bikes for more than half an hour and they hardly break a sweat. It gets worse when there are no other cardio machines available. What the hell are you doing there? Enjoying the scenery? All I can see is 4 walls.

3. Windows shouldn't exist in gyms, huge windows especially. Passersby tend to look inside and just stare at you. Perhaps there's something on your face? But oh, I'm facing the mirror, there's absolutely nothing on my face! So what is he or she staring at!?!? It gets worse when you're running. Feels as if you wanna get down and punch that kepochi in his/her face. 

2.  People who hogs the damn machine for 20 - 30 minutes or wait, even more than that! What were they doing there? They were sitting down chatting away. For fuck's sake, are you blind? There's only one of those in the gym, get your ass off, you're not the only one who paid for it.

1. People love to gawk, especially when you're doing weights. They like to notice how heavy you're lifting. Seriously, are you there to check people out or burn some fat?

Anyways, gotta chao. Time to leave the house. Going back to Ipoh, can't wait to see my ex-deskmate and the Pest, I mean, the Queen. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the knack to murder

Despite having a ridiculous timetable, I'm actually beginning to like Semester 3.  Lovin' this semester because of the amount of subjects and the ludicrous time for most classes (Wednesday especially). It's from 8 - 9.30 am. After that I'm free for the whole day. Was bragging last night in front of my mom, she looked so incredibly annoyed and envious. Who wouldn't?  I can have the whole day to myself, lazing around at home. This is the first Wednesday of the semester. Came home after class and immediately started to watch 07 Ghosts. After 3 episodes, took a zizz. Had a horrible dream of being put to sleep by a witch and I turned into a killing machine in order to defend myself. Killed the whole family. It was a pretty gory dream which involved cooking utensils as weapons. Very surreal though. As I was enjoying smashing people's heads and watching them crying out in pain, I was awoken by a voice,"Eh, hungry or not?".  Dad's a wet blanket.

I'm pretty proud of myself today because I finally have the willpower to revamp my dusty blog after months of not blogging and not visiting it at all. First time using XML skins, quite a slow person, I've been living inside the forest alongside the farmers. Even decided to dumped many blog links that I don't really visit. Figured out it's better to shorten the list because it's quite an eyesore. For 2010, one of my resolutions is to not abandon the blog. This will be exciting year so why abandon it?

It might be a little late to say goodbye to 2009 but it was a really great year for me. Attended college for the first time. Even though up to this point, I don't really like going to college, I have to say the exposure is highly significant and worthwhile. Academically wise, I'm quite content with what I accomplished in 2009. The only complaint will be my results for Semester 2 but I've made an oath to give my best for this final semester. Besides that, I just realized that I watch more animes, read more and play more video games during my college years as compared to my high school years. Frankly, I'm not really sure whether this is problematic or not. One more thing, my caffeine addiction has gotten worse since last year. Fortunately I don't smoke or else my teeth will be really yellow.

2010 will definitely be thrilling and it's not because of my optimism. I don't think I have that in me but it's because Psychology intrigues me and Statistics is pretty challenging. Though it seems difficult but Ms. Jasamine claimed it's easier than Finite Maths, so that's definitely something to look foward to. March draws near. In other words, we're getting closer to the release date of FFXIII English version! There's also Kuroshitsuji Season 2 and K-On! Season 2!

The only thing that I'm not really happy about is that annoying Eric took entirely different subjects. We no longer have the same timetable. That's something to be sad about. No more breakfasts at McD every Monday and no more Starbucks sessions every Thursdays. Sheesh.

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