Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Blog is Dying

Haha, you're right.
My blog is really dying. Partially. I don't mean to kill it but recently there hasn't been any major interesting events. Never mind, I'll just drop by to update a bit before I go for my Quiz Pengguna tomorrow. So people, please please please pray for us again. It'll be held in Kampar. I haven't been there before so I'm a little excited. I know I lame. So what?

Seriously there is nothing much for me to post so I'll simply post a few photos. These are actually real photos. I used my digi camera to take them. This explains why they're 'senget'. Uh, know what I mean? Never mind. I'm too dumb to explain. Lol.

This week will be an extremely hectic one. I'm so thankful that the quiz doesn't clash with the camp. If not, I'll be so so so dead and heartbroken. *coughs*

My lovely Sejarah teacher teased me again today.
I was practically dozing off, so if you know me, you can imagine how my eyes look like.

Pn. Murizan - "Crystal nampak macam Garfield. Ei, nasib baik saya perempuan. Kalau saya lelaki, saya akan ingat awak sedang 'tackle' saya".

After saying that, she laughed so loud. Swt.
I don't see how those small eyes can be used to tackle people.
She even gave me a task for the week after next. She'll be away for some course I think so she wants me to teach the class during the absence. I'm trying not to imagine the worst case scenario but really, this task thing is scary. My sejarah isn't that good and she's telling me to teach people. Wait, those are not even ordinary people, those are 5V3 students. *dies*
Anyway, I promise I'll post something 'yang berkualiti' when I'm back from GB Annual Camp. xD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Money Face

Been really busy since last week.
So far things are going really good. First of all, I'd like to say thank you God for blessing us all. Next, thank you to those people out there who actually supported and prayed for us. The prayers were answered. Managed to win first place for Kuiz Pengguna Peringkat Daerah. Will be representing Kinta next week.

Today we went for Kuiz PNB Peringkat Negeri together with Convent. Both MGS and Convent represented Kinta Utara and another Islam school represented another part of Kinta. Forgotten which part. Took a van to this place called Gerik. Don't ask me where is that. It's somewhere after Kuala Kangsar. A small town. With KFC but not McD. Chin said, "Since there isn't McD here, means those people belum makan McD before. They only know the taste of KFC". Lol, she can be so mean and funny at times.

The quiz was held in some sekolah asrama. The school is located up in the mountains. Yes, mountains. You actually need to climb a few flight of stairs to reach the asrama. How torturing is that. Especially with the excruciating heat. So as usual, the event was held inside this place, Dewan Makan. Bloody hot, really effing bloody hot. I almost died due to suffocation. Practically 5 hours inside that place. Felt like being in the desert. No wait, felt like being trapped inside a mini microwave. I have no idea how those students there actually survive in their baju kurung-s.

So anyway to cut it short, we won.
Therefore we'll be representing Perak for the next Kuiz PNB Peringkat Kebangsaan which is in August. It'll be held in Palace of The Golden Horses. Utterly awesome. I'm so looking forward to that. *smirks* xD

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tagged By Teen Wei

8 Things I'm Passionate About

  1. Music
  2. Guitars
  3. Working Out
  4. Food
  5. Bowling
  6. Sex (yeah if you don't put this, most probably you're acting innocent, stupid)
  7. Singing (even though I suck)
  8. Last but not least, You.

8 Things I Said Too Often
  1. Lol
  2. Yer
  3. Haha
  4. Normal lah
  5. Eeshh
  6. Lame
  7. Fuck
  8. Tsk

8 Books I Read Recently
  1. Reader's Digest
  2. His and Her Fitness
  3. Popular Club Magazine
  4. Practical Guitar Grade 4
  5. Answers for Quiz Pengguna
  6. -
  7. -
  8. - (don't really read nowadays)

8 Songs I Can Listen Over and Over Again
(This one is really tough.)
  1. Gazette - Cassis
  2. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Honey
  3. X Japan - Endless Rain
  4. Jacky Cheung- Breakups Happen in the Rain
  5. Jay Chou - Ba Wo Hui Lai Le
  6. remioromen - Konayuki
  7. B'z - Atsuki Kodou no Hate
  8. Kotaro Oshio's version of Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

8 Things I've Learned In The Past Year
  1. Sometimes you'll only have one opportunity for success so grab it.
  2. Never be too sure about something because it's hard to predict the future and things can turn out to be very very surprising.
  3. Impossible is nothing because anything can be achieved if I really wanna do it.
  4. You just can't be too honest with your parents sometimes because they will not accept certain ideas, etc.
  5. Education is of utmost significance.
  6. Absence makes the heart grows fonder. I don't believe in 'excess communication'.
  7. Be sincere when you help and one day people will offer you their help too.
  8. If you really want something, go for it regardless of the outcome. It's better to try and fail than always wasting your time thinking whether you'll succeed or not. =)

8 People I Tag
  1. Foong Vai (diu, very ba bai lah now, wanna do your girlfriend's one instead)
  2. Ken-Ann
  3. Kiern (you did already huh, never mind =( )
  4. Audrey (most probably you're too lazy to do it, eeshh)
  5. Ikaru (I know you'll write money in the first question)
  6. Jill
  7. Ezri
  8. -

Sunday, June 8, 2008

You People Can Just Quit Convincing Me

Dai Gau Min - BIG FACE? APAM?

Truth is I just like posting pictures of any food. They make me happy and the one above is one of my all time favorites.

My blog is half dead so I'm just updating it in order to 'resurrect' it a bit.
Anyway, been busy these few days with lotsa activities. Came back from KL, hung out with friends, went to SMI's Military Band concert and spent time with relatives. Tomorrow school will be reopening. How depressing. I'm actually a little looking forward to it due to a few reasons *coughs* *coughs* but I also dread school, especially those, uh, never mind. Not good to to be so specific sometimes. I'm also having Quiz Pengguna this Wednesday so please pray for me and my other team members, Chin, Lim and Cherish to do well.

Regarding the SMI concert, I think they did a great job. Spectacular performance by both bands. We arrived late though because we were too busy enjoying our meals. The last song, Tong Hua was really beautiful and touching. Many people waved their glow sticks in the air. Ken-Ann was busy singing along. How 'menswtkan'. I thought the concert was over but the audience shouted for an encore. So for encore, both bands played We Are The One. Another touching tune. Overall I think the concert was quite entertaining but a little too long for impatient audiences such as me and some other people. *coughs* I forgotten who asked me about MGS band after the performance. I think Nicholas did. Well, I didn't want to give any comment. Haha. Btw Yuk Choy is such a nice school. Nice hall and nice basketball court. Would be totally cool if MGS has a basketball court. A gym will be even better. I can just dream on.

Been playing bowling quite often these days. Like what Foong Vai said, I've got myself addicted but too bad I'm still such a n00b. So far my highest score is only 130. Watched many pro bowlers on youtube and I've got to say, they're amazing especially the way they do 'the hook'. I'm actually thinking of getting lessons but I don't know where I can get them so if you people have any idea, please do tell me. I'll really appreciate it. Btw if anyone wants to play with a n00b, you can always count me in, I'll be glad to join and if you're willing to share and teach me, I'll be also very willing to learn. xD

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Hate Sushi

Yesterday went to Pasta Zanmai for brunch. Very nice place selling lotsa japanese snacks. Well actually they serve over 50 types of pasta. Japanese fusion pasta. You get what I mean. Actually I hate Japanese food but this one is an exception. It's located in One U. Do try. =)
Managed to take these photos before my camera died out again. Zzz.

Recognize the logo.

We're supposed to grind them into powdery form. Apparently they enhance the taste of the pasta.

Ice fruit tea.

Miso soup with LALA? All the lalas sank to the bottom.

Salad with sesame sauce and crab sticks.

Beef pasta something. Can't remember the name.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Just to update a bit, I'm now in KL.
Went for dinner at Tony Roma's. Lovely and huge portions.
Anyway my camera 'died' again thanks to those cheap ass batteries so I managed to take these pictures only. Friggin' lame.
I like the butter.

My dad called the waiter who did this faggot. Swt.

Sauce sauce sauce.

The main course. RIBS! The little bowl beside the ribs is tomato pesto salad.

Tomorrow will be trying out some Japanese + Western fusion type of pasta.
Too bad the Food God won't be able to snap any photos.

Busy shopping the whole day at Sungai Wang and Times Square. So those places are so packed with those stupid Jrockers wannabes. Whatever you wanna call them. They're like so into visual kei. I notice the shops for visual kei are actually increasing. Some of them even require you to have membership? Through membership only you can enter that shop to purchase those clothings. How lame is that. There was this shop with so many huge posters of VK bands.

Besides, there were many youngsters who try TOO hard to look vk-ish and in the end they look like shit. I also bet that they just like VK because it looks good, not because of the great music. Anyway there was this shop playing Gazette's Taion. I got quite excited. I actually purposely stayed in that shop to listen to the music. Those wannabes were such an eyesore. Lol. I'm so mean but I can't just help being mean because they really annoy me to the max.

If you have the time, please look at the video below.
It's the music video for Gazette's Taion. Great song. Great music. Average looks but fucking great band. Yay. =)

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