Friday, January 30, 2009 expected

Happy Chinese New Year people. My blog is soooo effing dead. Main reason I didn't update my blog is because I was too busy with things, yeah such as eating non-stop during this festive season and gaming. Gah, actually I was really lazy. That's the main reason. Then suddenly it dawned on me today. I must not let my blog die! I must be faithful to it so I'll just do simply update it today since I'm not sleepy.

Went to watch Underworld 3 : Rise of the Lycans. I enjoyed every bit of the movie. It's really my type of movie. Dark and many great fighting scenes. Besides, it's never boring to watch vampires and werewolves fight against each other. They're both such fascinating creatures. Did I mention Rhona Mitra is hot? The ending is indeed lamentable. According to fans who watched the prequels, this one is quite disappointing. Oh wells, who am I to judge? I'm currently downloading part 1 and 2. So I'll see how far it's true.

Most likely I'll be starting my studies during mid March. Therefore I have to dedicate more time to my ps2 so I can finish Persona 3 : FES. I don't really like the idea of bringing the console down to KL because I wouldn't have that much personal time anymore. *sighs*

After playing P4 for a few hours, I remember that I did tell one of my friends that I prefer the P3 main character more than P4's because P4's MC looks so gay. Well, I've definitely changed my mind. I think P4's MC is cooler compared to P3's MC because Minato is such an emo looking brat. The way he walks kinda annoys me in someway. P4's MC is much smarter looking and he's definitely taller. Tch. Currently 30 hours in P3. It's really a little boring and slow compared to P4. And I just realized that they don't talk as much as those characters in P4. I have to rest every 3-4 hours before I get motivated to play the game again. Lol.

Was browsing some LJ community and I saw this article. It's about the issue of homosexuality in P4. How interesting. There's also an unofficial P4 manga which can be found here. Haven't read it yet because the connection sucks like hell today. Takes an eternity to load. I'll read it another time I guess. Time for some fanfictions.

Since I'm already blogging, might as well RANT a bit.

I don't know what you people have in mind but seriously, those words coming out are starting to piss me off. Oh wait, I think I'm already pissed. This explains why I just hate to answer you people's comments positively. I'll just keep quiet or simply answer it. Being bad provides me the gratification. Yeah, maybe I'm starting to change into something really monstrous. Who cares? And it seems like telling you the truth did not change a single thing. You people take it as if I did not say shit about that. If I knew it will turn out like that, I should've kept it away from you people since you all just love rejecting the truth and believe in what you actually prefer to believe in. Tch. How annoying.

Maybe it's just one of my terrible mood swings that I get once in a blue moon but even minor things are starting to get on my nerves. I guess I should get some medicine or something before my anger starts to take control over me. >_>

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tagged by Teen Wei

1) Do you think you're hot ?
HOT? Why not? Rule 1 for survival - LOVE THYSELF.

2) Upload your favourite picture of you.

3) Why do you like that picture ?
Because I look STUPID. STUPID PICTURES FTW. I swear that one day I'll make everyone on the net post stupid looking photos of themselves instead of their ilookverycute photos. =D

4) When was the last time you ate pizza ?
Last day of Andajaya.

5) The last song you listen to ?
Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

6) What do you do right now besides this ?
Listening to music and drinking coffee and browsing some fan fic.

7) What name do you prefer besides yours ??
Don't know, I love my current name.

Nobody because my laziness is kicking in again. =D

8) Who is number 1 ?

9) Number 3 is having relationship with ?

10) Say something about number 2 ?

11) How about 4 ?

...on a sidenote, do not drink BOSS coffee unless you like the taste of cigarettes inside your mouth. Seriously it tastes as if you just smoked a few minutes ago. I wonder what kinda ingredients they use.

Monday, January 19, 2009

i don't like what you just said

It's 4 a.m. in morning. Woke up about an hour plus ago and I just could not get back to sleep. It has been like that since few days ago. Symptoms of Insomnia? Ah, screw that. Therefore I decided to wake and use the comp. Browsed Persona 4 message board, played Chor Dai Di and listened to some music. I had my lights on of course. Don't wanna screw my eyesight. There's no one online on my MSN contact list. Most probably everyone is busy sleeping. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I took off my headphones. I thought it was THOSE thing. Then suddenly another two knocks. I unlocked my door and it was actually my mom with this "WHATTHEFUCKAREYOUDOING-face". She looked pissed. Heck, I was even more pissed because what she did scared the shit outta me.

She asked me what I'm doing. So I just told her the TRUTH. THE TRUTH. And she eyed me suspiciously. She's ALWAYS SKEPTICAL. Why can't you choose to believe your daughter for once? I don't get it. As if I ALWAYS fucking lie to you. Then she came in and looked at my comp. Oh okay, now I GET IT. Most probably she thought I was surfing PORN or maybe some other abnormal stuff. I got kinda pissed and I asked her whether there's anything wrong with surfing the net. She told me right in my face to switch off the lights, the comp and go to sleep. Of course I defied. Why would I not defy? I already told you I couldn't get back to sleep. What's the point of tossing and turn on the bed if I can't sleep? Furthermore I don't even have school tomorrow. If you have work tomorrow then why can't you just go to sleep instead? None of my business. I'm not even causing any noise or disturbance since I always have my headphones on when I'm listening to music after 12. How inconsiderate of her. Just because she wants to sleep, she has to make me sleep. Then I asked her what's with all the skepticism. She got even more infuriated and scolded me saying that any mom would get concerned and suspicious if their kid is up in the middle of the night facing the comp. Apparently nowadays there are too many kids messing with the comp in the middle of the night. Okay so what even if I was surfing porn? NO PROBLEM you see. I'm already 17. It's all natural to surf porn. It's not even something EVIL. Not that I'll go killing people after watching. Furthermore, porn = free sex education. That's not even covered in school. And do you even bother to teach me in detail? No right? So porn is good in some way but just because I'm awake at 4 in the morning, it doesn't mean I'm doing something nasty such as looking at porn. I DO HAVE a life. Btw, I think anyone who intends to surf porn at 4 in the morning would think of switching off the lights. Do I make sense? Obviously yes. And I actually have worst things on my comp. A collection e-books about occult stuff and some materials by Anton Lavey. Because of what? Because I'm curious, that's all.

After arguing a bit, she looked around (at my desk). Gosh, the way she looked was as if I was hiding something really big from her. I got really annoyed and I asked her what was she looking at? She said, "Can't I even look at your things? So now I can't enter your room?" I just kept quiet. Geez. Then she asked me why are there so many used tissues on the desk. OH, Once again I know what she's thinking. I'll let you figure out what she thought of the tissues at the moment. Yeah, go figures. It depends how you interprete it. *smirks* Well, in actual fact, I used those tissues for my nose. I have sinus, so my nose can get really bad during certain hours of the day especially before I sleep and the moment I wake up. She didn't seem convinced. Oh, fuck it, maybe next time I should use handkerchiefs so that you wouldn't suspect such things. Whatever. I just shut up since explaining wouldn't do much help.

Next, she asked me why am I getting pissed over such thing. Hell, why would I NOT be pissed? First, you scared the shit outta me by knocking the door all of a sudden. Second, you came in and got so skeptical when I explained to you the truth. Third, you're telling me to sleep for no reason and I already told you I can't. At the end of the argument she said I have attitude problem. Who's the one having attitude problem? Thank you mom for ruining my night. After having such an argument with her, I'm even less sleepier now. You know what you did mom? You're making things worst for me. Thank you so much and good night.

Usually I wouldn't rant about such things on my blog but this is exceptionally annoying and actually I'm taking this opportunity to vent my anger because I could not get DDS or P3 FES this evening. Yeah since I was so bored and tired, I went to sleep after dinner at 9 ++. So this explained why I woke up. Since there's nothing much to do now, I'll just continue browsing the boards and listening to David Cook. Have I ever mentioned that this guy is amazing? Crazy ass vocals. His post Idol self titled album is effing awesome, in all aspects. Really. One thing I really like about the songs in this album is; the guitar solos are actually quite good for a mainstream album.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

heh heh heh

Just completed Persona 4 an hour ago. The ending is.. mehhhh, so anti-climax. Moreover there are 3 endings. And since I did not max out Naoto's social link (FAIL), I'm gonna do so during my 2nd playthrough. I was at social link rank 9. Crap, one more level to max social link. Kinda disappointed with the amount of cutscenes. There aren't many in the game. More cutscenes please in the next Persona? Another reason for me to do the 2nd playthrough is the Devil social link. The nurse is so... perverted. Besides, I can finally fuse Lucifer. Bet that'll be fun. Heh, and I just realized this game is kinda dirty and not suitable for kids. And I think I'm gonna convert into a SMT fan instead of a FF fan because FF nowadays is really disappointing. FUGLY looking characters and lame music. Geez, hate them all. Epic fail since X-2. I am also very tempted to get Persona 3's FES version. Might as well play Persona 3 FES since I did not finish the normal Persona 3. Oh and I even plan to get DDS after Persona 3. I'll reserve Nocturne for last since it's quite hard. I'm so gonna get attached to my ps2 these days. SMT games shall provide me with a reason not to abandon my ps2.

Someone ought to hit me hard in the face because I'm turning into such a scary Naoto fangirl. I have over 100 pics of Naoto in my folder. >_>

This is soooooo MC x Naoto. *dies*

...and a pic of Teddie. His dialogue made me laugh so badly.

Monday, January 12, 2009

someone please hit me

DIRECTION: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

  1. I HATE my pimples. Could anyone suggest the BEST method to get rid of them?
  2. I can't cut an apple properly. The skin will fly everywhere. ZZZ.
  3. I don't eat oranges unless they're peeled.
  4. I'm currently obsessed with Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4. WTF, she.. uh or he is so charming. I sound sick. Doesn't matter..
  5. I can't write my name in chinese. Actually already forgotten, not that I completely don't know.
  6. I'd like to take audio engineering but this will just remain a tiny dream because mom said there's no prospect in Malaysia.
  7. I LOVE mushrooms.
  8. I don't take carbonated drinks so please don't offer me any of em.
  9. I HATE berry flavored drinks. They smell like.. gahhh, I don't even know how to describe it. Oh ya, they smell like medicine.
  10. I can't recognize roads because when I'm in the car, I'll be daydreaming.
  11. I can never sleep more than 10 hours.
  12. When I was a kid, I used to play Power Rangers more than Barbie. Barbie sucks.
  13. I'm not satisfied with my height. I wish to grow taller. That's kinda impossible though.
  14. I used to fall down so many times when I was in primary school. Even the office people recognized me and labeled me "budak yang selalu jatuh itu".
  15. I'd like to witness a cult meeting or whatever ritual. That'll be great experience. Lol.
  16. Jason Mraz will be coming and I'll kill myself if I can't make it to his concert. HE HAS PERFECT PITCH.
*karma immediately increases after doing the tag*

It's 2.30 a.m. What was I doing an hour ago?
Drooling over Naoto's picture. Ended up producing a really crappy quality fanart. Geez, I need to stop playing so much Persona 4. I might really try jumping into the tv one day. ._.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Was supposed to submit this to ultimate-guitar but it'll take a few days for it to be up so I decided to post it here first since there were a number of people who asked for the tab :

Big Bang - Make Love
Standard tuning
Capo on 1st fret

It sounds the same when played along with Tae Yang's version of Make Love.
Video here :

Main riff / Intro :




For Pre chorus and Chorus, just play around with F,G and Am.

x = slap
~ = let ring

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tagged by Wai Lynn

I tag:

1. Choong Yang
2. Chin Hui
3. Kar Yen
4. Yang Seen
5. Kah Sin
6. Sook Mun
7. Qianyun
8. Judith
9. Wai Lynn
10. Michelle

How do you know 1? in school?
Through Msn.

What would you do if you never met 2?
I wouldn't know the definition of lame.

What would you do if 3&4 dated you?
Sounds ridiculous.

Do you think 5&6 make a good couple?
Uh, nop.

Do you think 7 is attractive?
You might think wrongly if I say yes.

Do you know anything about 8's family?
1% maybe.

Tell me something about 9.

What language does 2 speak?
Cantonese, english,and mandarin I guess.

Who is 3 going out with?
Her kpop hunks. Zzz.

How old is 4?

When was the last time you talked to 5?
As in talk face to face? 2 months ago.

Who's 6 favourite singer?
Rain I think.

Would you date 7?
No way.

10 single?
I don't think so.

What is 9's last name?

Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
I wonder why all these tags thing ask stupid questions.

Which school does 2 go to?
Not schooling anymore.

What do you like about 3?
Lame and silly.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

tagged by miiko


Rules: You cannot answer the questions by repeating the previous answers, example:

5 facts

1. I hate cats
2. bla
3. ya
4. da
5. wah

5 secrets

1. meh
2. loh
3. I hate cats
4. duh
5. ditto

State 5 facts of yourself that people know.

1. I love the guitar.
2. I take good care of my shoes that I wear for outing but I don't really bother to wash my school shoes.
3. I never liked buckling my pinafore, no more chance to buckle already. Tsk.
4. I don't like Sony Ericsson phones.
5. I hate Jonas Brothers and HSM, and other things which are under that category.

State 5 facts of yourself that people don't know

1. I don't drink hot coffee unless my mom makes it.
2. People think that I'm stuck up but actually I'm not. You'll know that after you talk to me.
3. I cried a lot when I watched Naruto and One Litre of Tears.
4. I like temples a lot, I find them very beautiful (my mom will kill me for writing this).
5. I can be VERY stingy sometimes or maybe you people actually know that already. Never mind.

State 5 bad behaviours of yourself

1. I don't like it when my mom tells me this and that. Too repetitive.
2. I get really pissed when I'm super hungry.
3. I bang things when I'm angry.
4. I curse for fun when I'm too happy.
5. I find it really enjoyable to annoy people, certain people.

State 5 good sides of you

1. I'm stingy. Go figure the advantages of being stingy.
2. I'll just stand there when someone scolds me. Sounds more like stupid. Zzz.
3. People who brags doesn't affect me. I wouldn't get annoyed unless I really hate him or her.
4. I don't smoke or take drugs.
5. I don't really take fried stuff.

Now tag 5 people!
*muka too lazy to tag*

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