Friday, February 29, 2008

One Step Closer to Liberty

"You're a song within my heart, you're a song of my life".

Two papers left. Will be sitting for Mod Maths and Science paper on Monday. After that I'll be experiencing liberty. Yay! Too bad for science students, so many papers. *smirks* Anyway, I don't really feel like doing revision anymore. I'm so not in the mood. I'm so in the mood of slacking. Slack slack slack. Sleep sleep sleep. Eat eat eat. Play play play. That's what I would really love to do for the rest of the week after those two bloody papers on Monday. Can't wait. Most probably will be getting a new guitar after Piawai. I don't think I should get it this weekend. If not, for sure I wouldn't be doing any revision at all. Mom even asked me whether I wanna go out to have dinner to celebrate my pre-merdeka. Well, I declined the offer since I'm currently too lazy to go out. Therefore she cooked this for dinner. Yum.

Black Pepper Udon Noodles with Macaroni

Today after school, me and Leong were 'splashed' with Mushroom soup or whatever soup. It was yellowish. Actually both of us were standing under the tree. She was waiting for her bus and I was accompanying her. Then 3 Indian girls ran past us. One of them was holding this polystyrene cup. She was shaking that bloody cup in the air. Her friends were chasing after her. I didn't know how the whole thing happened but suddenly me and Leong were smothered with those gross liquid. Well, not really smothered but Leong was the main victim. Those stains were on her hair, shirt and pinafore. A few drops fell on my pinafore. Fortunately. If not, I would've screamed at them. Kids nowadays are pathetic. Form 2 but you're still running around? You're not in a playground lah. Damnit. One of my friends said those liquid look more like phlegm. GROSS. One of the Indian girls approached me and Leong after we 'washed' our pinafores.

Indian Girl : Tadi bukan saya yang buat. Kawan saya buat. Sorry.
Leong : *too furious to answer* pfft pfft
Me : Huh? Haha. Okay. -__-"""

So after that we were both in our shirts and shorts only. Leong's shorts were quite short. Her legs were so fair and thin. Practically everyone kept complimenting how great her legs are. Hopefully she doesn't kill me for writing this. *jealous of her legs*

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maths in 5v3

Felt so miserable this morning. Somehow I think I'm the main cause for this. I'm so sorry. I know I can't do anything to help. Hopefully things are much better for you now. Hate seeing you being so down.

Omg, today Maths class was so funny. As usual, our teacher was so frustrated, sad, and disappointed. Not gonna mention her name for safety purposes, I'm sure most of you know who. She was teaching us Transformation. Everyone knows how much that topic sucks right? I don't think there is anyone of us here who actually likes that bloody topic.

Teacher : *teaching translation* ... so easy only lah, why can't you all do it? Even idiots can do it. Even down syndrome kids can do it. You think down syndrome people can't do ah? If you teach them sure they can do.
Us : ...
Teacher : Try to use your brain and think a little lah. Don't leave it like that. It will berkarat.
Us : ...
Teacher : Nowadays, teachers are very sad because of students like you all. We teach so many times and you people still don't get it. You're wasting my energy and I'm wasting your time. I'm actually very worried of your future. Teachers are like mothers. We feel sad when our children don't get what we teach even after we've tried so hard. Without education, how will you all be good mothers in the future? We're just trying to help you all to become good mothers so that the world will be a more peaceful place. (notice how she is drifting away from the main point..)

Goodness, she was so funny. Her facial expression is sad. At one point she was really sad and I think she practically cried? Haha. I pity her but she shouldn't be so harsh with her words. There's nothing much you can do but find a better way to teach us if we don't understand. You can't fully blame us. She took one whole period to teach one question. After that, she asked me whether she's wasting my time? She assumed I'm so clever and I know how to do it. She even allowed me to do other things that I want to. SO FUNNY. I wanted to tell her I know nothing much about the topic too but to avoid seeing her cry due to disappointment, I just told her I wanna listen to her lesson.

Piawai is on thursday.
History on the first day. Damn damn damn. Gotta read more. Teachers are giving too much pressure. Geez. =/

Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Sunday of February

Mainly because I got to spend so much time with you today.

Went to Convent's Interact's uh.. I think they call it Canteen Day? Never mind, not that important anyway. Those people at the gate were really strict. I don't understand why students who weren't wearing school t-shirts weren't allowed to enter? I believe I saw a few MGS girls in their normal attires. Nothing much to do there. Me and Leong each bought one book of coupons. Couldn't finish it. How lame. We donated the remaining coupons to Convent's Interactors. I didn't like the food they were selling. 99% were fried food. Did I mention they don't have mineral water for sale? Gosh. Ended up drinking some orange juice mixed with Sprite I think. Record breaking moment. Haven't drunk carbonated drinks for one whole year or maybe longer than that. Met many ex-schoolmates. I'm surprised that they can still recognize me even after years. Gotta admit I didn't recognize most of them. *pai seh*

Fan Yee Ling won 30 Seconds To Fame. Really happy for her. The prize is 30 bucks. Well, better than nothing. Can get a prepaid card right? I'm sorry I wasn't there to support you. Was in Parade. Lol. I feel a little bad actually when she texted me to ask whether I'll be going back to MC to support her or not. Luckily wasn't pissed when I met her in Parade after the competition.

Spent the rest of the afternoon with you, your friends, Foong Vai, Kiern, Ken Ann and Leong. Leong left really early. How sad because her fans were searching for her. Hehe. =D A few 'interesting' videos captured by Kiern can be viewed at my youtube account.

Went to Moven Peak for dinner with parents. Didn't know there is some place in Ipoh which serves quality western food besides Citrus and Indulgence. For that price, it's really not bad. Gotta admit I underestimated them. Before this I will only visit that place for their steamboat.

Some Cod Fish Dish. Those brownish thingy actually moved when it was served. Imagine living coral.

King Prawn Thermidor

New Zealand Steak

"I'll love you more with every breath truly madly deeply do..."
- nice line from Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply. Haha.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy lazy lazy.

Reon Kor sent this to me... =(

Jay Chou is holding his concert while I'm doing nothing much in Ipoh! How depressing. Sigh. Ignore me.

It has been a really hectic week!
Finally I'm free to blog. Well, actually I was really lazy to update the blog because the laptop's keyboard is super problematic. Therefore I waited for my dad to fix the cpu. According to him, it's 'multi HD collapse' problem. Now all the data is gone, including my precious live dvd rips, precious screen shots and The L Word series. Damn, I'm so lazy to start downloading all those things again. AnywayI think we're meant to get new things for this year. Dad put the monitor on the sofa. Suddenly the whole thing rolled and dropped on the floor. Imagine. I was shocked but at the same time I was laughing. My monitor is dead. Saddening. Haha, so now we're using Uncle Thim's monitor. It's old school.
Eww. I know it's better than nothing but I really want a new monitor.

Didn't attend N'Gale's marching practice this week. Hopefully I didn't miss out much. Didn't feel like going on Tuesday so I ended up lazing around in class. On Thursday I had accounts tuition. Too bad. Bad timing. From what I read, seems that the people are screwing up. Haha, people, fret not! The time will come, soon they'll have the 'semangat yang membara'!

Just got home from Chye's Guitar Nite. It was kinda fun. Many people performed. I didn't. He actually asked me so many times but I kept saying no. First reason will be because I don't know what song to perform. Besides that, I don't have anyone to accompany me, I don't know anyone there and I don't have a good amplifier. Yeah, I know those are lame reasons. So what? I'm sure there's always another time. Not all performances were great. There was this fat little boy singing Beyond's song. Really cute. Then there was this guy doing a cover of Jerry C's Canon Rock. He improvised it a bit. Missed a few notes here and there. Kinda sloppy in the end. The Arpeggios were pretty okay but the sound system made it the notes rang out in a too distorted way. Nice try though. I'm sure many girls were drooling over him, excluding me of course. Chye's assistant played Yang Guang Zhai Nan on keyboard. Cool. I expected him to play violin actually. Was a tad disappointed.

Ugh, headmistress checked my class last Friday. CHECKED OUR FINGERNAILS! I don't understand how she finds the time to do all this unnecessary stuff? Lol. Most people's fingernails were okay except for Mey Yee's. Then when she checked my right hand, I tried explaining to her why I'm keeping my fingernails.

Me : Teacher, I'm keeping my right hand's fingernails for guitar playing. My mom wrote this letter. *shows*
Mrs Lee : No, cannot. It's against the school rules.
Me : But I'm not keeping them because I wanna look pretty! I need it to pluck the guitar strings.
Mrs Lee : No but but, you can always use the pick.

Doh, then I tried explaining the difference between using the pick and fingerstyle guitar playing. She doesn't seem to get it. Then she told me to trim my fingernails because they were too pointy and dangerous. C'mon, I'm mature enough not to hurt my friends with my fingernails! This is so unfair! I don't wanna cut them. Eesh eesh eesh. She told the class she'll give us all 2 merit points if no one has long finger nails. Seems like there's no choice for Crystal. *sigh*

Going to Convent's Interact thingy tomorow.
I'm excited because you'll be going. What a great weekend. =)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Ee Peng!

Went to Ee Peng's birthday last night. Had BBQ. We ate for around 2-3 hours only I think. After that we were just chilling out in the living room. Surprisingly someone actually brought their form 4 history textbook along. Now that's what I call SCARY. Most sc2 and 1 people were hogging the computer. Others just sat in front of the tv texting their someone special or telling silly stories.

Happy Birthday girl!

Carrot cake.

Very pro... hmm

Trying to act cute. Failed attempt.

Haha bodoh.

Eesh eesh, text text text!

No life!

Suet Lee posing because Ee Peng refused to pose for us.

The epitome of kerajinan sains 1.

A crab as a pet!

I could see that mom wanted to scold me last night when we were on the way to Peng's house. Most probably she was controlling her anger because Leong was in the car too. Fuh.. don't know why but she gets pissed really easily. Therefore I've been simply saying yes to whatever she says even though I strongly disagree.

A video of the fireworks. Haha, it's upside down, so what?

Sukaneka (it's that how you spell it?) starts next week. I'm so not looking forward to it. Makes not much difference whether I'm involved or not actually since Crystal sucks big time at sports. Wow, during drill camp, Sin Yee actually asked whether I'm the captain for N'gale. Rofl. So funny. A captain who can't run properly. xD

Sunday, February 10, 2008

2nd Last Day

Wow, it's already the second last day of my cny break. Sucks. I'm not really looking forward to schooling since most probably you'll be absent for a few days. Gotta stop thinking, ughh. Today was hectic, visited my dad's cousin's house in the afternoon and my Aunt Jo's house in the evening. OMG, dad's cousin's house is marvelous. The design, furnitures, decor and everything just fit perfectly. Felt as if I was in a resort. Envious, huhu. Imagine candles on the floor, relaxing music, the smell of tea and tranquility. Anyway I got to lou sang twice today. I actually enjoyed eating them because I was utterly famished. Had steambot at my Aunt's place. After that we gambled since there was nothing much for us to do. Uncle Barney was the dealer. I managed to win 20 plus but in the end lost a lot thanks to his last 3 rounds. He kept getting ace for a few times in a row. Damn lucky. Some of the pics :

Kama Sutra in the living room! Their sex life must be great, lol.

Reminds me of the guy from Death Note.

Cute but he doesn't like me. Haha.

Lotus Chips!

Sarawak Laksa, tastes like curry noodles, yes, homemade.

Genetically Modified Donut! An orange cake actually.

Homemade cookies!

I go crazy for this herbal jelly.

Beef with chilli sauce.

Will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow. Hopefully dad will be able to fix the comp.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

3rd Day

Title says it all.
Anyway it's my first day having new year's dinner with my mom's family. We dined at Sai Kong, I'm not sure whether it's the correct spelling. We actually had our reunion dinner at Sai Kong but it was a different outlet. I prefer the other one but my parents said this one is nicer. Doh, who cares? Dad bought a new camera today so I took the chance to fool around with the camera.

Lou Sang , I just hate the taste of this dish. No, my hand isn't there.

Shark Fin Soup, looks ugly but tastes great.

4 Seasons , not that good. I like the one served at the other Sai Kong.

Steamed fish with ginger.

Fried prawns with orange or what? I don't know.

'Lai yao Sotong' , my favorite dish.

Classic dish. Look at the fake abalones!

'Lo mai' rice. As usual I only took one scoop.

Lovely Corn Dessert.

Followed my cousin brother to his friends' house after dinner. Well my parents kinda forced me to follow. They said I need to socialize more. Wtf? Oh fine. I know they want private time for themselves and so I just followed. Moreover they were being sooo friggin noisy, lol. Mom gave me around 30 bucks to gamble. I guess that's the upside of following them. Besides getting extra ang paos, I get extra allowance. How great is that? Free reload for this month. I have only 0.29 left. Pathetic. The second house we visited was a tad creepy but it definitely has those CNY spirit. Can really feel it. MERRY!!! Those people were gambling as if money falls down from the sky. Gambling actually reminds me a little of Uncle Peter because he'll be the one who initiates gambling back then. Now that he's not here, my cousins and I don't gamble anymore. No one wants to be the dealer. Haha. Anyway it was quite an eye opener to see how other people celebrated CNY.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eve !

Just got home from reunion dinner. Waited one bloody hour for the food to arrive. Haha when we asked when will the food will arrive, the 'Captain' tried explaining. Aunty Mei made many jokes and kinda scoffed at the 'Captain'. She claimed those are lies. Well, I bet she knows a lot since she deals with customers everyday. The food was pretty unique especially the dessert and the prawns. Too bad no photos. *winks*

Anyway I went over to Aunty Jo's place this afternoon to see my cousin Jeff for awhile. He looks less macho this time. Apparently he's busy with his job so less time for work out. Doesn't matter much because he actually looks better with less muscles. Too much muscles is scaryyyy. Then Aunty Jo gave me a bag of candies she bought from Taiwan. Cool. =DDDD

Weirdo keychain!


Nice Shape huh?

Guilingao Candies from Aunty Mei. The texture is something like Dodol.

I'm so excited because we'll be having western food for dinner tomorrow. First time in my life having western food during CNY. Do not scoff. HAHA!

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