Saturday, July 26, 2008

crazier when i'm next to her

Went for Chye's Guitar Gathering at Noodle Bar. It was my first time. The place was okay, quite comfortable. The food? Decent food but Leong's church friends kept complaining. Lol.

Then there was this group of seafood girls who came from God knows where. Lena assumed they're from AMC. Then Leong's friend said, "AMC? Where got AMC for them? KFC got lah". It might not be funny here, it must be read in cantonese. We laughed so badly. They were walking in and out of the cafe for don't know how many friggin' times. Yeah, so most probably they were dying for attention. What a pathetic way of getting famous. xD

Not that bad right?

Lena and Me.

I had to force Leong to take this photo. Damnit.

Why do people actually wear like that to a Guitar Gathering? Swt. Bad taste.

Then we took out our guitars after dinner. If I'm not wrong I was the only one who brought the guitar in a case. So 'pai seh'. Ugh. Friends were teasing me because of the case's size. Played mostly chinese songs. Damn, some times couldn't follow the chords because of the stupid chinese lyrics. Everyone was having a lot of fun when were playing Beyond's songs. Tsk. I wish he would include more English songs next time. That would definitely be better.

Chye looking young here.

Having fun.

Really into it.

Mom said this photo is nice. Haha.

Why was she laughing?

His friend looks really annoyed by his singing.

Lena on Leong's guitar.

Trying to figure out the chinese lyrics.

Mom came to pick me up before the event ended. It was supposed to end at 9.30 but we only managed to finish 1 out of 3 sets of song sheets at 10. 'Potong stim' betul. Tsk. Supposed to 'yum cha' at Starbucks and take photos with Lena's cute little sis too. Plans ruined. Sigh, there's always another time right.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Wave Your Hands In The Air If You Wanna Go To The Toilet

Tagged again

People who tagged me : Teen Wei

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time : 11.48p.m.

Name : Crystal LKM

Sisters : Zero

Brothers : Zero

Shoe size : 6-7

Height : 1.66 m

Where do you live : Ipoh

Favourite drinks : Cold Coffee / Milo

Favourite breakfast : Yoghurt with chocolate muesli.

Have you ever been on a plane : Yep

Swam in the ocean : I guess so yes.

Fallen asleep in school : Something that I do everyday.

Broken someone's heart : Yeah. Haha.

Fell off your chair : Nop

Sat by the phone and waiting for someone to call : No, I don't wanna look or feel like a loser.

What is your room like : Yellow walls with various kinds of posters, a room without a bed.

What's right beside you : Drinking water and mobile phone and Wicks?

What is the last thing you ate : Honey melon

Ever had...

Chicken pox : Nop

Sore throat : Doh? Obviously and I'm having it now too.

Stitches : Yep

Broken nose : Nop

Do you...

Believe in love at first sight : Maybe. Who knows?

Like picnics : Sounds fun. Would like to try it one day.

Who was, were the last person you danced with : Never dance. Okay maybe I did earlier this year for the PJ aerobics thing. Danced with my malay friends and my deskmate.

Last made you smile : You

You last yelled at : My deskmate, don't ask why, I just love yelling at her. =D

Today did you..

Talk to someone you like : Definitely

Kissed anyone : Maybe

Get sick : Doh, partially dead now.

Talk to an ex : Yep

Miss someone : Yep and still missing now.

Eat : Yeah, around 2 hours ago but I'm still hungry.

Best feeling in the world : Whenever I'm able to put a smile on your face.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals : So lame please, but I do sleep with 2 Poring next to my pillow.

What's under your bed : I don't have a friggin' bed.

Who do you really hate : No one.

What time is it now : 11.53 p.m.

5 things i was doing 10 years ago

1. Watching cartoons after school.

2. Cycling around my house.

3. Singing along with my friends everyday.

4. Trying to convince my mom to allow me to learn the guitar.

5. Drawing a lot in class while my teacher was teaching. I remembered once, one of them said I was useless because I draw too much.

5 things on my to-do list today

1. Revise

2. Learn 2 Jason Mraz's songs.

3. Sleep earlier.

4. Update my blog.

5. Complete homework which is supposed to be completed yesterday.

5 snacks i enjoy (I don't eat snacks.. uh never mind.. I'll just simply write)

1. Cereal Bars

2. Chewing Gums?

3. Eclipse Peppermints

4. Egg Tarts

5. Chocolates

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire

1. Conduct a research on how to achieve eternal life, or maybe eternal youth.

2. Start a business, most probably food or music business to increase the amount of money that I own.

3. Get myself a really niceeeeee house.

4. I'd get myself a profound makeover. MWAHAHA.

5. I'll try to use the money to make my loved ones happier.

5 of my bad habits

1. Drinking too much coffee.

2. Telling myself that I'll sleep early but end up sleeping really late.

3. Too lazy to wash my school shoes but I'm so good at cleaning my shoes for outting.

4. According to my mom, I'm really great at banging doors instead of closing them.

5. Excessive eating or sleeping class.

5 places i have lived in

1. Dad's house in KL.

2. Aunt's house in KL.

3. Current house.

4. Hotels?

5. Babysitter's house?

5 people i'm tagging is Foong Vai, Leong, Ezri, Stephanie and Jo Lee.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Throwing Rubbish is a Skill

Seriously what Mrs Lee said today made me laugh so badly.
A few of the nominated head prefects were funny too when they were campaigning for themselves. Let's not state who's the funny one alright. *giggles* Anyway they should have took more time to do their campaign thing. It was so short compared to last year's and last year's candidates were so much more aggressive. Tsk.

Did a cover of David Cook's version of Always Be My Baby. I gave up on this song ages ago due to the bridge part which is really hard to sing. Notes too high for me. However, hearing my classmate singing this song motivated me to try covering this song again. So I cheated, I didn't bother singing the bridge part. Used mobile phone to record since the stupid mic wasn't working. I don't think it'll ever work. I should just consider throwing it into the rubbish bin or something. Dumb.

I'm having fucking gastric and I don't think I'll study for tonight. Good reason to slack. Yay.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tagged by Kah Sin

Her blog doesn't allow copying. Anyway I'm supposed to list out 10 weird habits or little facts about myself. I'm quite sure I did this before but I'll do it again anyway for fun and because I'll give her face for tagging me for the first time. Lol. Therefore I won't be tagging other people.

  1. When it comes to movies with lotsa special effects, I will only watch them at the theatre because watching pirated ones is only a waste of time due to the shitty quality. Can't stand the video's darkness and the camera man's shaky hands.
  2. I go to toilet with my deskmate at least once before recess.
  3. Every morning I'll put on my headphones and start off my day with metal or rock. My first song is played in the toilet. Don't ask why.
  4. I can sing much better when there's nobody around me because that's when my real voice comes out, and again please don't ask why.
  5. I find murders and cults really intriguing. Easily fascinated by stories related to them.
  6. Listening to metal and rock helps me to sleep easier compared to listening soft songs.
  7. My mom thinks I'm really unholy and satanic because of the metal and rock music that I listen to.
  8. I'll only brush my teeth after breakfast. You think it's dirty? I think it's much more hygienic.
  9. When I'm sleepy, I won't sleep straight away. I'll waste my time doing unnecessary stuff on the net such as analyzing song lyrics even though my brain is half inactive.
  10. 9 out of 10 people who hasn't spoken to me before thinks I'm stuck up or lan si or whatever shit but of course I'm not.
Today is Cikgu Tengku Hasnah's birthday.
Well I hope she had a great day since many students wished her sincerely and planned stuff for her. Yeah and I hope you get married soon and get kids soon so that you can nag and scold them instead of picking on US always. =)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Waking the Demon

Seriously I can't comprehend most people nowadays. Their mindset is getting more complicated, or maybe I should say weird. Yeah, weird fits in better than complicated. People nowadays have this weird way of thinking. Today while I was reading some story book in class, one of my Malay friends asked me something.

Friend: Perkataan blablabla (okay I actually forgotten which word she was asking) adalah
two perkataan atau satu perkataan?
Me : *blur* Uh, tak tahu.
Friend: Tipu!
Me : Mana ada? Tak tahu lah.
Friend: Tipu!
Me : Betul-betul tak tahu. Awak ingat saya apa?
Friend: *goes hysterical* TIPU! TIPU! TIPU!

What the heck?
I don't see any point lying to her. That wouldn't bring me much benefit. I guess she's brainwashed by Tengku Hasnah because she has been labelling me as Kedekut Ilmu since last year. Anyway her response left me in quite a state of shock. Crazy people. Next time don't ask if you refuse to believe and I'm no genius so I don't see why would I know the answer. People should start accepting the fact that my BM sucks big time. =)

Been reading this book. Will be finishing it in a few more days. Very addictive, the author is influenced by Jack the Ripper. Interesting stuff. This book has helped keeping me awake during Maths lessons.

Looking forward to see the second book, The Demon Assassin in our local bookshops. Please do tell me if you see it.

Form 3 friend of mine told me something strange today. She said one of the girls in form 3 told people that I've confessed to her before saying that I like her. What the fuck? Do you love yourself too much? Or maybe you don't have a life? Or maybe no one likes you until the extent you've got to come up with stupid stories saying that I confessed to you? Sigh. Anyway this isn't the first time people coming up with such ridiculous stories. Last time there's this form 4 girl saying that I like her too and I always visit the toilet just to see her. You people make me laugh so badly. HAHAHAHA. What a pity. Wasting your profound imagination by creating this type of nonsense. Tsk.

Attended the career talk on chef today. Those people are from Kolej Syuen, yeah that small little building near MGS. After listening to them, I've come to a conclusion that it's an intriguing career with many choices. In fact it's a wide career with many possibilities. After talking about one hour plus, they did a short demo on doing icing cakes and custard tarts with strawberries. Well, while they were demonstrating, most of us were drooling over the food. They gave away the food during the Q & A session. Leong managed to answer one of the questions after much effort of waving our hands in the air. One of the chefs, I think his name is Chef Bob was quite kind, he told his students to gave her two pieces of cake so I managed to steal one from her.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tagged by Isabell

RULES:List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your Summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs.Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

Well, this is actually very hard because I'm into many many songs at a time. It's really hard to decide my current top 7.

Anyway here's the list.

  1. Jason Mraz - Bella Luna
  2. Jason Mraz - Geek in Pink
  3. Jason Mraz - Please Don't Tell Her
  4. Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire
  5. Trivium - This World Can't Tear Us Apart
  6. Jesse Mccartney - Leavin' (especially the acoustic version and I'm actually very surprised this song made it into my list, stupid pop)
  7. Dir en grey - Machiavellism (this song still rocks hard even after years of listening )
I choose to tag : Foong Vai, Ken-Ann, Kiern, Qianyun, Teen Wei, Kah Sin, Jill

Holy fuck, Jason Mraz will be performing in Singapore for some SINGFEST bla bla thing. Whatever it is, I really wanna go just to see him perform live. His live stuff is so much lovelier than his studio stuff especially when he goes totally acoustic but for sure I won't be able to make. Plus it isn't worth my effort and money since I'm not interested in other artists who will be performing.

Yeah and I'm actually doing this tag to show that I'm actually not that effing lazy but you know what, even this short post requires much of my effort. Haha. I'll post something more 'berkualiti' soon. Nothing much interesting lately but there's this girl in class who has been asking me for free apples for two days. Scary. She can be so mean to you and the next moment she's actually smiling and asking you whether you can give her your apples.

Don't ask me why but I feel like posting this picture.
I'm actually intrigued by this clone version. Well it looks a kinda deformed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Am I Living It Right?

Finally my dad fixed the computer so yeah, I can actually update a bit. This blog won't be dead for quite some time unless something bad happens to the computer again. As I'm writing this, I'm overwhelmed with guilt because I'm not using the time available to study. 58 more days to trials. Utterly horrifying. Feel like throwing up when I think of sitting for the accounts paper.

Enough of that crap. I'll post some photos that I took back in Kampar when I went there for the Kuiz Pengguna. Didn't got johan but at least I had the chance to visit Kampar. Surprisingly, the Grand Kampar Hotel isn't as bad as we expected it to be. In fact, it's better than many hotels in Ipoh. Shame on Ipoh. Quite a beautiful one for a 3 star hotel.

Didn't expect the lobby to be that pretty.

RM 3 plus per piece. Not bad for hotel price.

Lim studying while waiting for the food.

Pasta, the one I cooked taste better, lol.

Classic Fish and Chips.

Braised Rice.


Free ice-cream.

Look at how much Chin enjoyed herself.


Cherish studying in the hotel room.

Taken outside the hotel.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GB Annual Camp '08

Firstly, I would like to clarify something. Reason I did not update is because my desktop fucked up again so I'm compelled to use the laptop. The keyboard is really an utter pain so it's really hard for me to type something properly. Because I really don't want my ramenbox to die, I'll struggle and be patient a bit to do a short update.

The camp this year is held in Port Dickson. Not a very comfortable place indeed but fortunately most of us managed to survive. The place is quite dirty and hot. I'd rather they have it again in Cameron.

A few things that I'm really not satisfied with are :

  1. Extremely hot weather.
  2. Huge red ants everywhere including the toilets.
  3. Inadequate food.
  4. Lousy air cond.
  5. Weird smell in certain dorms.
  6. The blankets stink.
5 hours of boredom causes you to start acting lame.


Spooky toilet.

Waiting for lunch.

Sook Mun and Kai Teng's group presenting.

Jessica aka Princess Mimee.

Prisoners. Lol, they're so desperate to get to the beach.

Invading the beach.

Somebody too busy playing with the waves.

Last worship session.

My group. Surprisingly I'm in the same group as Sok Wai again this year.

I've recorded a few presentations. Will post them up when I'm free.
I kinda miss last year's camp. Too bad those people weren't interested to attend this year's. Lol.
This year's camp was a totally different experience because of the different company I had and I really miss those 3 days. =) ) ) )

Oh, 'something' happened again on the second night of the camp. It suddenly occurred when the groups were presenting. Haha. Many people cried and panicked. Fortunately the high praise session managed to fix most of their mood. Anyway nothing big happened. Those people are okay already. God is Great.

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