Friday, August 26, 2011

the end of it all

For anyone who cares, I will not update my blogspot anymore because I'm always too lazy or demotivated to blog.

I've shifted to tumblr instead.

It's easier to not maintain something.
Plus it's a convenient way of receiving updates on certain things which really hold my interest.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

evolving taste?

Finished Mass Effect 2 two days ago and I have to say it's one hell of a space adventure! I usually avoid games which are too futuristic/space-themed and also shooter games. Definitely not my cup of tea but after coming across countless praises for this game, I decided I had to give it a try! 

Lucky for gamers who do not own the Xbox360 or a gaming PC, this was released for the PS3 a few months back together with an interactive comic which summarizes the events of the first game and a few DLC packs. Great deal!

I was a bit skeptical when I first bought the game. Despite being a RPG, it still looked too much like a shooter but after 2 hours, I was convinced that I purchased the right thing because by then I was hooked. Busy completing sidequests and mining for more resources to fortify whatever necessary. 

Very diverse cast, each character comes with an interesting story. Each leaves a different impression and I like how I get to choose who to bring during missions. Though it's a shame that the romance options do not allow same sex relationships. I'm hoping this will be rectified in the third game (2012!?). Bonus points for no annoying voice acting, I actually dig the voice acting for the female main character though I haven't gotten the chance to try out a male character.

She reminds me of Angelina Jolie.
Though there are many terms which can be overwhelming to those who haven't played the first game, fear not for the dialogues and codex are both helpful. Difficulty setting is very flexible and it can be changed whenever possible though I don't plan on touching insanity....

Battles are fast-paced but I heard different approaches can be taken depending on which class you picked. The only thing which I really hate is the sub vehicle missions. The controls are awful; hence, the frustration. Hopefully they'll get rid of this in the sequel or at least improve it.

And because music is one of the top 3 things that I look for in a game, ME2 doesn't fail. The music isn't very impressive but there are a few memorable tracks here and there that invoke intense feelings when played. I just found out that Jack Wall is the composer. Now if I get to see him again live this year, I might ask him to sign my copy of ME2. That's if he's willing to, lol.  

Overall, the game is incredibly immersive. It's like how you want to rush it to know the end but when you're there you get this sad little feeling that it's all over and you're gonna miss the game. ME2 has changed my view towards shooter/space-based RPGs and right now I'm dying for more Mass Effect related things. Someone answer me why the hell is the first game not released on the PS3?

Frankly speaking I can't wait to start a second run, this time using a male character instead but for the time being I'll be busy with Yakuza 4 (was also very lucky to get a second hand copy; nevertheless, it was in perfect condition). :)

That wasn't the only thing I completed, I've also finished both seasons of Code Geass and I'm 101% sure that Lelouch and Light from Death Note are actually brothers separated at birth. If you've watched both animes, I think you'll agree with me. 

I'm not sure which I prefer more but both are gems.  DN is darker and more twisted while CG is more emotional and there's more drama to it. Music-wise DN would win because its post-rock tracks are excellent but what the heck, why am I even comparing them? They're both of different genres though the main characters are amazing strategists.

Now what should I watch next.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

rad lookin' free gift from Uniqlo

As expected, Uniqlo's second opening in Malaysia wasn't as crazy as the first one. Though I have no idea why they've chosen KLCC instead of other places, perhaps somewhere like Mid Valley or 1 Utama? (KLCC and Fahrenheit are both too far for me!) Upon arrival, Mey and I grabbed something quick for lunch then straight away proceeded to queue up. Thank God the line wasn't too long. We managed to enter the shop in less than 10 minutes.

I'm convinced that the one in Fahrenheit is bigger. There's only one floor for this, go figure. One of the main reasons I went there was to '8' and of course see if I could get any Evangelion or Metal Gear Solid shirts. Fortunately I wasn't expecting much, turns out that only stuff like Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece shirts were available (what's with the sudden OP craze anyways?). 

Pretty happy with my purchases, especially the free gift, which is extremely sweeeeeet! I'm no One Piece fan but hell, the design for this tumbler is sooooo my thing! Shots from different angles:

Luckily Mey pointed out that any purchase above 200 is entitled to this or else I would've missed the chance thanks to the blur cashier who didn't inform me at all.

Was also in Genting for a couple of days. It was fun! My last time there was like a few years back so I haven't gotten on the rides for a  very very long time. Still a chicken when it comes to Space Shot, and don't think I'll ever get on that. I've no idea whether it's me or the rides have really gotten shorter! They were longer and more thrilling when I went with my relatives during my secondary years. Ate too much, especially during the hotpot dinner, literally ate a few steaks in one go; so from now on I can't succumb to the makan-more-coz-its-holiday temptation.

Monday, May 2, 2011

what angered me and what didn't

I'm totally in the mood for big fat complaints.

Let's not touch on pet peeves or else I'll have too much to say.

THE 'wedding of the century' took place a few days ago.  'm aware that they are many people out there who respects or admire them in various ways and they'd hog the television / internet for hours to witness the whole ceremony because yeah it's g-r-a-n-d and very very elegant. Nothing's wrong with that but you know what totally irks me is those bunch of people who keeps telling others to watch it. 
They say things like,
"You're big already. You have to watch things like that".
"Such grand wedding ceremonies are extremely rare. You should expose yourself to such things".

They go on and on with the same points paraphrased. Stop it. 

People all have different interests and I for one have ZERO interests in weddings, let's not even drag same sex marriage into this or I'll talk non-stop. It's fine if you're so intrigued by this wedding. If that's the case go ahead and watch it and stop telling me to watch. I'm not bothered at all.

The worse thing is this. If such wedding were to happen in Malaysia (as in the Msia's royal families etc), would you even bother to watch it (assuming there's live coverage)? Be honest now. How many people would watch it? I know that I won't. But people who watched the recent wedding of the century, how many of them would watch it? It's safe to say zilch but of course I might be too presumptuous here. But then again adults that I've spoken to said that it's not worth watching the ones in Malaysia because hey, it's Malaysia so it's not gonna be as grand and it'll be boring, waste of time, bla.

Now you see why the young generation these days have no love for their own countries. As much as I talk bad about Malaysia from time to time, it IS SAD to see adults telling such things to kids. This will obviously lead to people having no love for their country. I admit that I'm not very patriotic but I believe that it's because of how I was brought up, very much due to nurture. My parents or family weren't exactly the patriotic kind and I believe most of us here didn't  grow up in patriotic families.

By telling your kids such things you're conveying the message that other countries are far more superior than Malaysia. Fast forward ten years, what would your kids think? Malaysia sucks, I wished I was born in America, in Japan, in this in that. Anyways yes, I just felt that it was quite sickening to hear such things from the adults I've talked to including my own mother. 

Moving on to happier things, watched Thor with Ann yesterday. Highly entertaining. Great blend of action and humor. Nothing much to dislike especially when there's Natalie Portman. Nothing much to shout about the story though, very straight forward. Also met Nigel and his mom at Coffee Bean, what a small world!

Maroon 5's concert was fun too, very energetic performance by the band. Great tracklist, they played most of my favourite songs including the not so well known Secret and they were pretty friendly with the audience, encouraging them to move forward. Had the chance to talk to the super Adam Levine fangirl aka Audrey for a very short while, wow her hair is loooong! 

On Sunday, there was a 3 page article in The Star (thanks to Mey who informed me about this) which covers common LGBT issues like bully, disrespect, rejection, prejudice and you get the idea. Good effort I say. It takes such actions to raise awareness. The article would be even better if they focused more on lesbians and ftms as well. Dr Goh was interviewed and judging from what he said, maybe it's safe to assume that HELP is pretty gay-friendly. Btw isn't this an excellent opportunity/timing to suggest to him about the LGBT club that we spoke of awhile ago? Anyone? :p

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

marks the start of zero textbooks diet

Finished my last paper just now and hey, I've made it through year 1! (I know that's nothing much to shout about except for the fact that my age has the dreadful number-- 2). Thoughts on this semester :

I've been lackadaisical but I guess that's okay because of the nature of the subjects.

Spent more than usual because I've gotten too lazy to wake up at 6 to get parking at main block, have been parking too much at the pricier places.

Have been skipping marketing classes practically every week because oh God, it's just unbearable inside that hall, which results in spending more too but that's okay, life is short so have fun right!? 

Coming out to friends is easier than to family members but not everyone accepts it, some reactions are quite funny from my pov, but that's also a part of diversity, I shouldn't make fun of this so often (but I can't stand it, lol).

That's about it.
Looking forward to have a fun filled sem break even though it's a bit too short for lazy people like me. :)

Saw this on Autostraddle today, magical beans to keep your coffee or any other beverage warm. These magical beans or better known as Coffee Joulies help to lower the temperature for safe consumption when it's too hot. On the other hand, it brings the temperature to the right level of 'hotness' when the drink cools down. 

You know what, this is fucking appropriate for heavy coffee or tea or whatevershytbeveragethatyouhavetoconsumehot drinkers. Brilliant brilliant idea but they're really pricey right now because it's new, it's not mass produced and they lack funds. Here's the link if anyone's interested. Coffee Joulies

Once mass production starts, it'll be as cheap as table knives, at least that's what the creators claim. Will definitely get them to live a happier life. Like seriously, cold coffee kills the fun. That said, coffee which eventually turns cold is better than none, gonna make one right now and enjoy it while I watch Code Geass.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the sinister bunny

Unless you're still a teenage fanboy who likes to see schoolgirls or bimbo looking girls fighting in sexy little attires, you should avoid Sucker Punch at all costs or you will walk out of the cinema feeling like a sucker who just got punched a million times right in the face. The poster looks attractive enough, especially the mech with the bunny (don't act like that didn't catch your eye when you first looked at the poster) but don't let these things deceive you! Let's make things simpler.

  • Poorly assembled cast.
  • Bad plot and the whole thing doesn't feel linked.
  • You never get to see the MC dance. At the end of the day it's like an empty promise.
  • Battles are too repetitive or predictable by the third dance. At this point you just want the movie to end.
To be fair, the movie has strong points.

  • Bloody gorgeous visuals. The setting is great especially during battles and the asylum itself really sets the mood.
  • Certain battles are like huge ass video game boss battles.
  • Soundtrack is okay but I don't really fancy the rearrangement of Sweet Dreams.
It's a movie that you either like or hate, no in betweeens. Better movies that I've watched recently are The Fighter and Amphetamine. Was forced to watch Just Go With It with Ann yesterday because we were late for Unknown and surprisingly, I didn't get bored to death. In lieu I nearly cried due to excessive laughter. Highly recommended.

Only 3 weeks ++ left before the end of this semester, can't wait to get my hands these.

Putting Catherine there makes me look like a pervert.

Both unifi and my phone are being major bitches. Net is down and it won't be any better until next week, speak of efficiency! And no matter how many times I restart my phone, I can no longer hear voice of the caller. I guess there's no choice but to get a new phone-- a cheaper one which caters more to my music needs. No, I'm not gonna be a victim of the today's shiny phones because money should be invested in NGP. (how come NGP doesn't have phone functions!? gah)... and I guess I can just forget about getting the Playstation Phone, there's nothing much that I want from that besides playstation controls. Don't ask me why but it's really joyful and reassuring when I see squares, x, circles and triangles. How therapeutic. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

freud wouldn't think this is amusing

Let's play Spot the Obvious for a change!

EDIT 2 :
Humans make mistakes all the time. It's okay but this is funny. It's funny, really. But that's not all, it's also disappointing and embarrassing. Don't they check before putting such huge signboards up? 

Is it acceptable for our english to be at this level?

What's the best thing that could happen? Person A seeks psychotherapy but couldn't or didn't see the upper signboard. Walks into the shop. Go figure what happens next.

EDIT : So apparently the chinese words match 'psychotherapy'. If anyone is kind enough to double confirm this, I'll take back what I said earlier. ;) 

Thanks to Zhi Hui for pointing out and Nigel for confirming the mistake that I made. That said, I'm still extremely skeptical because this shop is located very near my Ipoh house. Like really? Such an impressive all-in-one-solution right near the houses and all? Seems too good to be true but oh well, you know how Chinese people can make the impossible happen all the time. I'm talking about those from China.

Not in the mood to write much because I'm off to play Dissidia 012. Lightning goes portable!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

unpleasant things found in raspberry cereal --- potong steam

Looks delicious? Let me tell you that it smelled really nice (raspberries!) and thank God because I was too busy filling the jar and cleaning up the mess, I didn't put any into my mouth.

The moment I opened the box, the packet inside got tore apart (it was a mess!) so I thought it was because I was too aggressive. Mom tried one and said it tasted weird so we started scrutinizing them. 

Upon closer inspection :

Gross, no?

Throughout my 19++ years of having various types of cereals, I haven't come across such atrocious quality control!

No, it's not locally manufactured/a local brand. It's quite a big company in Poland.

Truly disappointing experience. Don't think I'll dare try this brand (at least not for a few years).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

instant coffee must be bought with careful evaluation!

Another one of my favorite instant coffee.

Also a Vietnam 3-in-1 but unlike G7, this is local made. It's not ubiquitously available, especially not in your usual supermarkets. This can only be found in shabby looking sundry shops. I've no idea why. 

Love the 'burnt taste' (literal translation from cantonese) and its creamy texture. The best thing of all, it's not as sweet as the usual 3-in-1. You know how some of them contain so much sugar? It's like they're conspiring to kill us coffee drinkers with diabetes! So there's this bittersweet aftertaste, which in this case is really pleasant.

It's scary to find out that people I like resemble each other. I've got a few examples but I'll just use the Johnny Depp-Atsushi Sakurai one for today.

Not the best photos to prove the resemblance but oh well, Sakurai can easily pass as an asian version of Depp.
While I was image googling just a while ago, I stumbled upon this really POSITIVE photo of Manson. Looking like a penguin here. Guess I'm really enjoying every moment of my free time after mid-terms. Better savor every bit of it because this week will be a busy one with the NGO visits and the commencement of Marketing assignment. How I dread them.

Not gonna write much about what happened in Japan since everyone knows about it already. Let's all wish and pray for Japan's recovery. But wait, that's not all we can do. Another REALLY GOOD thing to do is cherish what you have now-- your life, surroundings. People, any other living things, animals, whatever objects that are around you. Take them in, like really feel the connection and appreciate that particular connection because you wouldn't know when you'll never have the chance to do so.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like a G what?

The Vietnamese people must have been scoffing when they heard the song Like a G6. It's really amazing how close their names are but the experiences are like heaven and earth. G7 tastes really good whereas G6 annoys the fuck outta me.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mockery? More like fuckery.

I don't hate exams. There are papers that I look forward to and there was even once I arrived a day earlier. Just imagine the sheer excitement and anticipation! Exams give you the chance to prove that you're good at something and introspectively, there's something in you which goes like, oh, I've actually learned this much throughout the semester! It's feelings like these which made you sense growth. And you also don't feel ripped off because education these days is all about money making. At least there's something worthwhile after letting them leech so much. That said, there are papers which are just atrocious. They're so abominable to the extent I don't even consider them exam papers anymore.

What's the most common route to a good grade? Cram as much as you can from the textbook and purge it out in the exam hall. It's like students expected to operate their brains like external hard disks. There's even something worse. Tertiary education has really opened my eyes to the absurdities of the current exam formats.

Imagine questions like these :

1. Which person below wasn't discussed in class when we covered chapter 2?
2. Which person's picture was placed next to the monkey in my slides?
3. Which movie was played to illustrate -insert any theory you want- during my first class?
4. In the movie played during the introductory class, what's the role of the main character? A pirate? A slave?


Evidently, the lecturer wants to test your memory more than your understanding of the subject. Are you serious? Is that the whole reason behind exams? Because in dictionaries, exams is defined as a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge. I don't see how these questions serve to test any of our skills or knowledge pertaining to the subject itself.

If I could answer all the questions above, does that I mean my comprehension of this subject is 100%? Does that I mean I could stand in front of everyone and proudly declare that I'm an expert at this? N-o. Fuck, no. These questions are totally irrelevant and they serve as what I would call filler questions or more like questions to punish those who didn't make it to class, at the same time rewarding those who were present. Plain injustice. What about students who couldn't make it to your class because they had other things to attend to but in the end they still attempted to apprehend the subject itself?

There's no evaluation of skills or knowledge going on here. These questions are completely memory-based; hence, for students who really took the effort to read the textbooks and understand the core concepts, too bad for you. What irks me most is futility of trying to grasp the essence of the subject. If I knew these kind of questions were coming, would I even bother so much about the textbook? Once again, n-o.

I just think such wtf-questions are ludicrous, even more when there's more than one out of 75 questions. Imagine how much marks are lost and the paper isn't an exam anymore. It's a memory test conceived by lecturers who thinks it's amusing. (Or maybe just too lazy to construct better questions to test the students?) Such mockery! Either way, somebody please direct me to the customer service of Dept. of Psychology because I earnestly plan to write a letter of complaint.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

how musicians' hiatus can be detrimental to fans

If you like an artist, how do you gauge it? What draws the line between an ordinary and a die-hard? For me, it's simple. This doesn't necessarily have to be a musician, it can be anything. My obsessions/fascinations draw out the 'little kid' in me who's more excited, happier and speaks illogically; quite the opposite compared to the usual indifferent me. (Oh btw my mom calls me a tree, no idea how's that related but apparently it has something to do with the branches being blown by the wind). 

So last week during one of the classes, a guy suddenly walked in with this black shirt which looks like this.

Photo isn't very clear because it's a direct scan from somewhere; I've forgotten where. Not like that matters (my apologies to the one who scanned it). Anyways, it's an official Utada shirt which was released prior to her hiatus. There's a drawing of 'kuma' or in English-- bear. Fans will know well how Kuma is representative of Utada. (There's a song dedicated to her bear-- which I really dislike, she takes photographs of her bear, the bear gets to travel with her on her tours, she bathes her bear and the list goes on). 

The point is this, the guy was wearing this shirt and I got so excited; hence, the processing in my mind went haywire. Apparently, I said 'Oh My God' very loudly for a few times because I didn't think that someone in Malaysia would be wearing it. (IIRC, the procedures are pretty tedious, not all credit cards work and so forth; on a side not, it's fucking unfair how Japanese people always get the coolest things). So I kept probing that guy for more information which really led to a negative outcome. I think I kinda scared him because he doesn't look like one who's very fond of talking. And I thought Utada fans should love each other and stop being so mean to each other. Anyways, the guy was even using Metal Gear Solid file. So, I'm envious beyond words.

That's that. Prevalently, Crystal won't go around screaming her head off and grinning stupidly unless there's something which really aroused her emotionally.

Back to the issue of being a fan. Most fans can't tolerate it when others speak ill of their their idols. Haters gonna hate so why bother much? But I think what makes a fan a true fan is this, willing to accept your idols' shortcomings And if it's okay with you, it's even better when you're fine with making fun of them like this.

Sex-ed up titles of Utada's songs.
Seriously, fans can get really bored when their favorite musicians go on hiatus.

Heart Station - Virgin Station
Can You Keep a Secret? - Can You Keep it Hard?
Simple & Clean - Sex & Cum
Tokyo Nights - Tokyo Nights (I Hope I Get Raped)
Show Me Love(Not a Dream) - Show Me Dick(Not a Dildo)
Be My Last - Be My Fuck/Come At Last
Colors - Condoms
Wait and See - Wait and Pee
Fight the Blue - Fight the Juice
Kremlin Dusk - Kremlin Fuck
First Love - First Dick
Boku wo Kuma - Boku wo Cuma
Keep Tryin' - Keep Fuckin'
Uso Mitai Na I Love You - Uso Mitai Na I Fuck You
Gentle Beast Interlude - Gentle Breast Interlude
Kiss and Cry - Kiss and Cum
Goodbye Happiness - Goodbye Virginity
Flavor of Life - Flavor of Cum
Stay Gold - Stay Hard
You Make Me Want to Be a Man - You Make Me Want to Fuck a Man
Beautiful World - Beautiful Whore
Addicted to You - Addicted to Blow
Devil Inside - Dick Inside

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's dinner with mom

Despite my love for most pastas, I don't really fancy Spaghetti much and that's also why I don't order Bolognese Spaghetti whenever I dine out, even more so when it's not a Italian restaurant because they'll use lots of ketchup together with pre-made sauces for this dish. Major disaster. Before I started adhering to this rule, I always felt ripped off whenever this happens.

Since then, I made it a point to only eat Bolognese Spaghetti prepared by mom. Not pure Bolognese, there's a bit of fusion to it. Nevertheless, it tastes way better than most restaurants out there.

Photos courtesy of mom's.
Take note of the amount of veggies, prawns, mushrooms and garnishing which are usually kept to the minimum when I eat out. They usually give you really little of these and to compensate, lots and lots of noodles-- which really irks me. But my mom's the exact opposite. That's why I love it when she cooks for me. To be frank, that's also why I sulk or put on faces when she changes her plan to eat out during the last minute. Very nasty thing to do but it can't be helped.

Speaking of food, my tastes has changed once again. I'm beginning think Lou Sang/Yee Sang as pretty acceptable. Used to detest it a lot when I was a kid. Would only take the keropok and pamelo bits. This year I've been indulging in 2 servings whenever possible though I must say it's more enjoyable if we do take away because grated carrot will be added in. Chinese New Year ends this week so most probably there will be one last session because my mom really fancies it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sites better than your typical social networking

It's a tad late to talk about new year resolutions but if a survey was done, I believe the results would reveal that a high percentage of us aim to get more things done, which also means less procrastination. Whether the task is something small or big is not the issue here. And since we're all so dysfunctional without the internet & we 'face it more than we face our family', it would be great if we could fully use the internet to our advantage.

Because my laptop is practically on 24/7 with access to the internet connection whenever I'm at home, I find TeuxDeux to be extremely useful. I've only started to use this a week ago and it has helped me to get more shit done than before. At least minor tasks won't slip off my head (provided if you remember to jot them down in the first place). Take a look.

 Very clean interface, completely no-frills without unnecessary features. Extremely user-friendly and has the right editing options. You just have to input what you need to do for the day and as you go along, cross out the tasks you've done. Tasks can also be dragged to another day. You know yourself best, if you're gonna keep dragging them to the next column (or day), procrastination is taking place so of course, you gotta have adequate discipline and self-control. Registration isn't time-consuming at all because they don't ask for unnecessary shit. Why not give TeuxDeux a try and see whether you can really get more things done, at the same time become a happier person?
Another site that I've recently started using again is LastFm. Was inactive for a few years because ever since I switched from the ancient chunky desktop to this laptop, I got too damn lazy to install a plugin which tracks what you listen to. Because my hibernation period was too damn long, I decided to delete my 'listening history' during secondary school and started from scratch all over again a few days back.

So what's the point of this site? If you're someone who listens to music as much as I drink coffee--uhh. Bad example. More like how much I think about coffee but I'm sure you get what I mean. And also if you're one who likes discovering new artists and music, this site works wonders! From what you've been listening, they recommend similar artists. That way, you get to broaden and diversify your listening experience.

Each artist also has a page which means you get to see top tracks and albums. This feature is what I love most because say I'm new to this particular band and I'm interested to listen to more of their songs, I get to see which tracks are the better ones (or more like which are the overrated ones). Besides, like every other place on the internet, you get to see people fighting over the smallest things and it's pretty entertaining because some fans really go all out to defend their opinions or favourite artists.

If you have other sites which you find to be incredibly helpful in any areas, please recommend them, I'd be glad to try them out.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some People Will Never Get It

Have you tried discussing equality with an opposite sex? (Question directed towards females). 

So I was talking to a guy today and I'm not gonna state who because if you know me well enough, most probably you could take a wild guess and get it correct. Shouldn't be too difficult because I'm not surrounded by a huge number of male friends/relatives. Let's cut to the chase.

Initially we were discussing divorce rates and the figures have increased tremendously these years and so I said if heterosexuals aren't taking their marriages so seriously, why give gay people such a hard time when they sincerely want to get married with each other? Look at how they fight for their marriage to be legalized, all the trouble they have to go through. And then he made an irrelevant point : if the battle for gay marriage to be legalized is a success then there would be nothing for them to look forward to anymore, they won't be special anymore. 
Worst. Most. Insensitive. Statement. Made. Ever.
Yours truly was incredulous when I heard that. So he thinks that gay people view themselves as being incredibly superior? If homosexuals were so special, there wouldn't be fights for better rights in the workforce and other aspects. And so I started to explain to this Mr. that not only marriage rights are at stake here. 

Then he said, it's the same for females. I truly concur. Yes, we're all aware that we still live in a pretty much male dominant society and most are still misogynistic. I'm not saying that all males on Earth are MCPs. That would be a mistake because I do have male friends who are not and they're such lovely people.

Since he brought up the topic on females so I began to expressed my views on how the females deserves more rights. I was appalled when he said that it's 'LIKE THAT' in all societies and 'it has always been like that', 'there's nothing you can do about it'. Does Feminist Movement ring a bell? If it weren't for that, how badly will women still be oppressed today? Think about it. Think of how much progress we've made. Think of the liberty we have compared to those days. That said, females are still viewed as sub par when it comes to many areas; hence, action still needs to be taken. We need to hold firm. 

The most obnoxious point of the whole thing was this, as I was trying to present and further elaborate my points, he constantly interrupted me with words jumbled up together like a little kid (Think 'asdasdsasdasa'). Perhaps to prevent me from talking. That act alone made him seem childish and he ought to act better for his age, especially when engaging discussions like this one.

And also, he kept saying that what happens next when rights for homosexuals and women is achieved? To quote directly, "what's next? what's next? there will be nothing for them to look forward to anymore".  Nothing for uh what? If you don't think that statement is as mindless as those made by simpletons, I don't know what is.

Do I look like a prophet? Or someone who can predict the future by looking into the crystal ball? If everyone thinks like you, no improvements will be made to society. He's missing the point, it's not what's next that matters. 
Society is always in a state of flux. There's never the best of the best but shouldn't we be focusing on what can be achieved for the time being? 

On a side note, I'm well aware that I've abandoned this blog for quite some time but I was really ticked off just now so I had to find an outlet for 'release'; thus, this very sudden update. So yeah, please excuse my emotional rants.

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