Sunday, September 27, 2009

red, yellow and purple

Just had to share this. I'd be in seventh heaven if my fridge was like this throughout the year.

It has been really tiring since Raya holidays and it'll not be any better this week since there will be another damn replacement on Saturday. Replacements are okay but why must they save cost by switching off the air conditioners in the corridors and labs? Utterly farcical. Hotness leads to less comfort and less comfort leads to loss of attention. Cheap skate.

Mom was watching I Wanna Be a Model on tv8 and I stopped mopping the floor because something, no, someone caught my attention. There was this local boy band performing. To my horror, they look like an unsophisticated version of Big Bang. You know, those tight skinny jeans, geeky glasses and of course let's not forget the oversized sneakers. I don't know what brand BB wears because I'm not really a huge fan of them but I'm 101% sure this local boyband (which goes by the name FRIENDZ) wears Supra sneakers. Supra shoes are actually really nice shoes per se. These boys wearing those Supra kinda undermined the greatness of the shoes. Not only they imitated BB's looks but I was able to spot many similar dance moves. The only major difference is that their dance moves weren't synchronized at all! Worse, they kept hitting flat notes. It's either flat notes or the lyrics can't be heard because they can't hit the required key at all. To sum it all up, they were struggling and not many people clapped in the end.

Coincidentally, I saw a similar boyband performing at Sungai Wang today. They were serenading the crowd with "When You Say Nothing at All" by Ronan Keating. It was so obvious that they were too, struggling with the performance. One of the boys actually sang "the true in your eyes" instead of "the truth in your eyes". When you're an amateur performer and also when you're poor at speaking a certain language, why not just stick to your mother tongue? That'd make you look better, and hopefully sound better as well.

Geez, musicians nowadays consist of such people.
If that's the case, can I be a musician too? *squeals*

End of September draws near and this is the time of the year where most of my friends will be celebrating their birthday. I actually have a confession to make. Crystal has really really poor memory when it comes to birth dates so if I've forgotten yours, please do forgive me. Seriously it's just something that can't be helped. Last time it wasn't this bad because Friendster has birthday reminders. Unfortunately, I do not log in Friendster anymore; thus, I can't remember the birth dates of you guys out there. The only person's birthday I can remember is my mom's. As if it's not embarrassing enough, two days ago, I asked my friend whether her birthday was on that day itself. (lol) Ever since then, I realized I suck at remembering dates because I remembered she told me her birth date a few weeks back.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the headphone's cord looks really nice

Another video!
Guess what, it's ANOTHER UTADA cover. I hope those who bother watching don't get fed up. (lol) most probably by now you'll be thinking I don't really have a life since I posted 2 videos in less than 3/4 days?

Wonderful day!
The only class that I was supposed to attend this morning was cancelled without any prior notice. Fortunately I'm not those who needs to travel for hours to get to college. And also thankfully that I had plans after classes. Bought a few cool stuff today. Got to say I'm loving my new HP800 headphones. Awesome audio for my ears. Right, like what Sonic Gear says, TRUST YOUR EARS.

Woohoo! Managed to tab out this song with the help of the headphones. (like they're related!) Anyway here's the video. Someone please tell me how to rectify the distorted backing track problem.

Watched The Unbelievable today. The cinema was practically empty except for a few rows. As expected for a Chinese movie, right?

If you have no idea what the eff is The Unbelievable, I'll be kind enough to brief you through a bit so that you won't look stupid when your chinese friend mentions it. Basically it's a documentary style kinda movie. The Hong Kong crew travels around the world (actually it's just Thailand and Ipoh) to capture the supernatural incidents. Find such things intriguing? Then I suggest you watch it. You'll either go LOL or you might get disgusted by certain scenes. There are many BOMOH/SHAMAN scenes. The scenes are not for the faint hearted! However if you have some kinda twisted sense of humor (like me), you'll find the scenes very funny as well. I know I don't really make sense. You might wanna watch this movie on dvd *coughs* because it doesn't have any special effects. The whole thing is apparently true. Right, believe what you want. =D

There was this long trailer for a new movie entitled Carriers. Mymy, I was so happy when I saw that Piper Perabo will be a part of the main cast! How long has it been since I last saw her appearing on the golden screen? Anyways, what's with all the movies these days? Most of them are related to infection > mutation. This has been done too many times.

On a random note, I don't really wanna go back to Ipoh. I'd rather stay here, finishing my damn essays.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Was feeling sentimental earlier this evening.
Hence, I did this.
First attempt playing songs in this way.

It's First Love btw.
Was listening to this while I was in form 1.... if I'm not wrong.

I think I kinda butcher the song during the end, the backing track was too loud. LOL.

And I'm addicted to Blow My Whistle. HOT. HOT. HOT VOICE.

Monday, September 14, 2009

i suck at coming up with titles

This is the best Bolognese spaghetti on earth. Absolutely heavenly. Money can't buy it.

I find it exasperating when someone goes around asking for donation when you're happily having your meal.

No, I'm not heartless, mind you, but these people can really be annoying after you read my story. So I was having a drink today while Eric was having his early dinner. Then this girl came to us. According to her, she said she's from some kinda Ihaven'theardbeforethatnameCollege. Not that I wasn't paying attention, she was talking quite fast and her English sounded really weird, weird accent. Was it even accent? It doesn't matter. Let's not digress.

She explained, more like kept convincing us that she isn't a bad person. She even asked us whether we're scared of her. What the heck? We're too old to be afraid of you. Seriously. If you're really from a college, most probably you're practically the same age as us. As expected from someone who asks for donation, she presented her documents (approved by the Government) and photos of the children who are having some kinda disease. A disease which causes them to lose the ability to talk and move if I'm not wrong. It was difficult to catch what she was trying to convey. At the end of her short little speech, she asked us to buy the stickers to show our support and love and care and help, whatever you call it. One sticker is at priced at RM 10.00. Being the skeptical and thrifty Crystal, I politely declined by saying No Thanks. Still, she kept persuading us. Total Pest! After a few more tries, she gave up. When she left, she was cursing under her breath! Do I look as if my hearing is impaired?

Thumbs up for someone who comes out to do such kind things. Is that how someone should behave when he or she comes out to solicit money from the public? We have rights not to donate. Get over it. I hope you don't get too annoyed by the end of the day and bang your head in the wall just because people chose not to donate.

First of all, I didn't even know whether her documents are real or not. To be frank, I'm too stupid to distinguish the differences between a fake and a truly certified document. I believe it's a piece of cake to photoshop documents so that they have such effects. Oh no, wait, it actually can be done by using Words. Besides, the photos can be easily obtained from websites. All in all, it didn't really seem genuine. Gah, she's such a biatch.

I've watched a couple of new movies, namely, Gamer, Final Destination 4 and Orphan.

Gamer is mediocre, same goes for Final Destination 4. Apparently the FD4 which is aired in Malaysia has been edited. Many violent scenes were taken out. Is it true? Anyone who has watched it in cinema ought to know this. I'm not really sure but that was what I heard from a couple of adults. So, I ended watching the not-so-official version of it. It's FD anyways, the previous ones didn't have any special storyline or plot so what can you really expect from this? The whole point of watching is just to see how each character dies in an unique way. I'd say a beautiful death for each one of them.

Was expecting more from Gamer but I was a tad disappointed. The trailer looked profoundly exciting! The movie isn't as great but I do like the concept of the games that they have in the movie. How cool is THAT!? When will we have such things in real world? Hopefully some brilliant programmers will pick up from there and start implementing such games. It'd be cool, except for dying in reality. The movie doesn't have much plot or whatsoever. Meh.

Next movie that I watched; Orphan. In fact, I watched this like an hour ago? Or maybe less than that? Initially, the movie gives the audience the feeling that it's just your typical this-child-is-evil-and-sick-and-will-kill-you movie. It's not. The story was really well written. I'm sure most viewers would be surprised. The theme of the movie is quite dark though. You might not wanna watch it if you think Incest is gross. I think incest is gross too but in actual fact, it's not all about incest. It's more than that. Isabell Fuhrman, the main actress who plays Esther, the creepy girl in the poster is incredibly talented. She did a wonderful job playing Esther, really brings out the dark psycho side of her. Was watching her interviews on Youtube just now. She looks so different! Got to say I'm quite enthralled by her. Looking forward to her upcoming projects. =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i love steve jobs!

source : Gamespot


Apple has done it AGAIN.
This is not the first time the staff are being so full of themselves. When someone is too brilliant, he'll start to have weird ideas. Ideas that don't make sense. Somehow I can't really understand what makes him think that the iPod/iPhone or whatever i-THING can be more superior than DS or the PSP when it comes to gaming.

He claims that the i-Products actually a wide array of games is he really not aware that true gamers prefer quality to quantity? Geez, SOLITARE? Who'd buy such an expensive piece of gadget to play Solitare? Do we get to play superb games such as Dissidia or Dragon Quest or Silent Hill or God of War?
Such a shame that they're using this kinda approach to reach out to consumers.
I don't know whether I should laugh or what when I saw this article. I think I better laugh because his comments are ludicrous.

As much as I dislike Nintendo, it's pretty evident that the DS is more capable than the i-crap. So sorry if I offend any Apple users/lovers here. As for PSP, I'm not even gonna make any points because we all know how amazing this handheld gaming device is. Nuff' said.

Lab starting soon in 10 minutes.
Gotta rush from Starbucks back to college.
..and I hate seaweed chips. Someone should have brought it back with him.

Friday, September 4, 2009

oh really?

I merely replaced it with that word because I practically ended up using an even worse word. You don't need to act as if it's a big deal. It's rather exasperating because I absolutely loathe to be bombarded with such preachings during dinner. Imagine eating nicely and suddenly someone gives you a talk which sounds like something from the bible. You people seriously make me feel as if I'm deranged. Oh, wait, maybe I REALLY am but I won't let this get the best of me, I'm not as stupid as that. I just feel like going to bed, rather than listening. Ear sore can only be avoided when we sleep.

One of my class mates told us that he is able to get girls easily in the future if he's rich enough. He phrased it like this, "the girls will automatically come when you have the money". Oh my God. Are you serious? Tell me, are you serious? Do you think ALL the HOT CHICKS in the world will flock to you if you have the moo lah? Are you fucking kidding me? Please don't preach that because that little theory of yours definitely does not apply to every single girl. He was indeed lucky because my group only has 3 girls including me. How appalling! People nowadays can really easily blabber something utterly foolish without realizing it. Damn right I was sitting in front and scoffing at him. I guess he's partially misogynistic because he view females from such a perspective. It's not your money, really. If you really want a decent looking girl and someone who's intelligent, do you think she'll suck up to you because of your money? Tell me. She's most probably intelligent enough to get a better job and thus, shop for all the things she desire. By the way, this was a part of our discussion for our life plan. Imagine, one of his life plans are GIRLS, which literally means he wants to bang as many girls as he can throughout his life. *in awe* good luck to you anyway. Not like I don't like him, he's okay but I just find this idea of his ridiculous.

My mood is incredibly bad now. Must be the monthly blues or whatever it is. Or maybe it's multiple frustrations in a day. Screw it, most probably I'll feel better after sleeping. Gah, there's no holiday on Monday for HELP students because HELP is not exactly in PJ. It's like SO NEAR to PJ. The frustrations just keep coming.

On a happier note, it was a fun afternoon today. Had food at Jack's Place. Yummy potatoes with sour cream and chicken bacon. That was indeed heavenly! Bought 2 Utada Hikaru CDs from Movie Corner. My first ever J-pop CD but who cares, she's unbelievably amazing, unlike those stupid brainless pretty plastic girls who can't sing and knows nothing about music. Her new english album sounds a tad too mainstream but I still enjoy it. Deep River is truly a masterpiece. Most probably I'll get Distance as well when I feel generous enough.

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