Monday, March 31, 2008

A Not So Great Monday

Thought that today will be a great day. Didn't really turn out like I expected it to be. Damn. Never mind. Forget it. Not that it matters anyway. It's my own problem. *coughs* anyway it was really cool that we only studied for 2 periods before recess. You see, I just love those motivational talks or whatever talks so much because they consume so much time! In the end, we get to skip lessons. So today's talk was about career guide. Wasn't paying much attention to what she was saying because as usual, I was so sleepy and I felt like talking to Leong and Foong Vai more than listening to her. The speaker wasn't captivating at all and Foong Vai kept saying her slang is super annoying, which of course I don't think so. Lol. Then, when they were showing us those presentations, I actually dozed off. Heard from Kah Sin that one of those form 3 girls actually fainted after listening to that talk. What the heck? It's kinda funny actually. Apparently, her mom came and explained to the teachers that her daughter was like that since small. The best part of this talk is, I got to attend second recess too. First recess sucks. It's always overcrowded. They don't have sufficient tables and chairs for all students and of course there are other reasons why I like second recess. Lame.

Most people annoyed me today. Maths teacher was complaining that me and Leong talk too much in class. I don't see any problem with that because we talk when she's telling other students to do her questions on the white board. Moreover, I like talking because I hate to fall asleep during her class. Can't she understand that? Guess she can't huh. Then there was this group of girls outside the library who kept looking, talking and smiling. Fucking uncomfortable. Stayed back today and something really silly happened. Those form 1 girls self invited themselves into my class and asked for my help to hide their illegal things. It's because the prefects or teachers or whoever will be carrying out a spot check. One of them actually brought their mobile phone. Looks sweet. Don't know what model is it since I know nothing when it comes to mobile phones. Others gave me their letters, cards, pendants, artists' calendars. It's amazing how these people actually carry so many letters and little love notes with them. Don't they think those crap are heavy or something? Oops, did I just say they're crap? Ack. xD They took forever to leave their stuff there which really made me a tad pissed. You already self invited yourselves and you'retaking eternity to leave your things there. Can't you just leave them there and get back to recess? At one point, my evil side told me that I should just use the phone and tell the girl that some teacher confiscated it. *smirks* Sorry but Crystal isn't in a very good mood today. So before I went home, I left those things on my desk. Covered them with a workbook. Hopefully no one stole it. Well, it's not my fault since you didn't come to collect your things on time. *sticks tongue out* One of them came to collect her stuff before I went home. She didn't even say thank you or whatever and her face was like so angry. Wanted to give her a tight slap on the face. Kids today.. ughhhh *shakes head*

PNB Quiz is tomorrow. People people please pray for me, Dawn and Chin and wish us best of luck. I think luck is really essential since those questions are too tough for our brains, or maybe just mine. Since we need to be in Gunung Rapat by 9.30, I'll have the chance to skip many lessons. Crystal is a lazy ass. Yeah, so what? Haha.

Oh, wow, today is 31st. Do you even bother? =p

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?
Can't live, can't breath with no air
That's how I feel whenever you ain't there
There's no air, no air"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

So Not Me

Apparently my mom got this because she bought a few cans of Tuna? Whatever. She said it's ugly but I think it looks good. Somehow I have a thing for tins. They're pretty. Mom even said I'm weird because I like ugly things that people usually hate. Thanks, I know I have really unique taste. Eesh. She wanted to give it to her friend's daughter but I insisted that she give it to me. Yes, I'm such a bad ass for not giving it to a little kid. So what?

We had Sports Day today. I think it was our 61st? Never mind, I don't think you people actually bother anyway. Couldn't feel the 'oomph' today or maybe I was just too distracted by something else if you know what I mean. Haha. Rangers won,.. GB lost. How sad. Heard from my friend that those GB girls were all arguing, blaming each other and crying. Lol. For the sports house category, Victoria won. *wtf face* Eesh. I'm so disappointed. Therefore I'm not gonna write much because people will start hating me if I really write what I feel.

Nowadays I'm a tad addicted to the song, Umbrella. No, not the original one. I'm loving the covers of that stupid song. Most probably I'm starting to like that damn song because Ken Ann kept singing that idiotic tune last week. EESH. Look at what you did. I hate you, really.

A very nice acoustic cover by Boyce Avenue :
I'm learning this version, haha.

Ezri suggested that I should watch this,
a super cool rock cover by Vanilla Sky :

I'm gonna cover this song really soon.
Lol, and I'm waiting for Ken Ann to do another cover with me. I bet that cover will be really funny and *coughs*, more famous. xD

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stop Worrying

Parents are back from KL. The best thing I like about them going to KL is donuts. Yes, they'll be home with donuts. Lest you don't know, I'm obsessed with donuts. Not normal ones. Donuts with toppings. This time they brought home Big Apple donuts.

Love of my life. Lol.

Then in the car after dinner, I got lectured kao kao by mom because of well you know what. I'm sure my readers know what. *laughs* Back at home, got lectured kao kao again. See, that's why I say people should just stop worrying so much. I think I'm starting to get really immune to lecturing because it's always about the same thing over and over again. Even if I answered and explained, the lecturing won't stop so I'll just listen and shut up the next time she lectures. Great.

Today is Easter? Or was it yesterday? Geez, I'm so confused because friend wished me last night but my mom forced me to wish her this evening. Well, anyway Happy Easter everyone. If you're kind enough, you should drop me a few easter eggs.

School starts again tomorrow. Feeling extremely lazy after such a friggin long weekend. Slacked too much. Sports Day will be on this Saturday so I bet this will be a hectic week for most people and I have the PNB quiz the next monday. Gotta start doing more revision. Want the money they're offering so badly. People please pray that our revision will be effective okay? =D

Since I'm still in the mood to sing, I did a cover of Chris Brown's With You. The lyrics are just good and simple.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Went to school for 3 days. After that we're having a 2 days break. Anyway, nothing big happened at school this week. The teachers weren't acting normal. For instance, my English teacher. I purposely finished the damn essay so that I can go to the toilet. She told me not to go just because the bell will ring in 10 minutes. What the heck? I deliberately rushed the stupid essay and that was what I get. Next, my B.M teacher. She likes picking on me nowadays.

TH (B.M teacher)

TH : Kenapa muka Crystal macam sangat bermasalah? Biasanya remaja kan tak ada masalah. Muka tu macam banyak sangat nak fikir.
Me : *laughs*
TH : Senyum kan cantik. Cikgu tengok muka orang bermasalah pun takut. Cikgu ingat Crystal tak suka cikgu kerana cikgu sudah buat sesuatu yang salah.

She talked about that for 5 minutes. So what if my face is bermasalah? Oh c'mon, you're teaching in front. Of course I'm supposed to put on my serious face and listen to you right? Or do you actually expect me to grin at you like a 'so hai'? Geez, some teachers complain because of my so called problematic face. On the other hand, some complained because I laughed when there is actually nothing funny to be laughed at. Pfft. Give a damn I don't.

Mom will be away this weekend to attend this Great Eastern dinner which will be held in KL. Therefore, I'll be left in Ipoh with my grandparents. Anyone wants to come over and accompany me instead of asking me to stay over at their place? *coughs* *cooughs* xD

Crystal is totally in the mood to sing these days. Don't ask why because I have no idea why. So here I present you an acoustic cover of OneRepublic's Apologize. Well it's kinda hard to sing or maybe I just suck at singing. HAHA, I don't care though because I had fun covering it. Don't be so harsh okay?

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Went to JJ with FV, Kiern and Ken-Ann today. As usual, mom was grumbling so much. She actually asked what am I up to these days? Why always go out? Eesh, what's wrong with going out? She's always suspecting this and that. I feel like telling her to worry and suspect less. Then her life would be much better right? Don't make your life so complicated. Lol. And and and, she actually reads my blog. WTF? I just got to know today. Yeah, right. Never mind. Maybe I should change the link or something. Somehow it's not cool to have your ownparents visiting your blog and reading your rants. Agree? Haha.

We actually went to Sushi King twice today. Geez, I hate that place really except for the free green tea. Why must they dine there every time we go JJ? (without fail, really) Anyway at least now I get to eat something there, Golden Bell (so what if I like naming it Bell rather than Ball?). We also dined at Secret Recipe and Food & Tea. I noticed that we eat non stop every time we go out. Is it a good thing or a bad habit? Bah, never mind. Life is short. Might as well enjoy every single moment by eating good stuff, no?

After lunch we went for bowling. Had fun. It has been a long time since I last bowled. And guess what, Crystal Lam emerged as the winner! MWAHAHA! So what if my score was low? At least I won. First time winning. *proud* Hope D luck stays with me always. Ken-Ann was busy camwhoring while we were busy bowling. I don't understand how she can sit there for hours without getting fed up. Amazing. It's also amazing how you blame the lighting for every single bad photo. *coughs*

Then we watched Spiderwick Chronicles. Is that the correct title for the movie? Never mind. I'm actually a huge fan of fantasy movies but this one is exceptional. I'd say it's lousy. Literally. The creatures are not attractive at all. Boring. Boring soundtrack. Boring storyline. Nothing amusing. I fell asleep halfway. Yeah, so I missed out a lot. Wow, the cinema is a great place to sleep. Didn't even wanna leave my seat. Three of them said it was a great movie though. Weird or maybe I'm just so friggin' not in the mood today. My advice will be, don't waste your time on that movie. Go watch Eragon instead. Lol.

Time for photos, courtesy of Ken-Ann! (again!) Apparently 4 people will be using her photographs for their blogs. She's too kind and we're pathetic. Notice I'm using people's photos a lot these days because my camera is totally fucked. Great.

During Bowling :


Foong Vai

Kiern (somebody said your back is sexy)

Results. Look at those two people's marks. SAME. LAME.

Enjoying my Milo.

She stole my Milo.

Camwhoring in the toilet :

Ken-Ann syok sendiri.

"Why is she taking so long?" (Foong Vai's damn worried face).

Me trying to ruin the photo.

Others :
Can you like not effing disturb me while I'm eating my cake? Eesh, sei yan Ken-Ann.

Foong Vai giving me lessons on 'something'.

Foong Vai getting more 'gik dung'.

Look at both of them . I'm like out of place.

What is she trying to do? I look deformed here. HAHA.

Finally a very normal photo of me and Ken-Ann.

Sigh, tomorrow school will be reopening. I've got tons of unfinished homework. Faster congratulate me. I'm getting better at procrastinating! =D

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ryan Cabrera - True (cover)

"It's time to try anything to be with you".

I feel like writing about the Community Project but since the camera is screwed, I can't upload the photos. So I'll post this instead. I might write about the project tomorrow when I have the mood. No photos = no mood.

Anyway I did a cover of Ryan Cabrera's True. Obviously I don't listen to those kind of music but that song is exceptional. Very simple and nice. I like the lyrics. Haha. It's my first time singing and I'm quite happy because so far nobody gave any atrocious harsh remarks.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Me Me Me

I'm so friggin' bored. So I thought of doing this tonight. Here Goes~

5 Things In My Bag

  1. Mints
  2. Shades
  3. Tissues
  4. Sanitary Pads
  5. MP3 Player Casing
5 Things Found In My Wallet
  1. Money (doh!?)
  2. Photo of me when I was a kid.
  3. Temporary Popular Member Card
  4. MGS Library Card
  5. Chye's Name Card
5 Favorite Things In My Room
  1. Acoustic Guitar
  2. Electric Guitar
  3. PC
  4. So Called BED
  5. Air Cond
5 Things I Always Wanted To Do
  1. Perform a favorite rock/metal song on stage.
  2. Attend a JROCK or Jay Chou concert.
  3. Visit Japan.
  4. Play and sing on acoustic guitar, underneath the stars for someone special.
  5. Learn Er Hu.
5 Things I'm Currently Into
  1. You you you.
  2. Playing the acoustic.
  3. Going to L's House.
  4. The L-Word
  5. Egg tarts and custards.
List Out The Top 5 Presents You Wish For
  1. You you you.
  2. Laptop
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Er Hu so I'll have the chance to learn.
  5. PS3 because the graphics so fucking rock.
The Person Who Tagged You Is

Khor Foong Vai

Your 5 Impressions Of Her
  1. Loud
  2. Confident
  3. Very direct.
  4. Generous
  5. Likes to bully me.
Most Memorable Thing She Has Done To You

Staying back together during Form 3. We revised together in that dark class and she taught me Maths!

If She Becomes Your Lover, You Will

If right? I think I'll be really happy because she seems to be quite a good lover? Lol.

If She Becomes Your Enemy, The Reason Will Be

She fucking betrayed me.

Pass This Quiz to 5 People You Wish To Know How They Feel About You
  1. Don't really know many people so I'll just pass it to Audrey.

Guess I have no choice but to sleep tonight since there's nothing much to do and Interact will be having a community project at GH tomorrow. Hope everything will turn out. Will be sitting for the Maziah test too. Didn't even touch the notes or anything. Whatever. HAHA.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lucky and Blessed

"I don't need what you've ain't got".

Went to Kledang Hill today with Foong Vai, Kiern and Ken Ann. Sadly, Leong couldn't make it because her parents didn't allow. According to her, it's because of the election issue too. Gah. I guess I'll have to wait another time to 'hike' with you huh? Wait till we get our license. *coughs*

Anyway before we went there, the weather was utterly shitty. Was so cloudy and dark. Obviously it was raining in Menglembu. Fortunately my parents didn't stop me from going. My dad was only grumbling a tad about how bad the rain will be and how bad we'll fall and land on our asses. He grumbled a lot about the election too. When we arrived at Kledang Hill, the weather was utterly awesome. The rain has just stopped so it was really windy and chilly. I'd say we were all very blessed and lucky because the rain came back the moment we finished 'hiking'.

Well, I haven't been there before. It's the first time for me and Ken Ann. She even said it feels as if she's in KL because she was extremely excited. Haha. Geez, I feel like I'm such a failure because I felt like an alien there. Never mind, I'll get more familiar with that area next time to avoid being so embarrassed. Sigh, I don't even know the names of the hills. Apparently there are 4 hills. Never mind. I think I actually 'tried' 2 hills today. Lol.

We were taking photographs as if we're not from Malaysia. Felt a bit awkward. Haha. Here are the photographs, courtesy of Ken Ann.


Acting depressed. Obviously Foong Vai doesn't look depressed.

Me and Ken Ann.

HAPPY! Haha, I look so friggin fat here.

Me and Ken Ann again.

Had fun today. Good experience for someone who hardly goes to Menglembu. I even got to see you. So worth it even though the toes on my left foot are injured.


"Rain falls the whole night, my love overflows just like rainwater".
Relatives are back for the election thing. Well, not really because only my grandmother voted. Others who came back didn't even bother to vote. Apparently, my grandfather was so excited about the election thingy. He was supposed to go out with my mom at 8 but he woke up at 6. Then he made mom went out with him at 7 plus. Nationalism.

This year's election is pretty interesting. The results are quite shocking too. Parents actually didn't allow me to go out later this evening because of the results. They're so afraid that 'some of those people' will be causing riot, etc. Fortunately, my aunty kept saying all those things are just minor issues. HAHA. Should look at my mom's face when she was talking about DAP's 'victory'. Anyway I'm so looking forward to this evening.

Went to Old Town for dinner last night. While we were waiting for our dishes, we saw this group of so called DIGI MEN. SKINNY DIGI MEN~!

Since I've a new guitar, I'll be selling my old one. I did some crappy editing to promote it.

If you're kind enough. Please tell your friends. See if anyone's interested. I'll be selling at RM 300. Price is negotiable. I'll throw in the Yamaha guitar bag if he or she is willing to pay extra RM 50. I don't know why but people kept saying, "It's Green..". What's wrong with green actually? To be frank, I kinda like the color. It's pretty unique. The guitar is not bad. I've been using it for close to 2 years. The sound actually gets better the more you play it. Yeah, hope you get my point. And it isn't expensive at all. I bought it at around RM 400. Obviously it's not flawless so the neck action should be adjusted if you want to play even more comfortably. The bridge pins are a little 'tainted' because I use some weird tool to remove them when restringing the guitar. The bridge pins can be replaced. They're very cheap. =)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Baby!

After waiting for quite some time, the day has finally arrived. People, I present you my new baby, Takamine EG340SC! Bought it at Ebony today right after school. Actually mom said she will get me a Taylor 110 if I can wait and get good grades for SPM. Doh, SPM is so friggin far away so in the end we decided to buy this.


Simple Packaging.


Loving the Dreadnought body.


Can't believe I'm actually owning a Takamine.

Pretty Mahogany Back.

Nice natural finish.

TP4T Preamp with a built in tuner and equalizer.

The sound is really nice. Really warm. The bass is brilliant. It's so comfortable to play on. So far I don't regret. Will be posting covers of me playing this guitar soon. =D

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