Saturday, July 25, 2009

weird dreams of lizards and caterpillars

I'm currently enjoying my weekend. It has been great so far. Frankly, I think I'm in such a good mood because there are no test papers for next week. Only have to worry about handing in the outline for Oral presentation.

Watched Public Enemy yesterday. Pretty good but not extremely good. The movie gave me the same feeling that Valkyrie did. I wonder why? Maybe it's because both are based on true stories and both have such tragic endings? It's a pity that the protagonist or (maybe antagonist) died. Bah, maybe I'm being so bias because Johnny Depp plays that character. Seriously, he looks freaking hot for his age. There's just something about him, it's inexplicable. Charisma and the confidence perhaps.

Since there's nothing much for me to do today, I have the excuse to do another cover, Mist / Fog. It's one of the instrumentals off SMT : Persona 4 OST. It's played during the final battle. Playing this makes miss my ps2 which is still in Ipoh. Feel like replaying p4 because it's just soooo awesome! Memories. T_T Gosh, I can get so sentimental when it comes to games and animes.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Is it me or the line today is really shitty? Or maybe PLURK is shitty but I think the line IS shitty because I can't seem to load as well. Annoying. I finally know what hurts the most. In my case, it's when my gadgets are malfunctioning. That's right. My mom made my psp drop from the table. The table is about more than 1 metre high. Imagine the impact! Such a fragile little thing dropping from such height is really too much. I bet its internal parts are not in tact anymore. Tried playing PangYa Golf today and it kept "hanging" and switching off by itself. Guess what, it's fucked. I'm SO SO SO HURT and depressed. Will try to reformat the psp (doubt it'll work). Mom said she will get me a new one if it's dead. The thing is I feel kinda attached to this one, it's so sad even if I were to get a new one from her. And I think 2000s are getting extinct. I wouldn't wanna get a 3000. It's unacceptable for my PSP and I to part so early. There are big titles coming out at the end of this year that I'm so looking forward to such as Persona and FF Dissidia and the new GTA and FF AGITO. *sulks*

This week is the QUIZ week again. How mundane. And I'm supposed to give the title for English Oral presentation tomorrow but I have yet to come up with a nice topic. Crystal is dead meat.

To take away my depression, I've been trying to play this the whole evening. Ended up doing a cover. Utada Hikaru's Hikari or better known as Simple and Clean which is the theme song for Kingdom Hearts. Nop, I didn't bother to finish that game but I've always love this song. It's wonderful. She has such a beautiful voice. No no, I did not sing the song. I'm not so dumb to sing the song and end up butchering it. Instead, I did a cover of Rising Sun version. In other words, it's the instrumental rock version.

I really really need a better amplifier and distortion pedal. Such crappy sound system I have. People today have been quite amicable. I wonder why.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

like this and that

Last weekend was quite fun. Went back to Ipoh for Anugerah. I think the school is a TAD cheapskate. I'm not badmouthing the school, just stating the obvious. Why can't they give the student a trophy that they can keep at home? It kinda sucks when you can just hold the trophy when you go on stage. Pure lameness. Oh wells, at least those were moments of bliss. And I can't believe someone overslept. Thus, her mom came to represent her. Amazing.

Went to Parade after that to meet up with Ken-Ann. Also met Audrey there. This is the part where my anger kicks in. Bought Strawberry Panic and FFVII : CC OST. Seriously, I find the packing for the anime really shitty, so I did some online research and found out that practically every single anime in Malaysia are bootleg ones. Yes, all those anime you see in Anime Tech, Friendly Records, and even old-time Speedy are indeed FAKE ONES. FAKE. Have you been buying most of your anime from there? If you have been doing that, you're fucked and I'm surprised how you can understand those shitty subtitles.

Don't ask me why I know they're fake because it's so damn prominent that they ARE FAKE. First reason, how can they fit so many episodes into 1 single DVD? It's impossible unless you really compress the frame rates, res, and so on. This explains why I used 2 DVDs to burn the same amount of episodes. Next reason, the subtitles are absolutely horrendous. They don't make sense at all. Thirdly, the box sucks. Originals are always comes in nice neat packaging. Not like these cheap ass ones. And forthly, the price, it's quite cheap. I used to think because it's localized but the reason why is because they aren't originals! How depressing. If it's like that, let's all stick to fansubs! Fan subs are better in every way. Higher quality, great subtitles (they even include explanation when it's too hard to understand the proverbs, etc) and they even have subtitles for the OP and ED!!! Most of all, it's free.

Fuck. Fortunately the ratio of my downloading to purchasing genuine stuff is 999 : 1. So far I've only got 3 so called original anime.

Bought this a few years back. I was skeptical back then but I choose to ignore those thoughts of mine because of the TULEN sticker.

This one is the worst, they recorded the anime from one of the anime channels. I've forgotten the name of the channel.

And this will be the last time I get scammed!

Seriously, this is extremely disappointing. I've heard crap like battling piracy. Is this the way Malaysia plans to battle piracy? I don't know how many people are being cheated out there. Can you believe that they are actually selling bootlegs with a TULEN sticker there? Geez.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

that feeling

God, I can't believe that this week has been so hectic. It's supposed to be a short honeymoon week since mid terms ended last Thursday. This is all because of the assignments. All the damn assignments are due this week and next week. Did 2 assignments this week and both gave me severe headache because major changes had to be made last minute because of certain reasons, certain stupid reasons.

Malaysian Studies presentation was so screwed up. Pity those who almost dozed off listening to us. Some even walked out. Well, surprisingly, I did not curse them. They have my empathy. Really. We were talking about Malaysia's Independence. Each one of us have been forced to learn that since primary school. It's no surprise that they got bored. Worst, the sound system in theatrette was so fucked up. The video that we made was totally butchered. Only the background music could be heard, the voice of the people in the video was not audible at all. What a pity.

Ahh, never mind that because there are still a few reasons for me to be happy. I did not fail Finite Maths for mid terms. I managed to get more than half which I consider quite an achievement for some stupid brainless person like me when it comes to numbers. REJOICE! Not only that, I even managed to hand in my Finite Maths assignment thanks to Yan Ying who helped me out during the eleventh hour. If not for her, I would've handed in a clean sheet of paper for the lecturer to wipe her face or write a love letter to her boyfriend.

Besides assignments, I've actually been wasting hours of my life watching several old thriller/horror movies such The Unborn, Arang and Anatomy 2. I just realized that the best thing someone can do to distract me is to play an extremely sick and disturbing movie, then I'd be glued to the seat until the movie ends (provided the storyline is intriguing enough). And I also find it amusing to watch scenes like the one above when I'm having my meals. It's like you can feel the pain more when you watch and eat at the same time. Something like engaging more of your senses. Works for me.

Have I mentioned that I'm addicted to Strawberry Panic? Yes, it's old, yeah whatever, I know that but it's so fun and enjoyable! The characters are all very lovable and easy to relate to because I was in an all girls school for 11 years! However, I have to say that those people or whoever you call them who directed this anime were quite a lazy bunch. They like to have 'still scenes'. Lazy lazy lazy. Nevertheless it is still a great anime, mostly because I adore Shizuma a lot.

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