Monday, March 21, 2011

freud wouldn't think this is amusing

Let's play Spot the Obvious for a change!

EDIT 2 :
Humans make mistakes all the time. It's okay but this is funny. It's funny, really. But that's not all, it's also disappointing and embarrassing. Don't they check before putting such huge signboards up? 

Is it acceptable for our english to be at this level?

What's the best thing that could happen? Person A seeks psychotherapy but couldn't or didn't see the upper signboard. Walks into the shop. Go figure what happens next.

EDIT : So apparently the chinese words match 'psychotherapy'. If anyone is kind enough to double confirm this, I'll take back what I said earlier. ;) 

Thanks to Zhi Hui for pointing out and Nigel for confirming the mistake that I made. That said, I'm still extremely skeptical because this shop is located very near my Ipoh house. Like really? Such an impressive all-in-one-solution right near the houses and all? Seems too good to be true but oh well, you know how Chinese people can make the impossible happen all the time. I'm talking about those from China.

Not in the mood to write much because I'm off to play Dissidia 012. Lightning goes portable!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

unpleasant things found in raspberry cereal --- potong steam

Looks delicious? Let me tell you that it smelled really nice (raspberries!) and thank God because I was too busy filling the jar and cleaning up the mess, I didn't put any into my mouth.

The moment I opened the box, the packet inside got tore apart (it was a mess!) so I thought it was because I was too aggressive. Mom tried one and said it tasted weird so we started scrutinizing them. 

Upon closer inspection :

Gross, no?

Throughout my 19++ years of having various types of cereals, I haven't come across such atrocious quality control!

No, it's not locally manufactured/a local brand. It's quite a big company in Poland.

Truly disappointing experience. Don't think I'll dare try this brand (at least not for a few years).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

instant coffee must be bought with careful evaluation!

Another one of my favorite instant coffee.

Also a Vietnam 3-in-1 but unlike G7, this is local made. It's not ubiquitously available, especially not in your usual supermarkets. This can only be found in shabby looking sundry shops. I've no idea why. 

Love the 'burnt taste' (literal translation from cantonese) and its creamy texture. The best thing of all, it's not as sweet as the usual 3-in-1. You know how some of them contain so much sugar? It's like they're conspiring to kill us coffee drinkers with diabetes! So there's this bittersweet aftertaste, which in this case is really pleasant.

It's scary to find out that people I like resemble each other. I've got a few examples but I'll just use the Johnny Depp-Atsushi Sakurai one for today.

Not the best photos to prove the resemblance but oh well, Sakurai can easily pass as an asian version of Depp.
While I was image googling just a while ago, I stumbled upon this really POSITIVE photo of Manson. Looking like a penguin here. Guess I'm really enjoying every moment of my free time after mid-terms. Better savor every bit of it because this week will be a busy one with the NGO visits and the commencement of Marketing assignment. How I dread them.

Not gonna write much about what happened in Japan since everyone knows about it already. Let's all wish and pray for Japan's recovery. But wait, that's not all we can do. Another REALLY GOOD thing to do is cherish what you have now-- your life, surroundings. People, any other living things, animals, whatever objects that are around you. Take them in, like really feel the connection and appreciate that particular connection because you wouldn't know when you'll never have the chance to do so.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Like a G what?

The Vietnamese people must have been scoffing when they heard the song Like a G6. It's really amazing how close their names are but the experiences are like heaven and earth. G7 tastes really good whereas G6 annoys the fuck outta me.

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