Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some People Will Never Get It

Have you tried discussing equality with an opposite sex? (Question directed towards females). 

So I was talking to a guy today and I'm not gonna state who because if you know me well enough, most probably you could take a wild guess and get it correct. Shouldn't be too difficult because I'm not surrounded by a huge number of male friends/relatives. Let's cut to the chase.

Initially we were discussing divorce rates and the figures have increased tremendously these years and so I said if heterosexuals aren't taking their marriages so seriously, why give gay people such a hard time when they sincerely want to get married with each other? Look at how they fight for their marriage to be legalized, all the trouble they have to go through. And then he made an irrelevant point : if the battle for gay marriage to be legalized is a success then there would be nothing for them to look forward to anymore, they won't be special anymore. 
Worst. Most. Insensitive. Statement. Made. Ever.
Yours truly was incredulous when I heard that. So he thinks that gay people view themselves as being incredibly superior? If homosexuals were so special, there wouldn't be fights for better rights in the workforce and other aspects. And so I started to explain to this Mr. that not only marriage rights are at stake here. 

Then he said, it's the same for females. I truly concur. Yes, we're all aware that we still live in a pretty much male dominant society and most are still misogynistic. I'm not saying that all males on Earth are MCPs. That would be a mistake because I do have male friends who are not and they're such lovely people.

Since he brought up the topic on females so I began to expressed my views on how the females deserves more rights. I was appalled when he said that it's 'LIKE THAT' in all societies and 'it has always been like that', 'there's nothing you can do about it'. Does Feminist Movement ring a bell? If it weren't for that, how badly will women still be oppressed today? Think about it. Think of how much progress we've made. Think of the liberty we have compared to those days. That said, females are still viewed as sub par when it comes to many areas; hence, action still needs to be taken. We need to hold firm. 

The most obnoxious point of the whole thing was this, as I was trying to present and further elaborate my points, he constantly interrupted me with words jumbled up together like a little kid (Think 'asdasdsasdasa'). Perhaps to prevent me from talking. That act alone made him seem childish and he ought to act better for his age, especially when engaging discussions like this one.

And also, he kept saying that what happens next when rights for homosexuals and women is achieved? To quote directly, "what's next? what's next? there will be nothing for them to look forward to anymore".  Nothing for uh what? If you don't think that statement is as mindless as those made by simpletons, I don't know what is.

Do I look like a prophet? Or someone who can predict the future by looking into the crystal ball? If everyone thinks like you, no improvements will be made to society. He's missing the point, it's not what's next that matters. 
Society is always in a state of flux. There's never the best of the best but shouldn't we be focusing on what can be achieved for the time being? 

On a side note, I'm well aware that I've abandoned this blog for quite some time but I was really ticked off just now so I had to find an outlet for 'release'; thus, this very sudden update. So yeah, please excuse my emotional rants.

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