Thursday, June 25, 2009

and it goes on and on

You don't have to fucking yell at me. I'm not deaf. It's ludicrous to simply blame people just because you're suck at giving simple directions. It's already over and yet you have to raise your voice. Not like I have some hearing disability. As far as I'm concerned, your phone still has a lot of battery left since you did not even bother charging it the moment you got home. If it was so low on battery then why could you still text so many people and phone at the same time? If it's so fucking low then can't you not reply your text messages? For fuck's sake, geez, it annoys me much when you act as if I'm at fault, when obviously I'm not. No one was at fault but you had to make such a scene by yelling. It's uncivilized and rude and harsh to do so. If you think it is so onerous for you, just say so you don't wanna do it. That's better than telling me I'll be on my own next time your phone call gets cut halfway. I bet it's great to push away your responsibility. I have legs, I wouldn't die anyway. MOMCANYOUPLEASECOMEDOWNFASTER!?

Looking on the brighter side, my mid terms are finally over. I get Friday off as well. Went to Pavillion with friends to watch Transformers. Then friend's friend sprained her ankle. Poor thing. I hope she's alright. Surprisingly she was still able to laugh, enjoy the movie and drink Starbucks. Starbucks is definitely an amazing medicine for any type of injury!

Anyways, Transformer kicks ass. Really. Like, REALLY. I'm serious. Might be a bit too long for watchers who lose focus easily, and also a tip, go to the loo before entering the cinema. You wouldn't want to hold your bladder or go out half way (you can't afford to miss the action!). Profoundly solid effects and I love how they blend in humor. It's really worth the money. If you're trying to decide between this and Terminator, I'd say go for this. 5 stars all the way.

I'm just curious why they're using LP's single as their theme song. That song is just medicore. The breakdown part is pretty good but other than that is just... mehhh. It's always a great opportunity for indie bands to gain a larger fanbase if they use their songs for such big budget movies but definitely they wouldn't include their songs because they want everything to be perfect. Tch. Went through the list of Transformer's OST. Avenged Sevenfold's Almost Easy is on the list. I'm quite happy about that although they're not pure indie.

Saw STARFUCKS t-shirt but it's a bit too large. Didn't buy it. Ugh.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Streamyx was down at 12 ++ this morning. By the time I got home, which was at 5 ++, Dad suddenly said, "Eh girl, okay already, can lah".

My face was like o_O. REALLY?

To be frank, I'm immensely impressed. Usually they take a century to fix their shit. This time it took them less than 24 hours. They said they will fix it latest by this Monday. Surprisingly they took less than a day. Congratulations. I think you people are really improving. Let's hope there won't be any deteriorations in the future. My life will be much better and (also happier) like that.

Enough of the good news. Yours truly will be having her mid terms starting from tomorrow. Why the fuck must they have the first paper on Saturday? It's a weekend. Doesn't make sense to me. For the next whole week, I have to make my way to college just for the sake of taking the exam. One paper per day. It's no more than 2 hours for each paper. What a waste of petrol. The people who set the exam schedule obviously have no brains. What is more, they're not environmental friendly. Making candidates (indirectly) use up so much energy just to get to college. Geez.

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Then I'm done.
Awesome ey, I'm so looking forward to watching Transformers right after my Computing Principles paper which is on the last day. Ahh, tomorrow is English. Kinda dread it but not as much as I dread freaking maths. Hopefully English won't be so technical.

...and I want a nice new bag for putting my stuff. I'm always worried that all my stuff will fall out of my current bag. Paranoid, I know.

This man, Tony Horton is simply amazing. Amazing strength, and he's a pure genius when it comes to variety. Added to my list of "The People I'd Like To Meet". Cardio has never been that hard (and fun!), his version of cardio is so much tougher than HIIT.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a little piece of heaven

Am I the only one who's not excited about PSP Go's release? The name itself sucks. Seriously. PSP GO? How lame is that? The main thing which really suck is the design. It's horrendous. Looks like a piece of 'flat potato'. Like those hash browns that you buy from McDonald's, but just a bit wider. Another thing which I really dislike is the 'sliding' technology. Looks a bit uncomfortable if you ask me. Long story cut short, it's quite a turn off except for the games that they'll be releasing. I'm not a huge fan of platform games such as J&D but they'll be releasing a new MGS on PSP Go. Does that mean the game isn't available for the previous PSPs? I hope not because my PSP isn't even a year-old yet! Sony always have the greatest ideas to make money. I wonder why they're not adding a camera to it. The cool thing is this ugly model supports bluetooth. If they were to add a camera, this thing can really kick Apple's ass. Oh, and I have not mentioned the most annoying (and also stupidest) thing about PSP Go. It does not have a friggin UMD so they're expecting gamers to download all their games from the net. Well done Sony. Let's see the impact in a few months' time.

Was browsing One of the writers there critisized this article and the author of the article as well. Ladies, please click and read it, it's about WHY WOMEN CAN'T BE BOSSES. I bet you'll be infuriated after going through the first page. I'm not surprised that the writer, Paul Thompson is siding men because he's from but seriously, this article proves how much he belittles women. Not only that, it's evident that he has no respect for women by making such stupid statements. Besides, this guy really has a brain which is smaller than a pea because he's too conservative. Obviously his article is total bullshit, if it's really true then tell me why women are becoming more successful these days? Fucking sexist and misogynistic. People like that disgusts me a lot. Ahh, he reminds me of Gordon Ramsay. I'm sure some of you guys have read news about him making a fool of himself by talking utter shit on national television. These two men need help, really. I hope God helps them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bottle it up

People, thieves nowadays are pathetic.
Not only that, they're not good at detecting IT at all. I believe that true robbers have the potential to see things, to sense things, whether that particular AIM will be worth it or not.

What happens when you break someone's window? You did it for the sake of stealing the laptop.
Broad daylight. Opened the bag. Turns out that there were only pool balls and screwdrivers inside. Disappointed? Small time thief.

Poor thief. He wasted a few minutes of his life doing that. Futile effort, ey?
I was surprised that the thief chose my dad's car because his car is seriously so OLD and worn out. Not that he parked it near some 'lauyah' or 'pariah' building. It was right in front of Hartamas Mall's main entrance. Bloody security guard must be slacking. Ass.

Oh btw, it's JUNE. What's so special about June? It's the THE LGBT Pride Month. Folks, let's celebrate. =) In fact, I celebrate LGBT pride everyday. Lol. But I'm a tad happy that Obama is doing something right. Be good this month and stop bashing people and be kind with your comments whenever you encounter queer people. Equal rights. Rainbows. Love, is what the world needs.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

she needs a shaker

Dragonica's OBT started yesterday but I have not tried it yet. It's taking forever because of the massive amount of people downloading it. Thus, I'm bored. Stuck at home on a Friday evening with nothing to do. Was supposed to go Mid Valley but plans were ruined because of some important *coughs* lunch with cousins. A cousin that I don't even speak to. Not gonna go further because I know that I will inadvertently talk a bit too much if I continue this. Tch.

Last night I was compelled to follow dad to a pub because he had to socialize with a few friends there. I HATE HATE HATE HATE places like that. They disgust me much. I mean the pubs, and yes, also the people there. No offense. The main pest: smokers. Smokers smoking in public. Yes I know you'll die if you stop smoking for one hour but do you realize that whenever you smoke in public, you're killing non-smokers around you? Oh, of course you don't have a fucking clue about that because people who usually end up dying faster are second hand smokers, not you, prick. People who know me might think I'm a hypocrite for saying this but never once in my life I smoked in the public. And before you start making assumptions, no, I don't smoke.

Btw, Could somebody tell me why people nowadays LOVE giving inappropriate replies? When someone talks to you in English, do you reply in Mandarin? Anyone who is able to think properly will know it's wrong. If you think it's right, why not try to do your exam paper in another language. Answer your Sejarah paper in English okay?

I think I am ranting a bit too much lately. In fact I don't feel like talking much sometimes. Things are getting more sickening. Most probably I'm feeling this way because of stress. Well, stress doesn't come from college life but, geez, I actually have no idea what's the primary source.

Miss Selena was using this on Wednesday for her lecture. On Thursday morning while I was reading, I found this picture as well. Coincidence. Coincidences can be freaky.

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