Tuesday, April 26, 2011

marks the start of zero textbooks diet

Finished my last paper just now and hey, I've made it through year 1! (I know that's nothing much to shout about except for the fact that my age has the dreadful number-- 2). Thoughts on this semester :

I've been lackadaisical but I guess that's okay because of the nature of the subjects.

Spent more than usual because I've gotten too lazy to wake up at 6 to get parking at main block, have been parking too much at the pricier places.

Have been skipping marketing classes practically every week because oh God, it's just unbearable inside that hall, which results in spending more too but that's okay, life is short so have fun right!? 

Coming out to friends is easier than to family members but not everyone accepts it, some reactions are quite funny from my pov, but that's also a part of diversity, I shouldn't make fun of this so often (but I can't stand it, lol).

That's about it.
Looking forward to have a fun filled sem break even though it's a bit too short for lazy people like me. :)

Saw this on Autostraddle today, magical beans to keep your coffee or any other beverage warm. These magical beans or better known as Coffee Joulies help to lower the temperature for safe consumption when it's too hot. On the other hand, it brings the temperature to the right level of 'hotness' when the drink cools down. 

You know what, this is fucking appropriate for heavy coffee or tea or whatevershytbeveragethatyouhavetoconsumehot drinkers. Brilliant brilliant idea but they're really pricey right now because it's new, it's not mass produced and they lack funds. Here's the link if anyone's interested. Coffee Joulies

Once mass production starts, it'll be as cheap as table knives, at least that's what the creators claim. Will definitely get them to live a happier life. Like seriously, cold coffee kills the fun. That said, coffee which eventually turns cold is better than none, gonna make one right now and enjoy it while I watch Code Geass.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the sinister bunny

Unless you're still a teenage fanboy who likes to see schoolgirls or bimbo looking girls fighting in sexy little attires, you should avoid Sucker Punch at all costs or you will walk out of the cinema feeling like a sucker who just got punched a million times right in the face. The poster looks attractive enough, especially the mech with the bunny (don't act like that didn't catch your eye when you first looked at the poster) but don't let these things deceive you! Let's make things simpler.

  • Poorly assembled cast.
  • Bad plot and the whole thing doesn't feel linked.
  • You never get to see the MC dance. At the end of the day it's like an empty promise.
  • Battles are too repetitive or predictable by the third dance. At this point you just want the movie to end.
To be fair, the movie has strong points.

  • Bloody gorgeous visuals. The setting is great especially during battles and the asylum itself really sets the mood.
  • Certain battles are like huge ass video game boss battles.
  • Soundtrack is okay but I don't really fancy the rearrangement of Sweet Dreams.
It's a movie that you either like or hate, no in betweeens. Better movies that I've watched recently are The Fighter and Amphetamine. Was forced to watch Just Go With It with Ann yesterday because we were late for Unknown and surprisingly, I didn't get bored to death. In lieu I nearly cried due to excessive laughter. Highly recommended.

Only 3 weeks ++ left before the end of this semester, can't wait to get my hands these.

Putting Catherine there makes me look like a pervert.

Both unifi and my phone are being major bitches. Net is down and it won't be any better until next week, speak of efficiency! And no matter how many times I restart my phone, I can no longer hear voice of the caller. I guess there's no choice but to get a new phone-- a cheaper one which caters more to my music needs. No, I'm not gonna be a victim of the today's shiny phones because money should be invested in NGP. (how come NGP doesn't have phone functions!? gah)... and I guess I can just forget about getting the Playstation Phone, there's nothing much that I want from that besides playstation controls. Don't ask me why but it's really joyful and reassuring when I see squares, x, circles and triangles. How therapeutic. :)

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