Thursday, March 26, 2009

i'm not edible

Familiar? HAHAHA. I'm sooooooo fucking elated. Have been trying to run this for days. So many trials and errors but it's worth it. It's finally working. Sephiroth must be looking after me. *smirks*

Finished CC today. Ending was really epic, credits as well. Managed to clean my eyes. It has been ages since my last "cleaning up".

And because I'm in sucha good mood today, more random photos;

.ramenbox eating ramen.

Grandpa's dog who acts like a crazy wolf. Scary, no?

Saw 2 "disgusting species" today. First, a guy, he was drinking his tapao-ed teh ais. Nothing's wrong but he was using his straw to "floss his teeth" and worst, his expression was like damn syok. Someone needs to tell him he's in a public place. Second, there was this primary girl who was queuing up to pay for her pack of cheese. While queuing up, she kept biting her fingernails. Biting + grinning to herself at the same time. I can't really stand people who does it so obvious and so often. People..

1 more file to go

This year, the world's first global election is taking place, an election between earth and global warming. It's not about what country you are from, but what planet you are from. Your light switch is your vote. We need one billion votes for earth, because our planet is worth saving. Vote Earth by simply switching off your lights for one hour and join the world for Earth Hour. Saturday march 28th, 8:30-9:30pm.

Oh wells, somebody said I should ad Earth Hour 2009. Yes I'm selfish I still do care a bit for the earth because I'm still living here for .. most probably 80 more years? =D so everyone should make Earth a better place.

Did an acoustic cover of Big Bang's Everything. It's quite lame but I just can't help it. *hides*

If your ears can tolerate it, more videos can be found here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

sit on my wall

I've always enjoyed reading those short articles written by Mary Schneider. Her articles makes me ponder a lot, about various issues. Anyway today's article is an interesting read, everyone should read it especially if you're not sure which path to take after SPM. Click here.
So why is it that when you mention things such as Design, Music, Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, people will perceive those as courses which will only be taken by people who has low academic qualifications. Total bullshit. I know many people thinks so out there but I think it's ludicrous. I'll quote something great from her article.

Inevitably, comparisons were made with her brother, who is studying computer science and mathematics in the United States on a scholarship.

“Computers. Now, that’s something,” they would say. “There’s a future in computers.”

Like, there’s not a future in eating?

Like people will stop eating. As if people will stop designing things for ads, campaigns, the media, etc. As if people can live without music. As if people will stop recruiting sound engineers and technicians for events. I can rant all day but I'll just keep it short. As if people will stop living in hotels and those people working there will become jobless. There's a future in everything, in everything you choose you pursue. I just can't comprehend when most adults out there keep telling their children to go for IT, medicine, engineering, etc and at the same time, they brainwash their kids by telling them arts related studies have no prospect at all.

Right now I'm quite thankful that I didn't choose to get PSP3000 because 2000's screen isn't as bad as what people say. It's quite okay and at least I wouldn't need to burn a whole in my wallet each time I get a new game. Selfish hackers. Gah. Frankly, I'm quite impressed by Crisis Core. (yes I know it's quite old and I'm quite oudtated) It's so fun and friggin' addictive even though I did not complete FFVII. Once I have the mood, I'll try my best to complete it and ignore PSone's shitty graphics. Could somebody tell me why Sephiroth looks hotter in CC than the one in AC? >_>

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


tagged by Kah Sin
Rules:It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people.Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: Crystal
2. A four Letter Word: Cunt? xD
3. A boy's Name: Croix
4. A girl's Name: Camelia
5. An occupation: Carpenter
6. A color: Cream
7. Something you'll wear: Creepy looking masks
8. Food: Carrots
9. Something found in the bathroom: Cracked tiles
10.A name of a place : Casino
11.A reason for being late: Caught up in a traffic jam
12. Something you'd shout: Can't you see that I'm busy doing something really important?
13. A movie title: Constantine
14. Something you drink: Chilled coffee
15. A musical group : Children of Bodom
16. An animal: Cockroach
17. A street name: No idea.
18. A type of car: Chevrolet
19. The title of a song: Chasing Cars

Okay, that was hard. Fuhh.
Anyway I'm excited. The day I've been waiting for. (it's tomorrow) xD

Currently taking a break from Ar Tonelico because I'm not motivated to play it. Great music but it just doesn't have that WOW factor. The 'cosmospheres' and 'infelspeheres' are getting boring and I'm starting to get annoyed by the so called cute voice acting.

Finally got to try DDS today. Thanks to Ryan who's willing to lend it to me. Must try to complete this asap because I'm not sure whether I should carry my ps2 down to KL. I don't even have my own room or tv there. How am I supposed to hog the ps2 for hours non stop? So not ready for this.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm sleepy

This is what I call a vampire movie, a vampire movie with substance. Twilight is crap compared to this, bah, Twilight is crap compared to any vampire movies. I think it's trash, I really do. Watched this an hour ago, it was released in 2008. It's a little old but I just downloaded, yeah. Good story and I like the themes. Two kids in love, a little boy who's quite a loner and often gets bullied in school, a little girl who's a vampire. The thing is, there's more than that. There's just something special about this movie. It kinda moved me. Besides, the music is good. At first I thought it was a Spanish movie *facepalm*, it's a Swedish one. Apparently they'll be making a remake (an American one). Why do they always need to fuck up by coming up with something called REMAKES? Original ones are always so much better. Remakes always fail to capture the essence. Let's just see how fucked up the remake gets. I saw the book in MPH a few months back, I'm so gonna go get it. <3

Shane in a dress? Wow.

Ugh, the final episode of TLW is major disappointment. IC, WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE LAST EPISODE? Why is it that everything is left unanswered? So what if there's a spin off? The spin off will only feature Alice, that's kinda sad because I'm sure we all wanna know what will happen to other characters as well. And I think it's pretty impossible that Alice will turn out to be the killer? She seems to be a little too nice for that. I have this gut feeling that it's either Bette or Jenny committed suicide. Aww, Jenny, I'm so gonna miss you. Why is it that season 6 is so bloody short? Can't they just make it like usual, 12 episodes? This is sooo dumb. I'm gonna miss the show so much especially Jenny and Helena's sexy accent. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I still can't bring myself to like season 6, everything was so screwed up, everyone wasn't acting like their usual selves. The only damn thing I like about season 6 is SHENNY. Since there's a spin off, there wouldn't be any L Word movie? This is so depressing. I'm gonna rewatch everything from the start. Btw does anyone know where I can get the original DVDs for this amazing series? =D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the beginning is the end is the beginning


Have you watched the trailer? You should. It looks awesome, really. I was very excited when I first saw the preview a week back.

Have you watched the movie? No? Well, don't bother wasting money on this movie. I'd suggest you to wait for a clear copy of the dvd, then download it, don't even bother purchasing the original one. Why? Mundane, really. Utterly disappointing.

It has really cool characters and each of them has quite an interesting personality. Rorschach especially. Too bad they fucked up the movie by making it so long. It's so damn draggy. The beginning is really slow with a few random flashbacks. Like what Audrey said, in the middle, it has too many parts which are irrelevant. The ending was the best because that's when there are real action scenes. That's the whole point of these kinda movies which are adapted from comics, right? Storytelling is important but who wants to watch a superhero movie without good fight scenes? The fighting scenes are kinda weak compared to other movies which fall in the same category as this. The first one in the beginning was good though.

Rorschach. Dude's voice sounds like the MC from MGS series.

Notice how blur is that part. Why? They even censor it in the movie. Surprisingly, he wears a huge black underwear during the war.

So you'll be watching a 3 hours long movie. You wouldn't really have any clue what's going on in the first 2 hours? They go on and on about the same thing until the last hour. That's when you finally realize the whole point of the movie. I'd say that the plot is weak, it was kinda obvious who the villian is from the very beginning. Nothing fascinating, no wow factor, I wasn't shocked. The special effects are profound eye candy but overall it's boring. I'm so surprised that I did not fall asleep in the cinema today and most probably it was because I almost peed. It was so lengthy so I kept thinking this must be the ending, that must be the ending, no, this time is surely the ending. God. Well, there is one thing that I enjoyed, the music is not so bad. Hah, I didn't even watch the whole thing. The minute they opened the doors, I quickly walked to the toilet.

The movie itself has a few funny scenes which are quite memorable.

Theme song is cool. I'm always bias when it comes to 'dark' theme songs.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

life is wonderful

Met up with Audrey and Lucas at 5 plus and we had dinner. After that, dad fetched us to Stadium Negara. Sadly there wasn't a toilet there so we spent some time looking for one nearby and after that, we shopped for t-shirts. Entered at 7 ++. Concert supposed to start at 8 but of course, stars are always late so we waited till around 8.30 - 8.45.

There wasn't any opening act. Not that I bother anyway. Even if there was one, bet it'll be something crappy. Mraz started off with the song Make It Mine from his latest album. I can't really remember the songs in order but I do remember most of them. Next song was The Remedy. Other 'mainstream' songs that he performed includes You and I Both, Lucky, and I'm Yours. I think a local female artist duet with Jason during the song Lucky but fans couldn't really recognize who's that artist. The crowd was ecstatic when he performed Geek in the Pink. Classic JM song really. Other songs include If it Kills Me, Life is Wonderful, Dynamo of Volition, and Live High. The audience kinda know the lyrics well because everyone was singing along during most of the songs, even though during those not so mainstream songs, which I think is a great thing. There was an encore and he was wearing an "I Love KL" shirt. The last song was Butterfly.

The concert was overall really fucking fantastic. Too fantastic for words. What a wonderful experience. It's proven that he sounds much better live. People, face it, Mraz has practically perfect pitch. There was only one song that certain parts sounded a bit weird. During the ending part of Butterfly, other instruments (saxo, trombone, etc) were playing a key higher but Jason was still sticking to the initial key. (That's if I'm not wrong) Anyway it didn't sound really obvious unless the audience really paid extra attention. There was a lot of interaction and it was really damn enjoyable. There was one statement that he made which makes sense, "Don't let your mind stop you from having fun". He was trying to tell the audience that we should all dance and enjoy ourselves even if our dance moves don't fit our looks and outfit. Mraz said that it was the first time for him to perform in KL but definitely not the last time. Hope to see you soon in years to come. xD

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