Sunday, August 30, 2009

wait and see

Has anyone read The Star today? WHO said that Malaysia is taking H1N1 too lightly. Is it true? Although I'm not someone who will side Malaysia when it comes to everything but I do think that in terms of dealing with H1N1, efforts have been taken. Government's initiative has been quite evident. Since the mutated form of H1N1 is extremely fatal, I guess more and more people will be wearing masks nowadays. Should I wear one as well? Dad thinks that H1N1 might be one of early signs of 2012. Is he obsessed with that or what? He has been watching those documentary and all. Tch.

Never thought that I will run across Claymore merchandise in Malaysia, especially Ipoh. I guess I underestimated my hometown afterall. When I inquired, they showed me various pendants and an action figurine. Yeah, they're all not originals but screw it, I bought 2 pendants anyways. My penchant for Claymore is quite ineffable. Sadly the action figurine doesn't look gorgeous enough. Clare isn't wearing the Claymore suit. I wouldn't wanna buy a reverse trap action figurine.

Oh look, it's my ex-class monitor!
It was great hanging out with my ex-desk mate, de facto, one of my delinquents. Just now when I was going through my photo albums, both of us do look different compared to secondary days. Look older perhaps? But I am quite glad that my face isn't as horrendous as it was back then. Most probably because I'm no longer a teenager. Should I still consider myself one? I'm not really sure about that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i'd side chaos if i could

It's rather depressing that my sem break will be ending soon. Need to get back to college on the 2nd of Sept. Geez, I've been having so much fun lately. In fact, I've been so engrossed in a few activities. Most importantly, I've been busy playing Dissidia : Final Fantasy. It got leaked. HOW AWESOME, which means most fans have been playing the english version a few days before the 25th. So far so good, I have no complaints for the game because I'm so bias when it comes to FF. Moreover I haven't finished it yet. It'll be cool if they did not omit Yuna. For heaven's sake, there's only one female on Cosmos's side? I don't really care about the guy from FFXII anyways because he looks weird.

(And as I am typing this, my dad is msning me from the computer room. He's telling me how the soup got burnt. Good for him, he'll get executed by my mom who will be coming home in less than an hour. No soup for dinner as well. Tch).

The customization is excellent! Actually the game will be better if they have cool summon cutscenes, maybe like what they did for Crisis Core? Prevalently, I'm not a zealot of fighting games but this is different. It isn't as conventional as the other fighting games. Sometimes the battles get really chaotic because you can fly from one corner to the other corner.

What else can a FF fan ask for? Cecil, Firion, Kefka, Terra, etc are now fully 3d. I'd love Squarenix if they remake all the older FF games using these kinda graphics. Somehow Tidus and Sephiroth look a bit weird in Dissidia. I wonder why. Seriously I'll be wasting so many hours of my life just to collect as many points as possible to purchase bad ass characters from the in-game shop. First off, I'll get Sephiroth followed by Jecht.

Got bored last night while playing bRO. Thus, Eric and I took a photo. Took us awhile to time the GG command. I'm bored of playing champ. What other characters should I play? Maybe I should get a job which is underrated.

And when will the final results be mailed to us? I'm really anxious because I want to make sure I pass Malaysian Studies. It'd suck if I have to pay a few hundred bucks again just to pass the damn subject which I detest so much.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i've found another reason to hate DS

Oh. My. God.

Can't say how disappointed I am right now. I didn't know disappointment can be so overwhelming.

So when they first announced a Claymore game for DS, I was excited, no, de facto, very fucking thrilled. Even though I do not own a DS because I'm a DS HATER, I did tell my friend that I might actually save up for a DS just to play the game. Sounds stupid? Not really. I've done worse things because of my penchant for fantasy like things. Anyways, I've changed my mind! I will absolutely not spend even a cent on the DS because the game is atrocious. Some disappointed fan was kind enough to post a short gameplay video of lvl 1. My first reaction was, what the fuck, WOLVES? They did not have wolves in the anime or manga. (correct me if I am wrong) So what the hell is Clare doing? She needs so slice wolves in the game? Funny. And when it comes to the battle with the Yoma, guess what, the Yoma jumped! It jumped around like a chinese undead. Amusing is the right word!

Tch. In the first place, they've already screwed up by making it a side scroller game. What's wrong with them? That's so incredibly dull. Not that I hate side scroller games. Mario was awesome, so was Prince of Persia for MS-Dos. But let's face it, people nowadays don't really crave for such games anymore. Claymore has a lot of potential if it were made into a game similar to DMC/KH style. In other words, 3rd person view, Hack N Slash style. Since Claymore itself already has a solid story, there is nothing to fret except for the gameplay. Then, it'd be epic! All Claymore aficionados will rejoice. In fact, I don't mind if they release a fighting game. At least, it's better than this piece of junk. The only thing that I will praise is the Yoki controlling system. It is pretty cool to control Yoki with the stylus.

Developers, please make a remastered version of this game for the PSP? PLEASE? Or should I write this to Santa? I'm dying to play a Claymore game. Or should I say, GOD, I PRAY FOR A CLAYMORE GAME FOR PSP but please make sure it doesn't suck ass like the DS version. Please make sure it's epic enough.

From the research I've been doing, it seems that Teresa, Miria, Irene and a few other significant Claymore characters will appear in the game. I wonder whether Galatea will make an appearance. *smirks* Although this game is really piece of shit, I'd still be glad if anyone is kind enough to lend me their DS so that I can get my hands on this game. ^_^

These pictures do not belong to me. However, they're just too awesome for me to not post them. Galatea is a true goddess. ._.

Thus, my day ends with not only disappointment but also sadness and anger as this game tarnishes Claymore.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's not the end of the era


A russian band! They look kinda VK to me but I'm not that bothered. Since Vitas was the only Russian artist that I listened to, this band's music sounds like a metal-ized version of Vitas's songs. Funny. Unfortunately it's kinda difficult to find download links for Russian music. Shit those people who only pay attention to American bands. Russian bands need more attention!

Lotsa stuff happened recently. I guess most of them are more towards the positive side. Most importantly, my mom has finally transferred down. So I'm finally living together with my mom! It's nice. Nothing beats having a mother around. The feeling is... I'd say irreplaceable. For a moment there I guess I sound like such a little girl or whatever you wanna label me. Major changes will be taking place inside the house. A woman in the house tantamounts to a cleaner and a more comfortable home.

Took final exams last week so I'll be free for 2 weeks plus. Sem 2 starts on the 2nd of Sept. Yours truly will be slacking like nobody's business. Mom said I should go look for a part time job but guess what, I'm so not interested in working and most probably I'm such a lazy ass. I'd rather spend my sweet time finishing up games and practising guitar. To neutralize my sheer laziness, I'll do more house chores. Brilliant. (9 more days to FF Dissidia... I'll be on cloud nine)

Actually, the sole purpose of updating the blog is to do the Choong Yang's tag since he insisted and I'm also still a tad attached to the blog. It wouldn't be nice for the blog to have such a pathetic death.

1.What kind of song you usually listen to?
Mostly rock, metal and soundtracks.

2.Name 10 of your favourite singers(Solo/Band)
1. Gazette
2. L'Arc~en~Ciel
3. Dir en grey
4. Nobuo Uematsu
5. Jason Mraz
6. John Mayer
7. B'z
8. Nightwish
9. Marilyn Manson
10. Avenged Sevenfold

3.What makes you like a song.
Music comes first. Then vocals and lyrics.

4.Most favourite clubbing songs.
Don't go clubbing but I might change my mind if they start playing some REAL MUSIC.

5.Other than english songs, do you listen to song in other language?
Japanese, korean, russian, chinese, malay, german?

6.Do you listen to chinese songs?
Not much except for Jay Chou and Jacky Cheung and Beyond.

7.Open your player and press next until it goes to a chinese song and write it down.
All of my chinese songs are on my external and I think the person who made this quiz loves chinese songs. What's with all these "chinese songs" questions?

8.Do you know what is the meaning of the song ?

9.Do you like the song?
Pointless question.

10.Press next again , write down the song .
Next song.. Nightmare - Raison d'etre

11.Do you buy original album or download songs illegally..
I do TRY to get original albums but Malaysia doesn't import those albums that I want, or most shops just love selling bloody bootlegs.

12.Based on question 2, according to the list name the your favourite song sang by the singer/band.
1. Baretta (drum solo, bass solo, guitar solo...all in one!)
2. Honey
3. Filth
4. Jenova , the AC version because it has kick ass electric guitar.
5. Plane
6. Neon , the acoustic version.
7. Motel
8. She is My Sin
9. Lunch box
10. A Little Piece of Heaven

13.Now tag 10 friends of yours.
Not interested.

14.Hard Part, find a song for each of them.

15.Last Question. Dedicate a song to all.
Rascal Flatts - What Hurts the Most
(because I'm currently listening to this and I think it's so easy to listen to)

Fuh, that wasn't as easy as I expected it to be.

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