Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Adverse Habit

Something horrible happened to me today.
Before this, my BM teacher has already complained about me many times regarding my dozing off habit in class. It's really not my fault. I've been putting in effort. For example if I have BM on Wednesday, I'll sleep earlier on Tuesday, which is around 12 plus. Latest 1. See? Much improvement. Unfortunately, I still fail. I keep dozing off during her lessons. Most probably it's because I just don't like that language. No love for that language or maybe it's because her lessons are just plain boring.

So today we were discussing the literature aspects of 'Syair Jong Pecah'. Another dull poem. Since when those poems are interesting anyway? Of course, as usual, I was really sleepy and tired. My eyes were half way closed. Tried to fight the sleepiness but in the end I failed. Yeah, I know I'm pathetic. Well, I practically survived the 2 bloody periods but twenty minutes before the lesson ended, I fell asleep. It just happened. It was so fast that I didn't realize it. I was sitting up straight to prevent myself from falling asleep. Surprisingly, I could still doze off that easily. Teacher suddenly yelled my name. I immediately woke up and knew I'm gonna 'get it' from her.

Sure enough, she started to grumble grumble grumble non stop for like 10 minutes I think? It felt shitty. Literally. Imagine, the teacher purposely stopped teaching just to complain and grumble about you? It was embarrassing and at the same time, I felt bad for wasting other students' time.

Here's what she said. I tried so hard not to laugh when she was grumbling. Fuh, luckily she didn't see my stupid face.

"Cikgu pun tak tahu lah apa yang sudah jadi pada kamu ni Crystal. Tahun lepas, cikgu amat bangga dengan Crystal kerana cikgu berharap Crystal boleh menjadi kebanggaan kelas V3. Kalau orang tidak baik masa tingkatan 4, mereka akan jadi lebih baik semasa tingkatan 5. Kamu ni memang berbeza. Semakin besar semakin teruk. Cikgu pun tak tahu lah. Kamu tahu apa yang cikgu nampak? Tahun ini, Choon Yin lagi bersemangat daripada kamu. (fuck, as if, she was so busy sleeping during other subjects) Kamu ni lagi teruk daripada dia.

Cikgu sedang ajar di sini dan kamu pula buat muka boring. Cikgu pun tahu kecil hati. Cikgu cuba memberikan pendidikan dan kamu pula buat muka boring macam ilmu yang cikgu beri tidak bernilai. Kalau sudah pandai sangat dan tiada minat untuk mendengar, keluar lah dari kelas. Cikgu memang beri kebenaran. Cikgu lagi suka ajar pelajar yang bodoh tetap ingin mendengar daripada pelajar yang pandai tetap tidak ingin mendengar."

She talked about those points over and over again for practically 10 minutes. Then she stopped teaching. Apparently, she's not in the mood to teach anymore. Reasons why I felt shitty :

  1. Her eyes were red, as if she wanted to cry or maybe she was too pissed.
  2. She refused to continue explaining to the class because of what I did. I mean, she stopped teaching, like totally what the fuck? Haha.
  3. I don't know how to face her the next time I see her.
  4. Should I apologize? I really think that I did nothing wrong. Seriously, I've tried not to doze off okay. It's your problem if you refuse to believe that I TRIED.
In order to stop making me feel bad, my desk mate said I'm just the unlucky one because she's sure that many other students showed the boring face too. She said, "She has been teaching for so many years. I thought she should be used to seeing those boring faces by now?".

Okay, so now I'm supposed to try really hard to score my BM paper so that she won't have any bloody chance to talk bad about me anymore. Sigh, life becomes so miserable because of my little habit of falling asleep. *yawns*

Whatever. Like I really give a damn. I'm too happy nowadays to pay attention to all these trivial matters. They won't affect my great mood. *grins* Tomorrow will be Labour's Day. Damn, if only exams were over by now then I could be playing guitar the whole day or loiter at the mall.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Being Tagged Is Something Good When You're Bored

15 Random Things About Me

RULES:Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs!

  1. I didn't wanna go to school when I was in Std 3 because my form teacher said she wants me to say out the names of all the teachers in Primary RPS. Actually I was too scared. That's why. In the end, my mom phoned her to solve the whole thing. In case you're wondering who is that crazy ass teacher, Miss Irene.
  2. I can sing and rap the whole day when I was in primary school. Mostly Eminem's and Linkin Park's songs. I don't know why but I no longer have the guts to do that.
  3. I'm very attracted to people who can play instruments, especially traditional instruments.
  4. Sometimes when I don't talk or when I reply with short answers and refuse to look at you when you're telling me something, it's because I'm too lazy to open my mouth or not in the mood for talking. It happens every day, during certain time of the day. Just don't ask why because I don't know.
  5. I used to argue a lot with my mom every day when I was a kid because I didn't wanna wear skirt.
  6. I learned organ before and I cried every time when my mom wanted me to practise.
  7. I've tried smoking before in a form 3 class during stayback. (no, I'm not a smoker anymore)
  8. I enjoy being left alone at home because I can do whatever I want, which includes walking around naked (I'm just kidding), singing loudly, etc.
  9. Even though I know I won't wake up at 4 to study, I'll still set my alarm at 4. This helps because I can go to bed without feeling so guilty.
  10. My fingers are toes are all very weird. Some said they're too crooked. Some said they look like demon's fingers. Some said they look like alien's. I don't care because I love my fingers a lot. I'm very grateful for having them. Haha.
  11. 95% of the people I know wouldn't believe the fact that I'm shy. Great. Means I'm good at acting.
  12. I do enjoy eating petai but I try my best to avoid them because of the bad breath thing.
  13. I'm afraid of things which has many mini circles or holes, like certain chorals. They're scary and disgusting. There was once I forced my mom not to buy a carpet with those type of design.
  14. I used to watch tv the whole day when I was a kid. I can watch whatever programs as long as they're in English or Canto. Now I hardly touch the tv.
  15. I get scared when I see people crying during worships. You know, especially during really slow and sad songs. I know it's very the perfectly normal for them to cry but I'm just scared.
Meh, not gonna tag anyone. You can do it if you want. Haha.

I don't understand how can people be so free. For instance, 'Anda' actually called so many students to the physics lab just because of a word written or scribbled on one of the tables. To be more precise, it's the place I'm sitting at. Well, she summoned me, and two of my other friends. We were told to stand at the place we sit. Then she asked who scribble on the table. Obviously no one admitted. Who's that silly? Oh well, they're innocent anyway. She kept asking and you know what, I felt like laughing when she opened her mouth and asked. She was so so amusing. I couldn't help but kept laughing. This explains why I laughed even when I was cleaning the stain. Fortunately she didn't give me a slap on the face. She said that she'll punish the whole class if we don't wanna admit so in the end we admitted. She blamed me because I sat in the middle and the word was scribbled on the middle part of the table. Therefore I cleaned the table with a cloth. Actually she's just making a huge fuss out of something small. Trivial matters. The girls sitting there could've erased that word with an eraser. Stupid. Now I'm compelled to stay back on Monday to help the lab assistant clean the tables. That'll be my punishment. In case you're wondering whether I scribbled or not, yes I did scribble that word. I scribbled 'Fag'. Haha, but it was last week. The girls realized it this week. 'SLOW'.

My beloved desk mate finally came to school today! I bet everyone was very elated when they saw her especially her fans. There was this form one girl jumping up and down, screaming, telling me how happy she is because my great desk mate is finally present. Then, someone in my class *coughs* *coughs* youknowwho was so helpful, thoughtful and sweet to her. Basically she did everything that I could've done for her as her desk mate. She wrote those Malay poems that will be coming out for mid term on a piece of paper and she passed it to Leong. Later during the day, she told an Indian girl to tell Leong that she actually needs to do the index for the BM essay file. Meh, saves all my energy and time. Friend, please be grateful that you have a person who cares for you so much. I'm jealous, very. For those readers who have no idea how thoughtful she is, she even arranged Leong's books when Leong was absent.

Teacher told me that I have to take the Accounts paper for my mid terms. I was like, What the fuck? Utterly scary. I don't even have sufficient time for my current subjects and now she's telling me that I need to sit for Accounts. Apparently, the marks for that stupid paper will be counted for the positioning too. This is so shitty. They should've told me earlier. Then at least I would be more prepared. To be frank, now I'm zero prepared. Actually I can imagine how much that paper will pull down my overall performance. Lame. I'm thinking of skipping school that day so I can get a 'TAK HADIR' instead. Much better than getting a D but my form teacher keeps telling me that I should take that paper. So yeah, most probably in the end I'll sit for that paper. Somehow she always manages to persuade me to do something. Damn. Just my luck. I'm getting very sick of studying nowadays. Thick books make me sleepy and I can't help getting distracted whenever I study. Someone give me my drug.

That day during English lesson, Pn. Mahinder said something funny. Or maybe it's not funny but then again, I don't really have any sense of humor. Whatever. There was this weird noise coming from behind of the class. Something like a ghost + water type of sound.

Teacher : What sound is that?
Us : The water source from outside or maybe from that tap.
Teacher : You people are already very weird and yet the tap is weirder than you people.

I was laughing so loudly. Never mind. Most probably it's because I'm in such a good mood these days.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Egg God

Egg God because like what my mom said, I eat too much eggs nowadays. Well, according to what I read from the net, the health experts say it's perfectly normal and okay to eat an egg per day. Eggs are good, great source of protein, bla bla bla. Yeah, so I told my mom that. She said not to argue with her because she's much more experienced and she's an adult. Oh okay. *swt look*

FYI, I'm a Custard and Egg Tart addict. There was once I ate four egg tarts for recess. Anyway this moring mom purposely took me to Kampung Simee's market just to buy the egg tarts. Few days back she was already telling me how super scrumptious they are. Since it was our first time there, we had to ask those ladies there where's the shop. There were too many shops selling pastries and so on. In the end we managed to find the shop but we had to wait for around 15 - 20 minutes because the guy went back to his house to get the last batch of egg tarts. Right, they were all fresh from the oven! They were so many aunties and 'ah po-s' queuing up for the egg tarts. Besides egg tarts, they sell many types of pastries too. I think most probably their other pastries are good because some uncle bought many. Scary. People who are crazy of pastries are always scary. Haha. They have this ability to eat a lot in one shot. *coughs* I think my mom has that ability and one of my friends has that ability too. Do you people know which friend I'm talking about? =D

One word to describe them. Heavenly. The egg is really smooth and it isn't too sweet. It melts in your mouth~ and the pastry is better than many place. In fact, I think these egg tarts are so far the best in Ipoh. Yes, they even beat Ming Kok's and Kao Lee's. In case anyone of you wants to buy these heavenly tarts, the name of the shop is Choy Kee Biscuit shop.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Do Not If It Offends You

Abalone noodles!

Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms.

I think those instant noodles are the best instant noodles I've eaten so far.

Title. Yeah, if it offends you then don't read it. I'm referring to the blog. Some people are actually quite offended by what I write here. Like what I wrote on the left side of this page, sometimes I write without thinking properly. Yeah, so if you don't like then don't read. Nobody's forcing you right? So why wanna torture yourself? Haha.

This week started off really great until, dum dum dum, my beloved desk mate Leong Qianyun had a so called stomach ache on Tuesday late morning. She was so friggin pale. Didn't see her that pale before even though she's quite pale on usual days, lol, please don't hit me. It was really scary. Another girl in my class was sick too but since she's in St. John's, she tried helping out by helping my desk mate wipe off the sweat and so on. She was sick and yet she tried to help out. Owh, how touching~ and she was giving so much great advice. Unfortunately the advice she gave contradicted the teacher's advice so in the end of course I followed my class teacher's advice. Leong went home before school ended. Her dad came to fetch her. She was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night if I'm not wrong. Don't even think of visiting her because she's at home now, getting good rest. GET WELL SOON PLEASE. No, wait, GET WELL ASAP. Somebody from our class actually got so worried and restless when she heard Leong got appendix.

On Monday during BM lesson :

Her : Dalam kelas ini ada beberapa kategori orang. Pertama, orang yang aktif menjawab, kedua orang yang tak akan menjawab kerana takut orang lebih pandai dari dia dan ketiga, orang yang terlalu malas untuk menjawab. Crystal dalam kelas kedua.
Me : *pretends not to hear and looks at Leong*
Her : Dia tak tahu kalau dia kongsi ilmu dengan orang lain, dia akan jadi lebih pandai. Dia takut kalau dia kongsi idea dia, orang lain lebih pandai dari dia. Sebagai contoh, dia takut Qianyun lebih pandai daripada dia kalau dia menjawab soalan cikgu. *goes on and on about the same point*
Me : *laughs and continues doing my work*

Eesh, I hate it when she says that. She has been saying that since last year. Excuse me? I'm not kedekut ilmu or whatever you wanna label me. I'm just not that smart to give you brilliant ideas and I'm not that smart to answer your every single question. I think you should actually categorize me under group 3 because those who know me knows for sure I'm such a lazy ass who hates answering questions. It's boring. I rather complete the work you gave me. Sue me. =D

Sunday, April 13, 2008

'Productive' Sunday

Right after cooking.

Served on a not so nice plate.

A closer view.

Hehe, want some?


Not so clear but it's actually bacon and white button mushroom.

Mom thought me how to cook Carbonara today. Wanted to use green pasta but since mom bought spaghetti, we used spaghetti. Not so good. I think Conchiglie or Farfalle would taste better. One of my all time favorites. Actually to be precise, my dad thought me because she purposely phoned him to get the recipe. Anyway it was really fun and quite easy. Most importantly, it tastes great great great! Yeah and it's so fattening. Shouldn't be feeling bad since I don't eat it always. Haha.

Eesh, mom argued with grandpa this morning. He was complaining a lot about insufficient money. Doh, the usual thing. My mom does give him an adequate amount of money. He was just whining too much. Well, he has been whining since ages ago. Mom couldn't stand it this morning so they argued. What the heck, now he refuses to fetch me anymore so I'm having some transport problems. Apparently I'll need to stay back in school everyday until 5 in the evening, then my mom will pick me up straight after her work. Going to tuitions will be a tad tough. I'll have to take a bus on thursday or tuesday. Still haven't decided yet which one to go for Accounts. For my Friday BM tuition, mom will ask her uncle who is a taxi driver to fetch. Mehhhh, my time will be so fucked from this week onwards. This means I'll be spending most of my time in school. I so hate this. Ugh. How can a grandpa actually treats his daughter or grand daughter like that? So 'fan gam'. Diu.

Before the argument, grandpa said he'll pay me 100 bucks per month for helping him mop the house and wipe the windows twice per month. Since the argument this time was quite serious, I think I won't have that job anymore. How pathetic. I'm saving for a PSP or maybe I'd save a bit more for a slim version of it. Could anyone kindly suggest me any easy jobs? =D

Spare some time to watch this, a live performance of Space Dementia by Muse :

The song is just perfect. Scarily beautiful pianos. I would say the song is really orgasmic. *coughs*

"You Make Me Sick Because I Adore You So".

Friday, April 11, 2008


Looks like ice-cream.

You can actually smell butter, nice.

A closer view. Look at the texture.


Mom brought those yam cookies, biscuits, cakes, whatever you like to call them back from office. Apparently a client brought them all the way from Taiwan so they're fresh. Nice. The packing is really pretty. I actually thought it's a cake with yam ice-cream inside. I was wrong. Anyway when we removed the cover, the smell of butter was just so strong. Lovely. I like the smell of butter. Haha. These weird little cakes actually taste pretty good. They're not too sweet. Just right. The filling is a little sticky, hard to describe. Awesome stuff.

Anyway this week was great even though some stupid people tried to ruin my week by speaking nonsense. Right, everything which comes out from your mouth is total rubbish. I can't believe you actually said this, "tengok lah, saya tak takut mereka tengok". Wtf? Who wants you to be afraid? You wouldn't believe how much you amuse me.

Many teachers weren't here this week. Good news for students. Most were on MC. Some went for meetings. Our Maths teacher was on MC for two days. When she came back to school, she was spotted crying when talking to Mrs Lee. We were all assuming why she cried. Haha, one of my really mean classmates actually assumed that her husband went to find another woman. You're so friggin mean. I did some research and someone told me that her sons most probably got the dengue. Poor woman. A mom's love for her children. Ahh. Well, she actually told other class about her problem but not our class. Don't you think it's kind of pathetic and funny? Maybe she thinks 5V3's students are so heartless and cold? Therefore it would make no difference sharing her problems with us. Never mind. 4Sc2 actually sang and wrote messages to her. Apparently she practically broke down and cried. Such wonderful and caring students. If only our class has got 1% of that kind of love for teachers. Haha, so so so pathetic for us. Hopefully her children will be fine though. Teacher, be strong! =D

I personally think this is kind of hard to read. Don't you people think so? Originally written on a desk with liquid paper. Lame. Lol.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Craving for Custard

" I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted~"

We got free MILO TODAY! Each of us were given 2 packs. Crystal hearts MILO! Drank one pack. Then while I was helping Foong Vai carrying her stuff, she rewarded me with one pack. Lol, I actually walked back to class happily with that pack of Milo. Crystal was grinning like some little kid. Swt. Then actually someone tried to hide my Milo but failed badly. Someone should polish up their hiding skills. Lame. Hehe. =p

Regarding what happened during BM lesson today, I was half pissed and half happy. I'll tell you people why. Those silly busybodies didn't finish the work given to them since last week. Great, so I thought they'd get punished by teacher. Me and my desk mate were laughing so hard. It was so effing difficult for us to hide our laughter. Luckily teacher didn't spot us. Anyway we were so looking forward to them being punished and scolded. Instead of that, you know what happened? Our respective teacher only grumbled awhile and told them that they should present their given task this coming Wednesday. Me and my desk mate were like WTF?! Is she fucking racist or what? Last week when both of my chinese friends couldn't finish the given task, she scolded them like shit and told them to stand by the class's entrance. That's utterly unfair. What the hell lah. We were cursing like no tomorrow. I bet she didn't say much because she just love those busybodies so much. They're really active students. I remember once she said that she loves active students who actually communicates with teachers. Blah.

What I'm trying to say is, if you busybodies are so free to talk bad about people, why can't you even spend some of your time on the given task? Stupid. If you think by doing so you can succeed and be a better person in life, you're oh so wrong. In order to succeed in life, you shouldn't pick on other people. Look at yourself. Get yourself a bloody mirror if you don't have one. I present you assholes this, this is your first baby step :

Haha, anyway my mom dragged me to BEC's dinner. Even dad came along. Uhm, it's actually some christian community dinner thingy. I guess it wasn't that bad but it was really friggin' boring. I should've brought a book then I wouldn't be wasting so much time there daydreaming and complaining to my parents. We spent 3 hours there, Florex Restaurant. It was freezing like hell in there and my skin is so much drier now thanks to the bloody air cond. The food was average only, edible and there wasn't any dessert. EWW??!! How can people actually serve dinner without dessert? DAP was having this thanksgiving dinner on the ground floor of the restaurant. Too bad Lim Kit Siang wasn't there. I felt so weird there, like I'm so unholy. HAHA. What the heck, never mind. *coughs*

People, please watch this video :

Jason Mraz is so effing awesome, his live performance does him a lot of justice. He sounds fantastic live.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Again and Again

Since someone accused me of not updating my blog just because my so called girlfriend is in KL, I'll purposely simply post some nonsense today. Btw, don't label people as girlfriend anymore lah, I don't wanna get beaten up by her new boyfriend okay. *swt*

Mom went down to KL on Friday. So Ken-Ann and Foong Vai actually wanted to sleep over at my place. The main purpose is to do a cover of Umbrella. Me and Ken Ann were quite enthusiastic about the whole thing. When I asked my mom on Friday night, she said no, another time, etc etc. Sigh~ I don't see anything wrong with people coming over to sleep and sing. She said they can come another time when she's around. Actually I think she thinks if she's not here, we'll be up to something no good. I don't even wanna know or imagine what's the 'no good'. Fine then. There goes my Saturday. I guess the Umbrella cover has gotta wait till another time.

So Ken-Ann and I were supposed to go out today, either JJ or Parade. See see, plan failed again because I have no transport. My beloved grandpa will be going to some faraway place with his friends to have seafood. He'll be back late in the evening. How saddening is that. One failure after another. I'm so gonna rot to death at home today. Well, not exactly but I'm really in the mood to go out instead of staying at home.

Anyway I'm starting to detest some people in my class. They're too busybody and they need to get a fucking life. Really. Instead of poking your nose into other people's business and private life, you should find something better to do. If you're so free to do all this shit, I don't see why you can't spend more time on your studies instead. Improve your bloody grades. Then maybe you can even write a proper letter to complain. Your mouth is just so big huh and your brain is so big? That's why you just like to exaggerate whatever you see? You people disgust me so so so much. If you're so bloody holy, you wouldn't go around talking about people. So called holy and faithful. My ass. Everyone has their limit. Like someone said, maybe she'll see herself in a fight or argument with her classmate. From the moment you people did something so foolish, I feel like throwing up every time I see you people. Yeah, therefore I'll really like to present you idiots this :

Have a nice day assholes. Pfft~

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Selamat Menyambut Hari April Bodoh~

Happy April's Fool day to everyone! Hope you all had fun being pranked by your friends and family~ Only 2 people tried pranking me. Unfortunately, both of them failed badly. First one, my classmate, Mey Yee. She sent me a text msg, something like this :

"I'm Mey Yee's brother. This afternoon, my sis got knocked by a car. She's now in Hospital Besar. I need your help to inform her other friends to visit her too".

I don't know why but it really sounded like a joke to me. Wasn't convinced. Well, what the second person did isn't that important because she failed badly too so won't post it up here. What I'm trying to say is, this year's April's Fool day is just like another ordinary day. No fun. Crap.

Anyway went for the PNB Quiz today. Chin, Dawn and I were quite excited about the whole thing. Apparently, Chin was busy watching Korean series last night so she ended up not revising much. Of course deep down in your hearts we all know that she does well in all these kinda things even though she slacks. May I say she's quite gifted? Lol. I didn't revise accounts at all, so I'm lucky because there weren't many accounts questions.

Loved the weather today. We arrived at the Gunung Rapat school at 9. Registration started at 9.30 and the quiz started at 9.45. As usual, there were so little chinese people there. Could somebody explain to me why is it that Malays are more involved in these competitions? I'm not trying to be a racist or whatever. Just being curious. I'd be glad if someone could really give me a logical explanation. There were only 2 or 3 teams of chinese girls. Fortunately, the questions weren't that hard compared to the previous years'. Results will be announced in May so I really hope we'll qualify. Once again, please pray for us!

We were given Nasi Lemak right after the quiz. Crystal Lam was so friggin famished. Lol. Nobody ate except for me. Well, I ate the cucumber and eggs only. Cik Hasnoridah teacher said some teacher from other school commented, "lapar betul pelajar itu, kesian". *sweat* Had McDonald's after that. Cik Hasnoridah treated us! Best thing of all, I got to skip every subject today except for History. Sweet. =D

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