Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Than You, More Than You Know

Addicted to fried crabsticks. Half remaining after I updated.

CNY is just around the corner.
In other words, it's the time to get fat. =)

The rain was soooo heavy today. At some point I wished those trees will fall, like what happened last time. I'm not sick. I just wanna experience it. You know, the chaos and all. Haha, I bet it'll be really interesting. Too bad they didn't but the field was practically flooded. So were the drains. The cars couldn't see the drains. Most of them nearly got stuck (including my grandpa). Fortunately there was a group of juniors telling the drivers by using sign language to stop moving. The traffic sucked. To play safe, I won't write why here but some people should be more considerate by moving their car aside for others. Thanks to one car, everyone can't move. Such a bloody waste of time. When I was on my way back home, water entered grandpa's car. Total fun. My first experience.

Wouldn't have stayed if I knew it was gonna rain so heavily. We wasted practically one hour. Did nothing. Stared at people. Talked. Slacked.

Anyway today is Hyde's birthday!


The organizer, Kar Yen tarik diri during last minute. Funny. I met her at the toilet. She asked me so many times whether I really wanna do it. I was like of course, it's your plan. Lol. Anyway we didn't do it in the end because she thinks it's really pai seh. *shakes head*

I'm in a good mood now and hence the post title. =DDDDD
Seriously, I hope you really mean everything you say because Crystal can't take jokes.
Copied the title from Daughtry's Over You. I'm currently addicted to that song. Strong vocals and it's fun to sing along. Scream your lungs out. Might be doing a cover of it later after I get a new mic.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Monday, during maths :

Teacher : We call this graph parabola. So what is this ? *points at another graph*
Me : Straight Bola?
Deskmate : *laughs*
Me : *swt*

Oh, most probably you won't get it. Just felt like writing it because it made me felt so silly.

My mom is so funny. She questions me for everything I do. Most probably she's so not used to seeing me do those things. Well, can't blame her because she wasn't here for weeks. It's a tad frustrating sometimes when she keeps asking why , suspecting this and that. She even suspected crap when I took my 'night nap'.

Tomorrow's Thaipusam, holiday. It'll really be great if Wednesday is an off day for us every week. Utterly sweet. Mom actually asked me whether I wanna go for shopping tomorrow. I rejected her. Lol. I don't really have the mood these days. Moreover, I'm experiencing fatigue. Would like to sleep in.

Leong is so blur nowadays. On monday, she actually said Selamat Sejahtera instead of Terima Kasih Cikgu when the lesson ended. We laughed at her. Poor Leong. Anyway she's the President for the what... uh Ketua Tingkatan Board? Sorry, I don't know what's the exact name for that board. Congrats to her! I'm actually kinda excited for her. Strange.

Filled in SPM form today. Ticked Accounts. There is no turning back now. I'm really compelled to take accounts. Good for you Crystal. Make sure you get at least a B for SPM. *swt*

I'm famished.
This will be my supper.

Cute cookie, thanks to Aunty Mei.

I didn't lie! I updated! *mumbles*
Hey today's a great day! Really! *laughs*

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Compelled to Update *coughs*

Hyde , January birthday boy.. did I just write boy?

According to Kar Yen, Hyde's birthday will be on the 29th of January which is Tuesday! I guess she really loves him a lot because she came up with a really cool plan to uh "celebrate" his birthday in school. She said those interested will gather around a table in the canteen and sing a birthday song in Jap. I think it's really fun if this plan really works out because I might get to know more jrock fans from MGS. The problem we're facing now is we can't find people who are really interested. Current people involved are Kar Yen herself, Audrey and me. So could someone please help us to spread the word? Audrey said she'll ask Yee San. I'll be asking Chin Hui.

For those who don't have a damn idea who Hyde is, he's the super hot vocalist from (IMHO) one of Japan's greatest rock bands, L'Arc~en~Ciel. He'll be turning 39 this year but wtf, he still looks effing young. In fact, he's looking better and better!

Crystal is really ecstatic! Well, thanks to someone. Really, thank you for making me so overjoyed practically every night before I sleep.

Went for breakfast at Ming Kok. Is that how you spell it? Damn, never mind. Mom said I ate like a swine. I was chewing something and at the same time I was taking other food. Lol, mom you can't blame me for that because your daughter here hasn't eaten dim sum for weeks! Unfortunately, they said they are no egg tarts available. Then went for lunch at Kong Heng. That was when my mood screwed up. Their custards were sold out! Can you believe it!? I went there at 12 plus and they're telling me they've sold out. I actually sulked when the woman said no more custards left. Mom scolded me for showing 'a black face'. What? So? I can be a total pain in the ass when it comes to food. Well after dinner dad fetched us to two different dim sum shops to get custard and egg tart. You people have no idea how blissful I was after eating them.

Bumped into Uncle Tim, Aunty Christine, Lai Yee, and Joyce (sorry, I've forgotten your chinese name) at Econsave. Such a small world. Dad told me he bumped into Uncle Tim when he was in KL too. Haha.

Mom told me she's a tad excited because she'll be going back to work after 3 weeks of rest. I laughed at her. She said it's like how students feel before school reopens.

Video of the Day :

Laugh your ass off if you can understand the lyrics.
It'll be much funnier if you know the song. They totally spoiled it! In a good way of course.
It's really vulgar though. Enjoy. =)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Screwed Up

Song of the Week :
McFly - All About You

Don't know why but suddenly I'm into their music again.
I guess their music really suit my current weird mood. I can still remember how much I listened my first McFly song, She Left Me. Back then I was facing similar problems too. Funny.
Anyway this song is really happy compared to She Left Me. Direct and sweet lyrics. I so wanna play and sing this song to someone. *swt*

" and i would answer all your wishes if you ask me to.."

Good morning people, I just woke up like half an hour ago which is around 1 in the morning. Well actually it has been really tiring for me lately due to my not so healthy sleeping patterns. Anyway after tuition, me and FV went to L's House so it was really tiring after that. Then went for dinner. Got home, played guitar awhile. After that which is around 10 plus I told myself that I'll just nap for 30 minutes. What happened? I switched off my alarm thrice. Goodness, that's how I ended up here writing this.

Shit, my eyes are swollen and I'm actually hungry. Ate 'guilingao'. Omg, it's really nice. Or maybe it's because I haven't eaten that for years. I'm still hungry. What am I supposed to do? Damn, should have woke up earlier. She went off. She actually msn-ed me a few minutes after I went to sleep. Cruel fate or bad timing? Bah, never mind.

Now I'll do some crap and go to sleep at 3 if I can stand it.
Honestly, I'm still tired. *laughs*
Good night.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nothing to Post

Currently addicted to this song.
An incredibly beautiful and heart wrenching song. The guitars during the last few minutes of the song makes it even sadder.

" Was I too close for comfort
You're pushing me out
When I'm wanting in~"

Actually I have nothing much to post but the blog looks super weird without any posts. Therefore I'm just gonna crap something up. Just got home from night market and Foong Vai's friend's restaurant. I'm so bloated thanks to Foong Vai. Food food food. I owe you so much. *huge swt* Anyway I seriously need to thank her for bringing me out!

Oh yeah, mom phoned just now. Apparently she doesn't need to go for chemotherapy. Doctor said she's fine with the radiotherapy. We're all really happy because she wouldn't need to suffer so much. She'll be getting back to work this monday. Parents will be coming back tomorrow with donuts if I'm not wrong. I'm so looking forward to my lovely donuts. xD so I guess I won't be that free anymore after this week. Mom will be back and I can't stay up so late anymore. That's the downside of the whole thing but I'm really elated because she'll be back! YAY!

Crystal is so gifted in wasting time! I got home at 11 plus, chatted chatted chatted until 12 something. Oh, wait it's almost one. Alright I'm finally gonna force myself to do the homework. Don't know why but I'm getting lazier these days.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Am I wasting my time?

Title says it all.

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