Monday, November 16, 2009

fatt choi mao my ass

Was having dinner with relatives last night and I got attacked by a stray cat! Cats are incredibly pretentious. I'm not kidding. They act all cute and innocent, then they'll suddenly go nuts and ambush you. I couldn't even eat in peace. The cat was literally stalking me the whole night while I was in the restaurant. In the end it got so full of itself and it took over my chair. Thanks to that I had to stand for about 15 minutes.

Oh, Mix FM played FYI today. I got so happy and I virtually shouted in the car. As usual, my mom gave me a big swt look and continued driving and also as usual, she took the chance to annoy me by purposely saying Yuutada instead of Ootada. Anyways I didn't expect them to play that song.

Started playing FFI today since I've already finished GTA CTW. Such beautiful music and the so called 8 bit characters look damn adorable. Hopefully I won't get addicted since I need to finish 3 4 assignments by this week. Oh Kami-sama.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

can i play with madness?

Much has been happening recently. Had 2 practical programming assessments immediately the week after mid terms; thus, no time for me to even take a break. Dear lecturers were right when they said semester 2 is actually a run in the park. Fortunately I did not take Moral. Else it would be a sprint in the park.

Something must have fallen on my dad's head last Sunday because he finally helped me to drill the holes for the curtain bars and pin up board. I'm actually loving how the black, red and white blend together so perfectly, especially when my room is green in color. In other words, the bond between me and my bedroom is getting stronger. Heck, what comes out of my mouth these days is getting weirder. I wonder why. Must be excessive consumption of caffeine.

Found out something funny from Mey today. Apparently a few of my college friends on my MSN contact list think that I'm the person in the display picture that I use. They even said I look cute in the picture. I LOL-ed badly. Seriously. It's really comical but then again it's a tad depressing. Shows how much people pay attention to my face. They can't even differentiate the features on my face. *inserts crying emoticon* Guess I'll change my display picture to something which looks more celebrity-like.

Despite the shitload of assignments given, I still have time to catch up with the latest PSP games. For instance, GTA : China Town Wars. Good Lord, I utterly adore this game. I'm addicted to it. The old school top down camera view is wonderful! I don't comprehend people who thinks that just because the camera view is top down, the graphics are 2-D. How dense. The retro camera view makes the game so much enjoyable. There are so many mini games or side missions to be done including drugs dealing. Talk about the immensely 'good' influence that video games have on children these days. The best part of this game is-it revolves around chinese people. Hell yeah, asians rock. I'm so glad Rockstar decided to make this game. Chinese people can really kick ass. There's even a radio station which plays traditional chinese music which are played using instruments like Gu Zheng.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

blues in the velvet room

Covered this after being so inspired and motivated by Mr. Meguro.

the wonders of cgi movies

To let our hair down after mid terms, Eric and I went to watch (3D) Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Unfortunately a few people were too busy to join us *coughs*coughs*. Great movie indeed! How can you actually hate a movie which revolves around food? (Especially when they look as if they fall in front of you!) Okay, maybe not so much around food but you still get to see an influx of food throughout the movie. Cheeseburgers, eggs, bacons, toasts, sausages, ice-cream, gummy bears, jelly beans, steaks, pizzas, meatballs, spaghetti and JELLY and Sardines of course. I was a tad disappointed because there aren't many meatballs after all. Meatballs only came down during the second half of the movie, and they're gigantic. There is of course a moral value behind this food story thing, which I find kinda okay, maybe it's redundant but still okay. If someone were to ask me the best food in the movie, I'd say the JELLO land! I'd die from happiness if I lived there. Die from obesity as well since I'll be consuming jelly every day. Quite a nice way to die ey? 2 awesome CGI movies will be coming soon during these 2 months; namely, Astro Boy and Avatar. Those two are must watch and I hope they don't screw up Astro Boy since it's a classic! It'd be a shame if they do so. I'm already spotting many Astro Boy merchandises in One U.

And before I forget, something funny happened during the first day of mid terms. Eric and I were sitting beside each other but with an unused PC in between us because that's how it should be during examinations. All of a sudden, the lecturer asked us not so sit together lest we will argue in the middle of the exam. I was like, uh, okay... do you think we're that immature to suddenly argue and throw insults at each other in the middle of an exam? Lecturers nowadays can be so funny.

I've also managed to get my hands on an "okay" qualtiy version of Persona Music Live. It's fucking amazing. Seriously. I kept getting goosebumps throughout the whole video except for one song by Nana Kitaide which was extremely disastrous. She sings worse than me so you can kinda get the idea how terrible she is. As if that's not enough to make me go EWW, she was wearing some kinda pyjamas-like attire with lace! To be more precise, it actually looks like a night gown! Let's not digress from the awesomeness of the video per se. It was an electrifying experience seeing the sound producer/composer of the SMT series rocking on his guitar for practically 2 hours. The other bands members are pretty good too. To my surprise, all the female vocalists did really well except for Nana. (boo to her even though she has a quite an okay face) All the songs sound exactly like what I've heard when I'm inside the game except that they made a lot of improvisations, which means more piano, saxophone and guitar solos! Now if only I can find the original DVD for this in Malaysia. Checked on YesAsia and it costs around RM 175++.

Anyhow I was looking forward to a laid back Sunday where I can just spend my whole afternoon finishing my games and playing the guitar. Unfortunately my parents just love going out on weekends. This can be pretty annoying when you already have everything planned beforehand so I guess this will just be another boring Sunday. Go out and look at the people. Immensely huge crowds making noise, colliding against each other as if the words hygiene and mannerism don't exist at all in their damn vocabulary.

Monday, October 19, 2009

new addiction = onmyouza

Forsook my blog for at least 2 weeks if I'm not wrong. Well, I was too caught up in watching a few Yuri series such as Kannazuki no Miko and Aoi Hana (both worth checking out because they're the best Yuri I've watched so far, lol) and also playing SMT : Persona for the PSP. It's basically a remake of Persona : Revelations which was released years ago on the PSX platform. Old school dark JRPG! I'm loving the game so much. It has 4 endings, simply amazing. The best way to waste hours of my life away. Actually, I'm kinda tempted to get the original version since it comes with the soundtrack as well and since Shoji Meguro is one of my favorite video game composers, I wouldn't mind having the original OST but then again P3P will be coming out next year. Maybe I should save my money for that instead because I'm pretty damn sure P3P will be fucking epic. STOKED.

Mid term exams are this week, on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Notice the break between Monday and Thursday? Not that I'm complaining about it but I think it's a tad weird. This might encourage some students to slack rather than study. It's hard to focus on studies for such a long period of time. And I screwed up C together. Have got to make sure I don't do the same for Visual Basic. Depression awaits me if something similar happens again. I've just realized today that I can get affected by exams. Maybe times has changed or maybe I was like that all along. Sometimes I don't give a damn even if my results are incredibly ugly looking but sometimes I end up getting super troubled by my results even though they are not very bad. Weird. OR maybe I'm really getting weirder each day. Some sort of phase?

Speaking of which, I've also been quite inspired lately to try coming up with my own acoustic renditions of my favorite Utada songs. Weak attempts but I'm sure something will come out of this soon, hopefully. It's a frustrating, (yet) satisfying process since I know nothing about family chords. Someone should just force me to take music theory, that'll make my life much easier.

Oh, someone's birthday is just around the corner!
LEST I forget to wish her, which sounds kinda infeasible since there's a huge reminder in the cbox, I'll wish her first. Happy Birthday CHICA or PRINCESS or HOTTIE or whatever name you wanna name yourself k? And uh, cash? No I don't have any, I don't think I'll be able to contribute to your *coughs*...franchise idea if you're still into it, which I doubt so *coughs*.

I'm off to watch some amazing videos of PERSONA LIVE MUSIC on youtube.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i got my lunchbox and i'm armed real well

*post deleted because I do not want resentment to tarnish my blog*

Sunday, September 27, 2009

red, yellow and purple

Just had to share this. I'd be in seventh heaven if my fridge was like this throughout the year.

It has been really tiring since Raya holidays and it'll not be any better this week since there will be another damn replacement on Saturday. Replacements are okay but why must they save cost by switching off the air conditioners in the corridors and labs? Utterly farcical. Hotness leads to less comfort and less comfort leads to loss of attention. Cheap skate.

Mom was watching I Wanna Be a Model on tv8 and I stopped mopping the floor because something, no, someone caught my attention. There was this local boy band performing. To my horror, they look like an unsophisticated version of Big Bang. You know, those tight skinny jeans, geeky glasses and of course let's not forget the oversized sneakers. I don't know what brand BB wears because I'm not really a huge fan of them but I'm 101% sure this local boyband (which goes by the name FRIENDZ) wears Supra sneakers. Supra shoes are actually really nice shoes per se. These boys wearing those Supra kinda undermined the greatness of the shoes. Not only they imitated BB's looks but I was able to spot many similar dance moves. The only major difference is that their dance moves weren't synchronized at all! Worse, they kept hitting flat notes. It's either flat notes or the lyrics can't be heard because they can't hit the required key at all. To sum it all up, they were struggling and not many people clapped in the end.

Coincidentally, I saw a similar boyband performing at Sungai Wang today. They were serenading the crowd with "When You Say Nothing at All" by Ronan Keating. It was so obvious that they were too, struggling with the performance. One of the boys actually sang "the true in your eyes" instead of "the truth in your eyes". When you're an amateur performer and also when you're poor at speaking a certain language, why not just stick to your mother tongue? That'd make you look better, and hopefully sound better as well.

Geez, musicians nowadays consist of such people.
If that's the case, can I be a musician too? *squeals*

End of September draws near and this is the time of the year where most of my friends will be celebrating their birthday. I actually have a confession to make. Crystal has really really poor memory when it comes to birth dates so if I've forgotten yours, please do forgive me. Seriously it's just something that can't be helped. Last time it wasn't this bad because Friendster has birthday reminders. Unfortunately, I do not log in Friendster anymore; thus, I can't remember the birth dates of you guys out there. The only person's birthday I can remember is my mom's. As if it's not embarrassing enough, two days ago, I asked my friend whether her birthday was on that day itself. (lol) Ever since then, I realized I suck at remembering dates because I remembered she told me her birth date a few weeks back.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the headphone's cord looks really nice

Another video!
Guess what, it's ANOTHER UTADA cover. I hope those who bother watching don't get fed up. (lol) most probably by now you'll be thinking I don't really have a life since I posted 2 videos in less than 3/4 days?

Wonderful day!
The only class that I was supposed to attend this morning was cancelled without any prior notice. Fortunately I'm not those who needs to travel for hours to get to college. And also thankfully that I had plans after classes. Bought a few cool stuff today. Got to say I'm loving my new HP800 headphones. Awesome audio for my ears. Right, like what Sonic Gear says, TRUST YOUR EARS.

Woohoo! Managed to tab out this song with the help of the headphones. (like they're related!) Anyway here's the video. Someone please tell me how to rectify the distorted backing track problem.

Watched The Unbelievable today. The cinema was practically empty except for a few rows. As expected for a Chinese movie, right?

If you have no idea what the eff is The Unbelievable, I'll be kind enough to brief you through a bit so that you won't look stupid when your chinese friend mentions it. Basically it's a documentary style kinda movie. The Hong Kong crew travels around the world (actually it's just Thailand and Ipoh) to capture the supernatural incidents. Find such things intriguing? Then I suggest you watch it. You'll either go LOL or you might get disgusted by certain scenes. There are many BOMOH/SHAMAN scenes. The scenes are not for the faint hearted! However if you have some kinda twisted sense of humor (like me), you'll find the scenes very funny as well. I know I don't really make sense. You might wanna watch this movie on dvd *coughs* because it doesn't have any special effects. The whole thing is apparently true. Right, believe what you want. =D

There was this long trailer for a new movie entitled Carriers. Mymy, I was so happy when I saw that Piper Perabo will be a part of the main cast! How long has it been since I last saw her appearing on the golden screen? Anyways, what's with all the movies these days? Most of them are related to infection > mutation. This has been done too many times.

On a random note, I don't really wanna go back to Ipoh. I'd rather stay here, finishing my damn essays.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Was feeling sentimental earlier this evening.
Hence, I did this.
First attempt playing songs in this way.

It's First Love btw.
Was listening to this while I was in form 1.... if I'm not wrong.

I think I kinda butcher the song during the end, the backing track was too loud. LOL.

And I'm addicted to Blow My Whistle. HOT. HOT. HOT VOICE.

Monday, September 14, 2009

i suck at coming up with titles

This is the best Bolognese spaghetti on earth. Absolutely heavenly. Money can't buy it.

I find it exasperating when someone goes around asking for donation when you're happily having your meal.

No, I'm not heartless, mind you, but these people can really be annoying after you read my story. So I was having a drink today while Eric was having his early dinner. Then this girl came to us. According to her, she said she's from some kinda Ihaven'theardbeforethatnameCollege. Not that I wasn't paying attention, she was talking quite fast and her English sounded really weird, weird accent. Was it even accent? It doesn't matter. Let's not digress.

She explained, more like kept convincing us that she isn't a bad person. She even asked us whether we're scared of her. What the heck? We're too old to be afraid of you. Seriously. If you're really from a college, most probably you're practically the same age as us. As expected from someone who asks for donation, she presented her documents (approved by the Government) and photos of the children who are having some kinda disease. A disease which causes them to lose the ability to talk and move if I'm not wrong. It was difficult to catch what she was trying to convey. At the end of her short little speech, she asked us to buy the stickers to show our support and love and care and help, whatever you call it. One sticker is at priced at RM 10.00. Being the skeptical and thrifty Crystal, I politely declined by saying No Thanks. Still, she kept persuading us. Total Pest! After a few more tries, she gave up. When she left, she was cursing under her breath! Do I look as if my hearing is impaired?

Thumbs up for someone who comes out to do such kind things. Is that how someone should behave when he or she comes out to solicit money from the public? We have rights not to donate. Get over it. I hope you don't get too annoyed by the end of the day and bang your head in the wall just because people chose not to donate.

First of all, I didn't even know whether her documents are real or not. To be frank, I'm too stupid to distinguish the differences between a fake and a truly certified document. I believe it's a piece of cake to photoshop documents so that they have such effects. Oh no, wait, it actually can be done by using Words. Besides, the photos can be easily obtained from websites. All in all, it didn't really seem genuine. Gah, she's such a biatch.

I've watched a couple of new movies, namely, Gamer, Final Destination 4 and Orphan.

Gamer is mediocre, same goes for Final Destination 4. Apparently the FD4 which is aired in Malaysia has been edited. Many violent scenes were taken out. Is it true? Anyone who has watched it in cinema ought to know this. I'm not really sure but that was what I heard from a couple of adults. So, I ended watching the not-so-official version of it. It's FD anyways, the previous ones didn't have any special storyline or plot so what can you really expect from this? The whole point of watching is just to see how each character dies in an unique way. I'd say a beautiful death for each one of them.

Was expecting more from Gamer but I was a tad disappointed. The trailer looked profoundly exciting! The movie isn't as great but I do like the concept of the games that they have in the movie. How cool is THAT!? When will we have such things in real world? Hopefully some brilliant programmers will pick up from there and start implementing such games. It'd be cool, except for dying in reality. The movie doesn't have much plot or whatsoever. Meh.

Next movie that I watched; Orphan. In fact, I watched this like an hour ago? Or maybe less than that? Initially, the movie gives the audience the feeling that it's just your typical this-child-is-evil-and-sick-and-will-kill-you movie. It's not. The story was really well written. I'm sure most viewers would be surprised. The theme of the movie is quite dark though. You might not wanna watch it if you think Incest is gross. I think incest is gross too but in actual fact, it's not all about incest. It's more than that. Isabell Fuhrman, the main actress who plays Esther, the creepy girl in the poster is incredibly talented. She did a wonderful job playing Esther, really brings out the dark psycho side of her. Was watching her interviews on Youtube just now. She looks so different! Got to say I'm quite enthralled by her. Looking forward to her upcoming projects. =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i love steve jobs!

source : Gamespot


Apple has done it AGAIN.
This is not the first time the staff are being so full of themselves. When someone is too brilliant, he'll start to have weird ideas. Ideas that don't make sense. Somehow I can't really understand what makes him think that the iPod/iPhone or whatever i-THING can be more superior than DS or the PSP when it comes to gaming.

He claims that the i-Products actually a wide array of games is he really not aware that true gamers prefer quality to quantity? Geez, SOLITARE? Who'd buy such an expensive piece of gadget to play Solitare? Do we get to play superb games such as Dissidia or Dragon Quest or Silent Hill or God of War?
Such a shame that they're using this kinda approach to reach out to consumers.
I don't know whether I should laugh or what when I saw this article. I think I better laugh because his comments are ludicrous.

As much as I dislike Nintendo, it's pretty evident that the DS is more capable than the i-crap. So sorry if I offend any Apple users/lovers here. As for PSP, I'm not even gonna make any points because we all know how amazing this handheld gaming device is. Nuff' said.

Lab starting soon in 10 minutes.
Gotta rush from Starbucks back to college.
..and I hate seaweed chips. Someone should have brought it back with him.

Friday, September 4, 2009

oh really?

I merely replaced it with that word because I practically ended up using an even worse word. You don't need to act as if it's a big deal. It's rather exasperating because I absolutely loathe to be bombarded with such preachings during dinner. Imagine eating nicely and suddenly someone gives you a talk which sounds like something from the bible. You people seriously make me feel as if I'm deranged. Oh, wait, maybe I REALLY am but I won't let this get the best of me, I'm not as stupid as that. I just feel like going to bed, rather than listening. Ear sore can only be avoided when we sleep.

One of my class mates told us that he is able to get girls easily in the future if he's rich enough. He phrased it like this, "the girls will automatically come when you have the money". Oh my God. Are you serious? Tell me, are you serious? Do you think ALL the HOT CHICKS in the world will flock to you if you have the moo lah? Are you fucking kidding me? Please don't preach that because that little theory of yours definitely does not apply to every single girl. He was indeed lucky because my group only has 3 girls including me. How appalling! People nowadays can really easily blabber something utterly foolish without realizing it. Damn right I was sitting in front and scoffing at him. I guess he's partially misogynistic because he view females from such a perspective. It's not your money, really. If you really want a decent looking girl and someone who's intelligent, do you think she'll suck up to you because of your money? Tell me. She's most probably intelligent enough to get a better job and thus, shop for all the things she desire. By the way, this was a part of our discussion for our life plan. Imagine, one of his life plans are GIRLS, which literally means he wants to bang as many girls as he can throughout his life. *in awe* good luck to you anyway. Not like I don't like him, he's okay but I just find this idea of his ridiculous.

My mood is incredibly bad now. Must be the monthly blues or whatever it is. Or maybe it's multiple frustrations in a day. Screw it, most probably I'll feel better after sleeping. Gah, there's no holiday on Monday for HELP students because HELP is not exactly in PJ. It's like SO NEAR to PJ. The frustrations just keep coming.

On a happier note, it was a fun afternoon today. Had food at Jack's Place. Yummy potatoes with sour cream and chicken bacon. That was indeed heavenly! Bought 2 Utada Hikaru CDs from Movie Corner. My first ever J-pop CD but who cares, she's unbelievably amazing, unlike those stupid brainless pretty plastic girls who can't sing and knows nothing about music. Her new english album sounds a tad too mainstream but I still enjoy it. Deep River is truly a masterpiece. Most probably I'll get Distance as well when I feel generous enough.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

wait and see

Has anyone read The Star today? WHO said that Malaysia is taking H1N1 too lightly. Is it true? Although I'm not someone who will side Malaysia when it comes to everything but I do think that in terms of dealing with H1N1, efforts have been taken. Government's initiative has been quite evident. Since the mutated form of H1N1 is extremely fatal, I guess more and more people will be wearing masks nowadays. Should I wear one as well? Dad thinks that H1N1 might be one of early signs of 2012. Is he obsessed with that or what? He has been watching those documentary and all. Tch.

Never thought that I will run across Claymore merchandise in Malaysia, especially Ipoh. I guess I underestimated my hometown afterall. When I inquired, they showed me various pendants and an action figurine. Yeah, they're all not originals but screw it, I bought 2 pendants anyways. My penchant for Claymore is quite ineffable. Sadly the action figurine doesn't look gorgeous enough. Clare isn't wearing the Claymore suit. I wouldn't wanna buy a reverse trap action figurine.

Oh look, it's my ex-class monitor!
It was great hanging out with my ex-desk mate, de facto, one of my delinquents. Just now when I was going through my photo albums, both of us do look different compared to secondary days. Look older perhaps? But I am quite glad that my face isn't as horrendous as it was back then. Most probably because I'm no longer a teenager. Should I still consider myself one? I'm not really sure about that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i'd side chaos if i could

It's rather depressing that my sem break will be ending soon. Need to get back to college on the 2nd of Sept. Geez, I've been having so much fun lately. In fact, I've been so engrossed in a few activities. Most importantly, I've been busy playing Dissidia : Final Fantasy. It got leaked. HOW AWESOME, which means most fans have been playing the english version a few days before the 25th. So far so good, I have no complaints for the game because I'm so bias when it comes to FF. Moreover I haven't finished it yet. It'll be cool if they did not omit Yuna. For heaven's sake, there's only one female on Cosmos's side? I don't really care about the guy from FFXII anyways because he looks weird.

(And as I am typing this, my dad is msning me from the computer room. He's telling me how the soup got burnt. Good for him, he'll get executed by my mom who will be coming home in less than an hour. No soup for dinner as well. Tch).

The customization is excellent! Actually the game will be better if they have cool summon cutscenes, maybe like what they did for Crisis Core? Prevalently, I'm not a zealot of fighting games but this is different. It isn't as conventional as the other fighting games. Sometimes the battles get really chaotic because you can fly from one corner to the other corner.

What else can a FF fan ask for? Cecil, Firion, Kefka, Terra, etc are now fully 3d. I'd love Squarenix if they remake all the older FF games using these kinda graphics. Somehow Tidus and Sephiroth look a bit weird in Dissidia. I wonder why. Seriously I'll be wasting so many hours of my life just to collect as many points as possible to purchase bad ass characters from the in-game shop. First off, I'll get Sephiroth followed by Jecht.

Got bored last night while playing bRO. Thus, Eric and I took a photo. Took us awhile to time the GG command. I'm bored of playing champ. What other characters should I play? Maybe I should get a job which is underrated.

And when will the final results be mailed to us? I'm really anxious because I want to make sure I pass Malaysian Studies. It'd suck if I have to pay a few hundred bucks again just to pass the damn subject which I detest so much.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i've found another reason to hate DS

Oh. My. God.

Can't say how disappointed I am right now. I didn't know disappointment can be so overwhelming.

So when they first announced a Claymore game for DS, I was excited, no, de facto, very fucking thrilled. Even though I do not own a DS because I'm a DS HATER, I did tell my friend that I might actually save up for a DS just to play the game. Sounds stupid? Not really. I've done worse things because of my penchant for fantasy like things. Anyways, I've changed my mind! I will absolutely not spend even a cent on the DS because the game is atrocious. Some disappointed fan was kind enough to post a short gameplay video of lvl 1. My first reaction was, what the fuck, WOLVES? They did not have wolves in the anime or manga. (correct me if I am wrong) So what the hell is Clare doing? She needs so slice wolves in the game? Funny. And when it comes to the battle with the Yoma, guess what, the Yoma jumped! It jumped around like a chinese undead. Amusing is the right word!

Tch. In the first place, they've already screwed up by making it a side scroller game. What's wrong with them? That's so incredibly dull. Not that I hate side scroller games. Mario was awesome, so was Prince of Persia for MS-Dos. But let's face it, people nowadays don't really crave for such games anymore. Claymore has a lot of potential if it were made into a game similar to DMC/KH style. In other words, 3rd person view, Hack N Slash style. Since Claymore itself already has a solid story, there is nothing to fret except for the gameplay. Then, it'd be epic! All Claymore aficionados will rejoice. In fact, I don't mind if they release a fighting game. At least, it's better than this piece of junk. The only thing that I will praise is the Yoki controlling system. It is pretty cool to control Yoki with the stylus.

Developers, please make a remastered version of this game for the PSP? PLEASE? Or should I write this to Santa? I'm dying to play a Claymore game. Or should I say, GOD, I PRAY FOR A CLAYMORE GAME FOR PSP but please make sure it doesn't suck ass like the DS version. Please make sure it's epic enough.

From the research I've been doing, it seems that Teresa, Miria, Irene and a few other significant Claymore characters will appear in the game. I wonder whether Galatea will make an appearance. *smirks* Although this game is really piece of shit, I'd still be glad if anyone is kind enough to lend me their DS so that I can get my hands on this game. ^_^

These pictures do not belong to me. However, they're just too awesome for me to not post them. Galatea is a true goddess. ._.

Thus, my day ends with not only disappointment but also sadness and anger as this game tarnishes Claymore.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's not the end of the era


A russian band! They look kinda VK to me but I'm not that bothered. Since Vitas was the only Russian artist that I listened to, this band's music sounds like a metal-ized version of Vitas's songs. Funny. Unfortunately it's kinda difficult to find download links for Russian music. Shit those people who only pay attention to American bands. Russian bands need more attention!

Lotsa stuff happened recently. I guess most of them are more towards the positive side. Most importantly, my mom has finally transferred down. So I'm finally living together with my mom! It's nice. Nothing beats having a mother around. The feeling is... I'd say irreplaceable. For a moment there I guess I sound like such a little girl or whatever you wanna label me. Major changes will be taking place inside the house. A woman in the house tantamounts to a cleaner and a more comfortable home.

Took final exams last week so I'll be free for 2 weeks plus. Sem 2 starts on the 2nd of Sept. Yours truly will be slacking like nobody's business. Mom said I should go look for a part time job but guess what, I'm so not interested in working and most probably I'm such a lazy ass. I'd rather spend my sweet time finishing up games and practising guitar. To neutralize my sheer laziness, I'll do more house chores. Brilliant. (9 more days to FF Dissidia... I'll be on cloud nine)

Actually, the sole purpose of updating the blog is to do the Choong Yang's tag since he insisted and I'm also still a tad attached to the blog. It wouldn't be nice for the blog to have such a pathetic death.

1.What kind of song you usually listen to?
Mostly rock, metal and soundtracks.

2.Name 10 of your favourite singers(Solo/Band)
1. Gazette
2. L'Arc~en~Ciel
3. Dir en grey
4. Nobuo Uematsu
5. Jason Mraz
6. John Mayer
7. B'z
8. Nightwish
9. Marilyn Manson
10. Avenged Sevenfold

3.What makes you like a song.
Music comes first. Then vocals and lyrics.

4.Most favourite clubbing songs.
Don't go clubbing but I might change my mind if they start playing some REAL MUSIC.

5.Other than english songs, do you listen to song in other language?
Japanese, korean, russian, chinese, malay, german?

6.Do you listen to chinese songs?
Not much except for Jay Chou and Jacky Cheung and Beyond.

7.Open your player and press next until it goes to a chinese song and write it down.
All of my chinese songs are on my external and I think the person who made this quiz loves chinese songs. What's with all these "chinese songs" questions?

8.Do you know what is the meaning of the song ?

9.Do you like the song?
Pointless question.

10.Press next again , write down the song .
Next song.. Nightmare - Raison d'etre

11.Do you buy original album or download songs illegally..
I do TRY to get original albums but Malaysia doesn't import those albums that I want, or most shops just love selling bloody bootlegs.

12.Based on question 2, according to the list name the your favourite song sang by the singer/band.
1. Baretta (drum solo, bass solo, guitar solo...all in one!)
2. Honey
3. Filth
4. Jenova , the AC version because it has kick ass electric guitar.
5. Plane
6. Neon , the acoustic version.
7. Motel
8. She is My Sin
9. Lunch box
10. A Little Piece of Heaven

13.Now tag 10 friends of yours.
Not interested.

14.Hard Part, find a song for each of them.

15.Last Question. Dedicate a song to all.
Rascal Flatts - What Hurts the Most
(because I'm currently listening to this and I think it's so easy to listen to)

Fuh, that wasn't as easy as I expected it to be.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

weird dreams of lizards and caterpillars

I'm currently enjoying my weekend. It has been great so far. Frankly, I think I'm in such a good mood because there are no test papers for next week. Only have to worry about handing in the outline for Oral presentation.

Watched Public Enemy yesterday. Pretty good but not extremely good. The movie gave me the same feeling that Valkyrie did. I wonder why? Maybe it's because both are based on true stories and both have such tragic endings? It's a pity that the protagonist or (maybe antagonist) died. Bah, maybe I'm being so bias because Johnny Depp plays that character. Seriously, he looks freaking hot for his age. There's just something about him, it's inexplicable. Charisma and the confidence perhaps.

Since there's nothing much for me to do today, I have the excuse to do another cover, Mist / Fog. It's one of the instrumentals off SMT : Persona 4 OST. It's played during the final battle. Playing this makes miss my ps2 which is still in Ipoh. Feel like replaying p4 because it's just soooo awesome! Memories. T_T Gosh, I can get so sentimental when it comes to games and animes.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Is it me or the line today is really shitty? Or maybe PLURK is shitty but I think the line IS shitty because I can't seem to load as well. Annoying. I finally know what hurts the most. In my case, it's when my gadgets are malfunctioning. That's right. My mom made my psp drop from the table. The table is about more than 1 metre high. Imagine the impact! Such a fragile little thing dropping from such height is really too much. I bet its internal parts are not in tact anymore. Tried playing PangYa Golf today and it kept "hanging" and switching off by itself. Guess what, it's fucked. I'm SO SO SO HURT and depressed. Will try to reformat the psp (doubt it'll work). Mom said she will get me a new one if it's dead. The thing is I feel kinda attached to this one, it's so sad even if I were to get a new one from her. And I think 2000s are getting extinct. I wouldn't wanna get a 3000. It's unacceptable for my PSP and I to part so early. There are big titles coming out at the end of this year that I'm so looking forward to such as Persona and FF Dissidia and the new GTA and FF AGITO. *sulks*

This week is the QUIZ week again. How mundane. And I'm supposed to give the title for English Oral presentation tomorrow but I have yet to come up with a nice topic. Crystal is dead meat.

To take away my depression, I've been trying to play this the whole evening. Ended up doing a cover. Utada Hikaru's Hikari or better known as Simple and Clean which is the theme song for Kingdom Hearts. Nop, I didn't bother to finish that game but I've always love this song. It's wonderful. She has such a beautiful voice. No no, I did not sing the song. I'm not so dumb to sing the song and end up butchering it. Instead, I did a cover of Rising Sun version. In other words, it's the instrumental rock version.

I really really need a better amplifier and distortion pedal. Such crappy sound system I have. People today have been quite amicable. I wonder why.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

like this and that

Last weekend was quite fun. Went back to Ipoh for Anugerah. I think the school is a TAD cheapskate. I'm not badmouthing the school, just stating the obvious. Why can't they give the student a trophy that they can keep at home? It kinda sucks when you can just hold the trophy when you go on stage. Pure lameness. Oh wells, at least those were moments of bliss. And I can't believe someone overslept. Thus, her mom came to represent her. Amazing.

Went to Parade after that to meet up with Ken-Ann. Also met Audrey there. This is the part where my anger kicks in. Bought Strawberry Panic and FFVII : CC OST. Seriously, I find the packing for the anime really shitty, so I did some online research and found out that practically every single anime in Malaysia are bootleg ones. Yes, all those anime you see in Anime Tech, Friendly Records, and even old-time Speedy are indeed FAKE ONES. FAKE. Have you been buying most of your anime from there? If you have been doing that, you're fucked and I'm surprised how you can understand those shitty subtitles.

Don't ask me why I know they're fake because it's so damn prominent that they ARE FAKE. First reason, how can they fit so many episodes into 1 single DVD? It's impossible unless you really compress the frame rates, res, and so on. This explains why I used 2 DVDs to burn the same amount of episodes. Next reason, the subtitles are absolutely horrendous. They don't make sense at all. Thirdly, the box sucks. Originals are always comes in nice neat packaging. Not like these cheap ass ones. And forthly, the price, it's quite cheap. I used to think because it's localized but the reason why is because they aren't originals! How depressing. If it's like that, let's all stick to fansubs! Fan subs are better in every way. Higher quality, great subtitles (they even include explanation when it's too hard to understand the proverbs, etc) and they even have subtitles for the OP and ED!!! Most of all, it's free.

Fuck. Fortunately the ratio of my downloading to purchasing genuine stuff is 999 : 1. So far I've only got 3 so called original anime.

Bought this a few years back. I was skeptical back then but I choose to ignore those thoughts of mine because of the TULEN sticker.

This one is the worst, they recorded the anime from one of the anime channels. I've forgotten the name of the channel.

And this will be the last time I get scammed!

Seriously, this is extremely disappointing. I've heard crap like battling piracy. Is this the way Malaysia plans to battle piracy? I don't know how many people are being cheated out there. Can you believe that they are actually selling bootlegs with a TULEN sticker there? Geez.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

that feeling

God, I can't believe that this week has been so hectic. It's supposed to be a short honeymoon week since mid terms ended last Thursday. This is all because of the assignments. All the damn assignments are due this week and next week. Did 2 assignments this week and both gave me severe headache because major changes had to be made last minute because of certain reasons, certain stupid reasons.

Malaysian Studies presentation was so screwed up. Pity those who almost dozed off listening to us. Some even walked out. Well, surprisingly, I did not curse them. They have my empathy. Really. We were talking about Malaysia's Independence. Each one of us have been forced to learn that since primary school. It's no surprise that they got bored. Worst, the sound system in theatrette was so fucked up. The video that we made was totally butchered. Only the background music could be heard, the voice of the people in the video was not audible at all. What a pity.

Ahh, never mind that because there are still a few reasons for me to be happy. I did not fail Finite Maths for mid terms. I managed to get more than half which I consider quite an achievement for some stupid brainless person like me when it comes to numbers. REJOICE! Not only that, I even managed to hand in my Finite Maths assignment thanks to Yan Ying who helped me out during the eleventh hour. If not for her, I would've handed in a clean sheet of paper for the lecturer to wipe her face or write a love letter to her boyfriend.

Besides assignments, I've actually been wasting hours of my life watching several old thriller/horror movies such The Unborn, Arang and Anatomy 2. I just realized that the best thing someone can do to distract me is to play an extremely sick and disturbing movie, then I'd be glued to the seat until the movie ends (provided the storyline is intriguing enough). And I also find it amusing to watch scenes like the one above when I'm having my meals. It's like you can feel the pain more when you watch and eat at the same time. Something like engaging more of your senses. Works for me.

Have I mentioned that I'm addicted to Strawberry Panic? Yes, it's old, yeah whatever, I know that but it's so fun and enjoyable! The characters are all very lovable and easy to relate to because I was in an all girls school for 11 years! However, I have to say that those people or whoever you call them who directed this anime were quite a lazy bunch. They like to have 'still scenes'. Lazy lazy lazy. Nevertheless it is still a great anime, mostly because I adore Shizuma a lot.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

and it goes on and on

You don't have to fucking yell at me. I'm not deaf. It's ludicrous to simply blame people just because you're suck at giving simple directions. It's already over and yet you have to raise your voice. Not like I have some hearing disability. As far as I'm concerned, your phone still has a lot of battery left since you did not even bother charging it the moment you got home. If it was so low on battery then why could you still text so many people and phone at the same time? If it's so fucking low then can't you not reply your text messages? For fuck's sake, geez, it annoys me much when you act as if I'm at fault, when obviously I'm not. No one was at fault but you had to make such a scene by yelling. It's uncivilized and rude and harsh to do so. If you think it is so onerous for you, just say so you don't wanna do it. That's better than telling me I'll be on my own next time your phone call gets cut halfway. I bet it's great to push away your responsibility. I have legs, I wouldn't die anyway. MOMCANYOUPLEASECOMEDOWNFASTER!?

Looking on the brighter side, my mid terms are finally over. I get Friday off as well. Went to Pavillion with friends to watch Transformers. Then friend's friend sprained her ankle. Poor thing. I hope she's alright. Surprisingly she was still able to laugh, enjoy the movie and drink Starbucks. Starbucks is definitely an amazing medicine for any type of injury!

Anyways, Transformer kicks ass. Really. Like, REALLY. I'm serious. Might be a bit too long for watchers who lose focus easily, and also a tip, go to the loo before entering the cinema. You wouldn't want to hold your bladder or go out half way (you can't afford to miss the action!). Profoundly solid effects and I love how they blend in humor. It's really worth the money. If you're trying to decide between this and Terminator, I'd say go for this. 5 stars all the way.

I'm just curious why they're using LP's single as their theme song. That song is just medicore. The breakdown part is pretty good but other than that is just... mehhh. It's always a great opportunity for indie bands to gain a larger fanbase if they use their songs for such big budget movies but definitely they wouldn't include their songs because they want everything to be perfect. Tch. Went through the list of Transformer's OST. Avenged Sevenfold's Almost Easy is on the list. I'm quite happy about that although they're not pure indie.

Saw STARFUCKS t-shirt but it's a bit too large. Didn't buy it. Ugh.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Streamyx was down at 12 ++ this morning. By the time I got home, which was at 5 ++, Dad suddenly said, "Eh girl, okay already, can lah".

My face was like o_O. REALLY?

To be frank, I'm immensely impressed. Usually they take a century to fix their shit. This time it took them less than 24 hours. They said they will fix it latest by this Monday. Surprisingly they took less than a day. Congratulations. I think you people are really improving. Let's hope there won't be any deteriorations in the future. My life will be much better and (also happier) like that.

Enough of the good news. Yours truly will be having her mid terms starting from tomorrow. Why the fuck must they have the first paper on Saturday? It's a weekend. Doesn't make sense to me. For the next whole week, I have to make my way to college just for the sake of taking the exam. One paper per day. It's no more than 2 hours for each paper. What a waste of petrol. The people who set the exam schedule obviously have no brains. What is more, they're not environmental friendly. Making candidates (indirectly) use up so much energy just to get to college. Geez.

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Then I'm done.
Awesome ey, I'm so looking forward to watching Transformers right after my Computing Principles paper which is on the last day. Ahh, tomorrow is English. Kinda dread it but not as much as I dread freaking maths. Hopefully English won't be so technical.

...and I want a nice new bag for putting my stuff. I'm always worried that all my stuff will fall out of my current bag. Paranoid, I know.

This man, Tony Horton is simply amazing. Amazing strength, and he's a pure genius when it comes to variety. Added to my list of "The People I'd Like To Meet". Cardio has never been that hard (and fun!), his version of cardio is so much tougher than HIIT.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

a little piece of heaven

Am I the only one who's not excited about PSP Go's release? The name itself sucks. Seriously. PSP GO? How lame is that? The main thing which really suck is the design. It's horrendous. Looks like a piece of 'flat potato'. Like those hash browns that you buy from McDonald's, but just a bit wider. Another thing which I really dislike is the 'sliding' technology. Looks a bit uncomfortable if you ask me. Long story cut short, it's quite a turn off except for the games that they'll be releasing. I'm not a huge fan of platform games such as J&D but they'll be releasing a new MGS on PSP Go. Does that mean the game isn't available for the previous PSPs? I hope not because my PSP isn't even a year-old yet! Sony always have the greatest ideas to make money. I wonder why they're not adding a camera to it. The cool thing is this ugly model supports bluetooth. If they were to add a camera, this thing can really kick Apple's ass. Oh, and I have not mentioned the most annoying (and also stupidest) thing about PSP Go. It does not have a friggin UMD so they're expecting gamers to download all their games from the net. Well done Sony. Let's see the impact in a few months' time.

Was browsing One of the writers there critisized this article and the author of the article as well. Ladies, please click and read it, it's about WHY WOMEN CAN'T BE BOSSES. I bet you'll be infuriated after going through the first page. I'm not surprised that the writer, Paul Thompson is siding men because he's from but seriously, this article proves how much he belittles women. Not only that, it's evident that he has no respect for women by making such stupid statements. Besides, this guy really has a brain which is smaller than a pea because he's too conservative. Obviously his article is total bullshit, if it's really true then tell me why women are becoming more successful these days? Fucking sexist and misogynistic. People like that disgusts me a lot. Ahh, he reminds me of Gordon Ramsay. I'm sure some of you guys have read news about him making a fool of himself by talking utter shit on national television. These two men need help, really. I hope God helps them.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bottle it up

People, thieves nowadays are pathetic.
Not only that, they're not good at detecting IT at all. I believe that true robbers have the potential to see things, to sense things, whether that particular AIM will be worth it or not.

What happens when you break someone's window? You did it for the sake of stealing the laptop.
Broad daylight. Opened the bag. Turns out that there were only pool balls and screwdrivers inside. Disappointed? Small time thief.

Poor thief. He wasted a few minutes of his life doing that. Futile effort, ey?
I was surprised that the thief chose my dad's car because his car is seriously so OLD and worn out. Not that he parked it near some 'lauyah' or 'pariah' building. It was right in front of Hartamas Mall's main entrance. Bloody security guard must be slacking. Ass.

Oh btw, it's JUNE. What's so special about June? It's the THE LGBT Pride Month. Folks, let's celebrate. =) In fact, I celebrate LGBT pride everyday. Lol. But I'm a tad happy that Obama is doing something right. Be good this month and stop bashing people and be kind with your comments whenever you encounter queer people. Equal rights. Rainbows. Love, is what the world needs.

Source :

Friday, June 5, 2009

she needs a shaker

Dragonica's OBT started yesterday but I have not tried it yet. It's taking forever because of the massive amount of people downloading it. Thus, I'm bored. Stuck at home on a Friday evening with nothing to do. Was supposed to go Mid Valley but plans were ruined because of some important *coughs* lunch with cousins. A cousin that I don't even speak to. Not gonna go further because I know that I will inadvertently talk a bit too much if I continue this. Tch.

Last night I was compelled to follow dad to a pub because he had to socialize with a few friends there. I HATE HATE HATE HATE places like that. They disgust me much. I mean the pubs, and yes, also the people there. No offense. The main pest: smokers. Smokers smoking in public. Yes I know you'll die if you stop smoking for one hour but do you realize that whenever you smoke in public, you're killing non-smokers around you? Oh, of course you don't have a fucking clue about that because people who usually end up dying faster are second hand smokers, not you, prick. People who know me might think I'm a hypocrite for saying this but never once in my life I smoked in the public. And before you start making assumptions, no, I don't smoke.

Btw, Could somebody tell me why people nowadays LOVE giving inappropriate replies? When someone talks to you in English, do you reply in Mandarin? Anyone who is able to think properly will know it's wrong. If you think it's right, why not try to do your exam paper in another language. Answer your Sejarah paper in English okay?

I think I am ranting a bit too much lately. In fact I don't feel like talking much sometimes. Things are getting more sickening. Most probably I'm feeling this way because of stress. Well, stress doesn't come from college life but, geez, I actually have no idea what's the primary source.

Miss Selena was using this on Wednesday for her lecture. On Thursday morning while I was reading, I found this picture as well. Coincidence. Coincidences can be freaky.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

you are an ant in the afterbirth

Egyptians worshiping the cat. Frankly, I find this very disturbing yet impressive. I consider cats to be wicked creatures but the Egyptians worshiped the cats because these cats were consider sacred. And they even mummified the cats when they were dead. Guess what, they even shavedd off their eyebrows during the mourning period when their cats passed away. Just got to know stuff like these earlier this afternoon while I was doing research for the assignment. Would like to say thanks, much thanks to Zhen Min who gave me many interesting keywords and ideas. *kao tao to Zhen Min*

So a huge part of my day was gone doing that. Earlier in the morning, Dad and I was cleaning the house because my mom, otherwise known as the Queen will be coming down in the evening. I just saw her last week but I'm still very happy to see her. I guess it's true that most kids are just closer to their moms instead of their daddys. *grins* she'll be coming down in August and I know that life will be much better with her around because ...c'mon, we all know moms are better at food. Heh.

On a random note, I'm loving my Sonic Gear Ear Pump earphones. Great quality at such an affordable price. Unlike other overrated brands, pay a huge amount of money and get shitty quality. The noise isolation technology is not bad for less than 50 bucks. Apart from that, the bass is pretty good. The most important thing is I can hear the whole track clearly even when I'm walking by the roadside or travelling on the highway or when somebody else is blasting the stereo. It's really gratifying when the moment you put on those earphones, the whole atmosphere changes because of the music you're playing from your own audio player. Imagine playing Vitas's Lucia di Lamermor while crossing the road. Sometimes I TRY hard, not to listen to such exciting music while crossing the road, I might be focusing too much on the notes and end up being knocked down by a car. Bloody hell.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manson's new album is TEH SHIT

Time passes too quickly. Will be sitting for the lame written tests during the next 2 weeks. Should write it here so that I can always see the friggin dates wherever I go.

  1. Computing Principles on the 4th of June.
  2. Finite Maths right after Computing Principles.
  3. Intermediate English on the 8th of June.
  4. Malaysian Studies on the 11th of June.

Why can't Finite Maths be the last one? Nefarious, very. There's a whole load of reading to be done for Computing Principles but I really don't mind. It's so much fun reading rather than figuring out graphs and numbers. May God bless me on that day so that I won't suffer from a heart failure and die.

Got a text msg from mom saying that her boss was diagnosed with flu cancer. His wife passed away last year because of cancer and now he has cancer as well. Sad but true. What IS the main cause of this? Why do we not see such silent killers way back when our great grandparents were alive? Hopefully the drugs and therapy will be able to help him get better.

It's the 28th. Terminator : Salvation will be out and supposedly, Dragonica OBT starts today. Gotta cross my fingers. Can't wait to get my hands on the game and force Eric to play as well. Anyone interested should sign up here and wait for them to announce OBT. =D If you're still playing Maple, please dump that game for good and take a look at Dragonica. You wouldn't be disappointed. Maple is atrociously mundane. Btw, is anyone interested in playing Gunbound? It has been practically 4 years since I last played that game. Not only I suck at it, I've also forgotten my password for my old account. Anyone who's interested should msg me on MSN, yours truly doesn't like playing with strangers.

I'm off to watch Crank : High Voltage.
Jason Statham is so fucking ripped.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm not a nature lover but sometimes people should really live certain places alone. Damn them. I took this photo from the balcony. Btw, I live near the forest. So as you can see, there's a brown path now. A few months ago, there were only trees, only trees. Thick green trees. Most probably that's what makes this place such an ideal home. Away from the city, away from the noise, away from the pollution. It's breezy most of the time. With this stupid new development project, this place will turn into another rotten hell. I cannot imagine how much noise and dust there will be when they start building a new apartment there. Screw you people. Dad said he wants to move to a far far away place. Right. Keep moving here and there? There'll be no end. Humans keep looking for forests and end up destroying them.

Currently playing Rock Band : Unplugged. Can't really play music games for long hours but I like having them on my psp because I can kill time while I'm waiting for minor stuff such as food. The game is quite "buggy". Most probably because it's a leaked version, not that I'm complaining. However, it is rather annoying when it hangs everytime I switch off the psp without closing the game. The tracklist is pretty solid :


* AFI - “Miss Murder” *
* All-American Rejects - “Move Along”
* Audioslave - “Gasoline” *
* Black Tide -”Show Me the Way” *
* Freezepop - “Less Talk More Rokk” *
* Jimmy Eat World - “The Middle” The
* Killers - “Mr. Brightside”
* Lacuna Coil - “Our Truth”
* Lamb of God - “Laid to Rest”
* Modest Mouse - “Float On”
* Queens of the Stone Age - “3’s and 7’s”
* System of a Down - “Chop Suey!”
* Tenacious D - “Rock Your Socks” *


* 3 Doors Down - “Kryptonite” *
* Alice in Chains - “Would?” *
* Blink 182 - “What’s My Age Again” *
* Foo Fighters - “Everlong”
* Judas Priest - “Painkiller”
* Lit - “My Own Worst Enemy”
* Lush - “De-Luxe”
* Mighty Mighty Bosstones - “Where’d You Go?”
* Nine Inch Nails - “The Perfect Drug”
* Nirvana - “Drain You”
* The Offspring - “Come Out and Play (Keep ‘em Separated)”
* Pearl Jam - “Alive”
* Smashing Pumpkins - “Today”
* Social Distortion - “I Was Wrong”
* Soundgarden - “Spoonman”
* Weezer - “Buddy Holly”


* Billy Idol - “White Wedding Part 1″
* Bon Jovi - “Livin’ on a Prayer”
* Dead Kennedys - “Holiday in Cambodia”
* Motörhead - “Ace of Spades”
* The Police - “Message in a Bottle”
* Siouxsie & the Banshees - “The Killing Jar”


* Boston - “More Than a Feeling”
* Jackson 5 - “ABC” *
* Jethro Tull - “Aqualung”
* Kansas - “Carry on Wayward Son”
* Rush - “The Trees”


* The Who - “Pinball Wizard”


# 30 Seconds to Mars “The Kill”
# Belly “Feed the Tree”
# Disturbed “Inside the Fire”
# Lynyrd Skynyrd “Gimme Three Steps”
# Muse “Hysteria”
# Mute Math “Typical”
# No Doubt “Just a Girl”
# Oasis “Wonderwall”
# Paramore “Crushcrushcrush”
# Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under the Bridge”

At the beginner stage, n00bs can only access a few songs but the starter songs include Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer and The Police's Message In A Bottle. Both are my all time favorites.

After playing DJ Max for a few months, there is something that I can conclude when I try RB. The learning curve for DJ Max is much tougher compared to Rock Band. The speed is insane. Rock Band is easier but requires a lot of accuracy as players can't simply smash all the buttons. DJ Max allows player to smash all the buttons but I guess only cheap players will abuse that. I find DJ Max funner but RB has better music. Rock & Roll never dies. DJ Max's music gets boring after awhile. However, if I were to choose only one, I'd go for DJ Max. Asian games ftw. =D

It's almost week 5. Will be having quiz or whatever others call it, written test, for each subject. Finite Maths is still a mystery to me. Something that I think I will never be able to comprehend. Yeah, that's what I thought until I saw the notes that my friend has. Her lecturer actually gives clear and detail notes for each chapter. I got so excited, went to purchase them as well. They're actually better than the current ones that I have. Hopefully they'll help. Apparently her class is really slow, but who cares, as long as you guys get what she's teaching right? Tch, not like my class. Zoop zoop, fast as lightning but we're left with question marks above our heads, especially me. Not only I have a question mark above my head, my whole face looks like a fucking question mark. Not that I'm criticising my FM lecturer. She's good but she's just really fast. I guess she falls under the category "those who are really PRO but not good at explaining". Somehow I really have the urge to change classes but it's already too late. Fuck it. Just gotta bear with this for the whole sem.

Several things which happened today made me think, will my surreptitious moments of bliss still last? ...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

a blackened soul

Anyone who's Anti Barbie here?
I just realized how much I hate Barbie. Yeah, you know, that stick figure that practically every single little girl dreams to be? I find that toy sickening, very. Didn't know there's an Anti Barbie site. Visit the ANTI BARBIE CLUB, if you're interested. Went to pick up a birthday gift for dad's friend's daughter. He asked me to help him choose but, damn, do I look like I know how to choose the ideal gift for a 5 year old girl? When I was at her age, I was playing Power Rangers and Transformers and Lego. Barbie was... mehhh. Banal. If I'm not wrong, I only have 1 or 2 Barbie dolls. Never touched them more than twice. No offense if you like Barbie but I find Barbie stupid. So anyway, we were walking around the Barbie section.

Me : Please don't buy Barbie. It's expensive. Plus, Barbie is stupid.
*a girl walks past and starts to look at the latest Barbie dolls*
Dad : Aiyer, so bad lah you. Say until so loud. That girl wants to buy Barbie dolls.

I don't feel bad. Barbies ARE stupid. There are soooo many better toys in this world. Plasticine for instance. I could play plasticine all day long without getting bored. The plasticine world is a world of endless possibilities. If you have really bad imagination and bad hands, you might find it boring. Boo. (in the end we bought Plasticine. Plasticine ftw)

Gahhh, currently not in a good mood. Annoyed. Pissed for no reason. TV2 is showing Terminator 2. Yeah, most probably they're showing it because Terminator : Salvation will be released by the end of this month. Screw it, they should show Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles instead. Major Boo.

And why is it everyone's getting so hyped up with Angels & Demons? Not that I haven't watched it. It's good but isn't it a little overrated? Great soundtrack though. The movie managed to reignite my interest in the Illuminati. Believe it or not people, it exists, among us. Too bad I lost most of my ebooks on the Illuminati.

I'm actually really excited about Marilyn Manson's new album. The singles so far are pretty good. Arma-God-Damn-Mother-Fucking-Geddon. What a song title. Lol. Seems like it'll be more sadistic and dark. Just the type of thing that I'm in the mood for. May 26th is the day.

One last thing, Happy Teachers Day to all teachers and pretty lecturers. *winks*

Thursday, May 14, 2009

what does via dolorosa mean?

I want but I can't afford. You know what I'm saving for.

During Malaysian Studies, we discussed the issue why females have longer life expectancy compared to males. Apparently males keep a lot of problems to themselves, they have been taught to be strong and not reveal much of their emotions because males are often being referred to the strong and dominant figure. How far is it true in today's society? I'm saying this because as everything around us evolves, human beings are much different compared to those who lived in centuries ago. Males today can be as sensitive as females. I'm not saying all, maybe some of them and sometimes such sensitivity gets annoying. Wussy. However I do not concur that's the main cause. For females, we too have introvert types who don't really express themselves much. So why do they still live longer?

Anyway the lecturer encouraged us to blog more. In other words, to express ourselves, or rant more through our blogs so that we don't keep everything inside. Personally I find her point very funny. Her point was more blogging (more pointless rantings) = longer life expectancy.

Minor things can mean a lot to people. I'm starting to enjoy Study Skills because the lecturer seems to be quite considerate and sensitive to us (sensitive in a good way). I'm not surprised that she's good at this since she took Psychology. Sometimes I feel like such a badass because I don't really look at her even when she greets me. Lol. I should start being nicer. She made this statement today, which really means a lot to someone like me because we're all living in a homophobic society.

...during your group assignments, I want you to treat your group members fairly regardless of their age, race, and sexual orientation...

It might mean nothing to you but to a gay blogger, it means a lot. This shows that good people still exist in today's cruel world. Small things like that gives hope.

Has anyone experience weird dreams after reading?
Weird dreams have been visiting me lately ever since I started reading Red Dragon last week. It's not some disgusting dream with gory contents but the feeling when I wake up is pretty inexplicable. It feels weird, like I don't belong or exist in reality. In some way, it freaks me out a little. Is this normal? Or abnormal? I'm just curious.

Anyway today was a great day that's why I'm blogging for no particular reason. It would be even greater if someone dropped by to visit me instead of shopping in Sunway Pyramid.

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