Tuesday, August 26, 2008

people who don't wash their hands after toilet are gross

Name 20 people randomly. At the end of the survey, choose 5 people to do the survey. Don't read the questions but name the 20 people first.

Mehhh, I'll just name those people randomly, don't get sensitive. If you happen to find yourself at the top of the list, it's not because you're too important, vice versa.
Some of them might be really weird because I hardly know them but I'm just naming randomly. Doh. So what?
I didn't purposely name them.

1. Gary
2. Khor Foong Vai
3. SIFU (her sister)
4. Lena
5. Lena's super adorable little sister!
6. Leong Qianyun
7. Wong Kah Yee
8. Leong Teen Wei
9. Chai Kah Sin
10. Fong Kah Hoong
11. Isabell Soo
12. Ng Kar Yen
13. Audrey Goh
14. Chye
15. Lionel
16. Ken Ann
17. Jamie Leong
18. Kiern
19. Ho Chin Hui
20. Sook Mun

1. How did you meet number 18?
I think first time chatted with her through MSN.

2. What will happen if you have not met number 17?
I don't think there will be much difference, I hardly know her.

3. What if number 9 and 20 dated?
What is this? Joke of the day?

4. What if number 5 and 10 dated?
I'll die because I adore her sister too much. xD

5. Describe number 1.
Big and strong.

6. Do you think number 8 is attractive?
Quite? Hmm.

7. Describe number 7

8. Do you know any family members of 12?
Of course no!

9. What languages do number 15 speak?
I think English and Malay? Not too sure but he knows a little Cantonese.

10. Who is number 9 hanging out with?
No idea, tralala~

11. How old is number 16 this year?

12. Who's number 2 favourite singer?
Fall Out Boy? (how to spell? whatever lah, lol)

13. When is the last time you spoke to number 13?
This morning.

14. Have you ever dated number 4?

15. Would you ever date number 19?

16. Is number 3 single?

17. What is number 10 last name?
Doh? It's up there!

18. Would you be in a relationship with number 11?
Go figure!

19. What is the school of number 13?

20. Where does number 6 stay?
Taman what.. Soon? Something Soon lah. Cheong Soon? Seong Soon? Forgotten the complete name.

21. What is your favourite thing about number 5?
She's soooo CUTE!xD

22. Have you ever seen number 14 naked?
Don't be ridiculous. He's my guitar teacher.

Tagging :
Foong Vai
Ng Kar Yen
Ken Ann
Leong Qianyun

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tagged by the Goddess of Money.. Ikaru -_-"

1.what is your fav chocolate?
Dark chocolate with mint.

2.what is your 3 fav colour?
White, Green, Black

3.who is the last person u talked to?

4.who is the last person u msged?

5.who was the first person u talked to when u woke up today?

6.who is the first person u msged when u woke up today?

7.how many msges u recieved when u woke up today?

8.who msged you when u woke up today?

9.who do u wanna talk to now?

10.who do u wanna see right now?
My guitar heroes.

11.why do u wanna see that person now?
Too much to learn from them.

12.what relationship are u with that person u wanna see now?
Idol - Fan (dumb question)

13.if u could hug someone now. who will it be?
It might be you.

14.what are u doing now?
Listening to Jason Mraz's The Remedy, chatting on MSN and doing this tag. (doh)

15.what colour shirt are u wearing now?

16.are u attached?
Does it matter?

17.anyone u like?
Someone who's really important.

18.who do u like?
Myself and those people in my 'I Like You' group on MSN and a few more people who have no idea I actually like them. Lol. And of course family!

19.what phone are u using?
N82-Nokia (I didn't have to change this, thanks Ikaru =p)

20.how much money do u have in ur wallet now?
Around 100++

21.what do u love looking at?

22.who is the last guy u hugged?
No guy.

23.if u can choose to do something now. what would u do?
Successful music composer + guitarist + half time vocalist.

24.how are u feeling now?
Unsatisfied after having dinner, looking forward to my Kopitiam session.

25.if u can turn back time 3 times. where will it be?
-When I was a baby because I didn't need to worry about anything.
-Post PMR, free and easy.
-Happiest time with you.

26.who are u thinking of?
John Mayer because of the current song.

27.what is the 3 things u want to forget?
Zero because my memories mould me into what I am today.

28.who makes u happy?
My guitar, it's the only thing which will accompany through my up and down.

29.what is next to you?
Too many things lah, let's just say my guitar.

30.last show u watched?
Some TVB show on ntv7.

31.how many people are u talking to now?

32.if u can change something in ur life.. what will it be?
I'll keep it to myself.

33.do u have pets?
I don't want any pets.

34.what do u feel like eating now?
Coffee, take the eating as drinking. =)

35.who are the 7 people u tag?
Foong Vai
Kah Sin
Teen Wei

Sunday, August 17, 2008

fear is a friend that you misunderstood

Currently in KL.
Mom went for my cousin bro's graduation thingy in the morning so I ended up following my dad. Went to Midvalley for awhile but bought zero items because it's just difficult to shop with my parents even if I have the money. They comment too much. Saw Melissa there. To all MGSians who knows her, she sent her regards. I guess she's enjoying life a lot? She seems really happy and she still looks more or less the same. WCG was being held there so we stopped by for awhile. For the old Crystal, she'd definitely be ecstatic but unfortunately she's no more into gaming.

After shopping I followed my dad to a little pub. He had to help those people hold some foosball tournament. I was compelled to sit there for practically 2 hours doing nothing, tried reading some dumb magazine but the lighting made it difficult so I ended up messing with the phone and watching some olympics at the same time. Those people there smoked as if they have an eternal life, as if tomorrow would never come. Gah. Nearly suffocated to death.

Met up with relatives for dinner at Ah Yatt's Abalone Restaurant. Snapped a few photos of the food because as usual, I'm such food freak. Do you people actually realize that snapping food is better than snapping human beings? This is because most of the time, human beings refuse to fully co-operate to get the best shot. Anyway I'm lazy to fill the captions, so go figure.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

vitas vitas vitas

I'm so ecstatic now thanks to the person who introduced me to him. Fucking amazing talent. Do search for his stuff on youtube.

Did a cover of Jason Mraz's I'm Yours.
Someone said I look like a kid. (ass, I'll remember you, lol)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

kuiz pelaburan pnb '08 peringkat kebangsaan

Me, Chin and Dawn went to KL for the quiz on tuesday, we came back on wednesday, empty handed. Lol. Well, it was quite disappointing that we didn't win but experience is what that matters. Anyway we had fun and I think that was my last quiz since I'm already in form 5. Thank you God for giving me the chance to experience this and also thanks a lot to our lovely teacher, Cik Hasnoridah for giving us the opportunity.

So actually the event was supposed to be held in Palace of the Golden Horses but apparently because of some Chelsea thing, they were forced to hold the event in Equatorial instead. Right, that's like so pathetic please. Thought could experience something nice. Eesh. Fortunately the food there was not bad, really. Three of us ate like pigs especially me. Other participants ate really little, what's wrong with them? Seriously, haha or maybe I'm just so 'kiasu'. Who cares anyway.

Arrived around 2 p.m. Checked in.

Revised until dinner time. Rushed to the hall for the written test. There were 2 sessions. First session was okay, second session was so bloody hard. Everyone was struggling, some of them even gave the Imsofuckingdead look.

So we had to wait until the next morning for them to announce who qualify for the final quiz. Unfortunately MGS or Perak couldn't make it. Pahang, Johor and Perlis made it. Perlis was the champion for last year. Many schools were invited to the quiz including a few VIPs of course. Don't know their names though.

Question is... who won? Perlis failed to defend their JUARA. Johor was the winner. Pahang second, Perlis third. Somehow I'm quite glad for Pahang, don't wanna state why. Hehe. Look at the size of the PINGAT. Huge. Lucky buggers. It's huge because this year is PNB's 30 years anniversary. Couldn't get clear photos of the winners because of the reporters and massive crowds. Ugh.

Too lazy to write the captions for food. Took too many photos of food, will just post those which are quite yummy looking. Haha.

Our last lunch or you can say last meal at the hotel wasn't buffet style. It was more to those chinse set. Since most of them were Malays, they were kinda complaining because there were 'too many' dishes. Lol. Teacher said she can't afford to sit there so long to wait for each dish to come out. Sat with malay students. They ate so so so little, especially for prawns and brocollis. Being the pig, I think I ate practically more 70% of the prawns? The waitress even shoved me the last piece of chicken.

A photo taken before we checked out.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

give me something that's gonna last

Perfection = flawless?

Not really, to me, perfection is when you can really overlook someone's flaws.
It blinds you. Utterly. Unfortunately perfection doesn't last forever. It will only last till some extent then everything breaks apart no matter how much you try to keep it from breaking and crashing down. What a shame. Who can you blame? Then you try to keep holding on. A time will come when you can no longer hold on and you might think it's just better to let it go.

Anyway, watched The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor today with mom and grandpa. Amazingly I didn't fall asleep, which means the movie is pretty good because I didn't succumb to my bad habit. Lol. Beautiful characters and the setting is really cool. China. xD

Friday, August 1, 2008

a beautiful mess

give me My cookies!

Went to Parade today after school.
It's teh sales season! Bad times. Everything seems to be so expensive or most probably it's because I'm getting too thrifty? A pair of Bata flip flops actually cost you more than 20 bucks? I don't understand why people refuse to pay a few more extra ringgit Malaysia to get better looking flip flops. Pfft.

Headed to MP for lunch because my friend wanted to have steambot.
By the way, thanks for the food. *smirks*

Looking really hungry.

Some Lamb set.

Sitting on Books?

And I think my version looks better. Hah hah.

I'm actually looking for someone to accompany me to watch movies like Hellboy and The Mummy. My mom just wouldn't watch with me during the weekends, she claimed that watching it on Wednesdays is better because of the Ladies' price whatever promotion. Yeah I know what she means but most of the time I'm dead tired and busy on Wednesday. Thought I could always resort to friends but most of them are too busy studying. This proves how industrious they are and how lazy I am. Great job Crystal. Well I guess I'll just have to download them and watch them on the PC which is rather pathetic. Many great movies coming soon and I'm really excited about them including 007 and Max Payne. Man, I can't wait.

Prince Nuada is so effing cool. I think I'm in LOVE! HAHA!

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