Saturday, February 28, 2009

few more days away

I SO wanna watch this. They just keep playing the trailer. Was close to watching this today but the tickets were sold out. Depressing. I must watch this because I missed Pink Panther. Can't see the relevance? Well, both of them are comedies, so I must watch at least one and most probably Asian made comedies are much more hilarious because they're (we) are more disgusting. *coughs*

People, please watch the video below. Amazing is the best word to describe this video.

Went for driving lessons with dad today. He said he nearly have a heart attack and it was too exciting for him because I'm such a lazy ass. I hardly brake when I'm supposed to. Epic fail. Seriously, I think I'm gonna fail this week. Will be taking my driving test next Tuesday. So, if you're kind enough, please do pray for me k? Good karma for you and may God bless you if you pray for me.

Going down to KL on Wednesday for Mraz's concert. STOKED. Mraz haters out there, I'll be back with great stories. =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

8 more days to March 5

MARCH 5? Are you really sure that everything will be back to normal on March 5? This is ALWAYS happening. Shame on you. Best believe I'm not dead by then due to boredom. Surfing has been such a pain. It takes forever to load something and my torrents dl are as slow as snail, worse than snail. Fortunately it's still okay to browse Youtube.

The other day, my mom was babbling something about gay-ness. Seriously, she's such a homophobe. And I really do feel bad for her for having a daughter like me.

Me : Are you homophobic?
Mom : What's homophobic?
Me : .... never mind.

I find it funny. It's funny in someway. She's so homophobic but she doesn't have any idea what that means. Great, really. We need more gay awareness.

While I'm blogging this, my uncle is blasting away Westlife songs (using the supposedly "incredible" sound system in his car). This might be a good thing because most of the time I'm either blasting rock/metal or random soundtracks from my room. I bet my neighbors are much happier now. Less "trash music". (dumb ass, we call those uber |337 guitar solos okay!?)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm going to Jason's concert =DDDD

Was having lunch at JJ's McD. Take a look at this photo. 4 burgers and there was actually another burger in front of the lady This means, 5 value meals. Yes, we all know that McD is trying their best to promote their mcvalue meals at such attractive prices but it isn't necessary to eat 5 value meals in one shot. I hope her stomach didn't explode or something.

Seems that Jerome just LOVE taking photos of ugly things rather than beautiful things. Not that I think she's ugly but he kept saying she's ugly, disgusting and has such a manly voice. He even knows her name. For heaven's sake, were you actually like.. stalking?

Ever since watching the first episode of The L Word from season 6, I'm starting to like Jenny. My hatred is turning into something positive. Used to hate her because she was such an annoying bitch. I actually re-watched her bitchy scenes and I find them extremely hilarious. I think her notsoobvious humor wins Alice's and Dana's. She's actually much better much in real life compared to the character she plays in TLW. So down to earth. And she's 34 this year, she doesn't even look like she's in her 30s. Was shocked to find out that she was the girl who kissed the old lady in Not Another Teen Movie. I watched that movie years back when I was still in primary. That scene was disgusting. Gosh. Jenny, you're such a great kisser, you can even kiss old ladies. *dies* Another interesting fact is, she studied literature. That's like so cool. I've totally changed my perspective. She isn't as shallow as I thought she was. Mia Kirshner is now definitely one of my favorites. Gah, why does Jenny have to die when I start to like her? Maybe Leong was right, she said I only start liking people after people is dead. Am I really that bad? Yeah, maybe I AM that bad. >_>

I've been using IE 8 since 2 days ago. I HATE IE but it seems that I have no choice because my PC hates Firefox. It fucks up everytime I open more than 5 tabs. Sometimes worst. It closes automatically when I go to some site. IE 8 is SOOOO fucking slow. I'm about to throw the keyboard at the monitor. This sucks.

And.. People, it's final, I'm going to Jason Mraz's concert. All thanks to Audrey for helping me to get the tickets. Haven't seen her for such a long time, I'm so looking forward to it. Be jealous people. Heh, HATERS. =D

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

somewhere a clock is ticking

I'm bored to the core. Nocturne is a ride through hell compared to Persona and I'm just not in the mood to complete The Answer because it takes planning. Maybe I should just do what others did; youtube the cutscenes. Gonna do second playthrough for P4. Will go to Parade this week to check whether they have DDS.

Jason Mraz will be performing in KL on the 4th of March. Who's going? Tickets can be purchased here.

The tickets are quite cheap and reasonable. I see no reason for people not to go. He sounds close to perfect during live performances and his improvised versions of the songs are so much better than the studio recorded ones. I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully the tickets for the rock zone are still available for sale. If I can make it, I hope to see him perform more of his old songs. They're better than the ones on the current album excluding a few tracks such as Dynamo of Volition and Butterfly. Attending his concert is one of the things that I have to do before I die.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

remember to forget

Happy Valentine's people. In order to prevent any unnecessary heartache and eyesore, yours truly decided to stay at home. Sucha bloody brilliant idea. So what have I done today? I didn't even wanna wake up this morning. It was so hard to get out of bed. The house phone kept ringing but of course I didn't bother to pick the call. Then I couldn't stand it any longer because I was hungry. Felt dizzy due to lack of sleep. Was watching The L Word Season 6 till late hours. Talk about L Word, I was quite shocked. Look at this. I didn't expect Jenny to have such feelings for Shane. I'm starting to hate Jenny less than before. She looked so annoying when she was with Niki.

Well, I actually did nothing interesting today. (just because it's Valentine's, it's not necessary to do something interesting, such idiots) The only interesting thing for me was completing P3's The Journey. Shall be starting on The Answer tonight or tomorrow. Despite how sad the fans are on P3's gamefaq board, I have absolutely no feelings for Minato. Maybe I'm really cold blooded. And Aigis is such an annoying robot who goes on and on about humans, life and feelings. I wonder whether I can actually stand playing her as the main character in The Answer. After playing both P3 and P4, it's official that both Mitsuru and Naoto are the best female characters.

Should I go out on both tomorrow and Monday? I'm still not sure yet. Gah, thanks to Mom who wants me to go do charity with her. Why would I DO CHARITY!? Of all people, ME? Can't you see how BAD I look. Do I even look like I'll do it sincerely. Meh, for a moment I really sounded like an ass there. Geez, I'm not in a mood to be nice lately. Most probably I'll be a jerk for these few day. Who cares anyway, right? Tch.

Mannn, Shane Mack's songs are awesome. I finally get to dl a much clearer and higher quality version of Lie to Me. Unfortunately it's so friggin' hard to dl his songs. If only I had a credit card, I'd purchase them from his MySpace profile. Such fantastic songwriting ability.

Friday, February 13, 2009

SMT : Imagine Online

Official site here.

I don't really play MMOs anymore but since I'm in such a SMT mood lately, decided to give it a try. Currently in open beta phase. Spent a few hours exploring the game. It's really Nocturne-ish compared to other SMT games. The designs are kinda similar, dark and all. The game has pretty cool music but the town music gets boring when ya stay in there too long. Cathedral's music is effing cool though, haven't got the chance to do fusions yet but from what I've seen on youtube, the fusion process is really nice to look at.

Character creation screen.

It's not really laggy but it is a bit slow because I'm running the game on an old school comp. Graphic card can't really support the graphics therefore some kinda effects are unable to be produced. Still looks good though for a f2p game. Another interesting thing about the game is that it has cutscenes. Funny. The NPCs talk without any VA-ing. It'll be great if they did VA-ing during the cutscenes. And it's nice when the screen zooms in and focuses on the NPC when you talk to each of em'.

Virtual Training room.

Jack Frost.

Negotiating with Demons to make them your ally.

That thing in the middle is so Nocturne-ish.

Watched Valkyrie yesterday. Friend beside me actually cried during the ending.

Me : ...
Friend : Not cham meh? (she repeated this like for don't know how many times)
Me : It's not even a love story.
Friend : Hou cham lah.
Me : Why didn't you cry when you read our sejarah text book? Those Maharajalela , Tuk Janggut, all also very cham.
Friend : They deserved it.
Me : ...

Meh, the movie was quite good and it's 2 hours long. Bloody cold in the cinema. Almost couldn't move at the end of the movie.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pretty vacant

Went down to KL last Friday. Parents wants me to study in APIIT and in case anyone of you don't know what's that (which I'm sure majority doesn't), it stands for Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology. Talked to the counselor. Everything's fine except for the dress code. They say no slippers, jeans or shorts. Must be formal. The heck, why must they make things so complicated. What if poor people can't afford their own formal attire? *lame excuse* gahh, screw it. School starts on the 23rd of March. I'll be coming up with my own plan to solve this problem. *gg*

Look at the umbrella. Weirdos.

Heh, and I'm actually close to completing P3 FES The Journey. Currently 75 hours. I'll complete it by the end of this week. Gotta do some grinding and some fusions since most people said final boss is a friggin' pain in the ass. After that, gonna start on The Answer.

It's already February and I haven't get a laptop yet. For duuuut's sake, please get me a laptop. I know it's not necessary for foundation but how the heck can you people expect me to survive in KL without one? People like me will die in less than 5 hours if I don't have something to play with. Talk about stupid, now I'm starting to regret that I actually declined mom's offer. She said she'll get me a psp but I declined. Oh, how fucking dumb of me. I thought by doing so, I could get the laptop sooner. I should've ACCEPTED. GAHHHHHHH. *throws the keyboard*

Valentine's this Saturday. Nowadays I find myself switching channels whenever they're showing those annoying love stories on tv. It'll just be another ordinary day for single people like meeee and maybe some of you out there. Right, there are many single people out there. I'll try not to care so much since it's the same every year except for 2006. Like someone said, I'm "FOREVER BAHAGIA". So I think I should live up to that. I'll be 'bahagia' at home with my games and my imaginary...*coughs*Naoto*coughs* I'm still not over Naoto.

Hat wearing boy? ZZZ.

Watched both Underworld part 1 and 2 last week. I can see why people said both of them are better than the latest one but personally I like all of em. I can't even decide which lead actress is hotter. Both are awesome. I need more 'Dark' movies, someone should suggest me good ones.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

it's 1st of feb

Hung out with Lena and Chor. Apparently that will be the last time we see Lena because she wouldn't come back as often as she used to. *mumbles*

Was supposed to watch movie but most movies were sold out. Wasn't bothered because all movies were lousy. Ended up buying a deck of cards just for playing chor dai di at Coffeebean. Is it even legal to play such cards in the public? Someone please answer me, I don't wanna get caught in the future. That would be so mortifying.

I think Chor will do well in Genting. *coughs*

I envy people who can sleep anytime, anywhere. Amazing, no? Nobody seems to care but of course his pose caught my attention. Both Lena and Chor actually left me behind when I said I wanna take his photo. Such... "friends".

Bought this from Friendly Records. It's the last copy. How lucky. Thought it'd be better to buy it than going through the hassle of downloading. I need to restrain myself from watching it. Will only watch it after completing P3 fes since the story takes place after the ending of the game.

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