Friday, May 30, 2008

Interact Community Project - Day 1

So we're supposed to paint so called murals on the walls of Form 5 toilet during the holidays. Fortunately the toilet doesn't really stink but it was kinda stuffy and there were mosquitoes. Mrs Lee and Mrs Ho, I mean Pn Ho came and visited us. I spoke canto. Didn't know we're not allowed to speak canto even during the break. Give me a break. Ken-Ann was cursing so much like nobody's business. Funny.

We'll be painting this on the wall.

And this one too. This is the main one.

Irrelevant. Notice one thing in common.

Everyone was like so nicely dressed. I was the only one wearing slippers. Pai seh.

Ken-Ann named this faggot pose. Swt.

Our main artist.

Artist at work.

Trying to be an artist but failed.

Watched Indiana Jones today. I think I'm having this sleeping in the cinema problem. Don't know why I get really sleepy nowadays when I'm watching movies. Something wrong with my body I guess. Anyway just wanna say Harrison Ford is hot. Notice that I find old men attractive. The lead actor for Ironman is hot too! *sick*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Crystal Wants a New Phone

2 weeks of holidays.
To be honest I have this love hate relationship with holidays. Too many reasons for me to list out why I love holidays and why I hate holidays. Someone told me I should update, so I guess I really should since I'm quite free. Got too much time to spare.

I think I'll be going out a lot during this holiday. I just have this feeling, I don't know why. For example I went out on Saturday, then I went out on Sunday again. With different people and at different places of course. Then most probably I'll be going out on Thursday and Friday again. Hopefully my mom won't kill me. I believe it's quite healthy to go out often. You get to absorb positive energy, stuff like that. *lame reason*

Watched Narnia yesterday with Ken-Ann. She got her new haircut. Looks pretty good on her, but she seems to be complaining a lot. Tsk. Fell asleep during the beginning of the movie. I prefer part 1 more. The plot seems to build up quite slow in part 2. I woke up when Ken-Ann suddenly pushed me. Thanks so much. I actually missed the first battle scene. I think next time I should nap before going into the cinema.

Anyway here are some photos taken by don't know who, I got them from Cik Hasno's CD.

Harshil looks very funny.

Was busy talking with Audrey and my face actually looks funny if the picture is bigger.

Zzz, Harshil you look great, stop touching your hair.

Photo sessions can be really boring when it gets too long.

Ain and Leong complaining about something.


I don't see any reason why they must have candid shots.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Johnny's Sucks

Since exams are over, I can finally 'waste' my time eating. Right. So mom took me and grandpa to her friend's new place. It's located behind JJ. Serves steambot. The concept they use is something like Johnny's. You can choose to order, not necessary to order sets. Anyway they don't have sets. Most importantly, the food there taste so much better than Johnny's. Damn I hate Johnny's. Johnny serves tasteless food. Second thing, this place is so much more comfortable. Yeah, it's worth trying.

Hotpot House


Examples of the food they serve. Pretty much like Johnny's but much fresher.

The chili sauce is lovely.

We had Japan soup and Laksa soup.

No, they don't serve pork there.

Yummy beef.

Me and Old Man, he looks happy tonight.

Mom and me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Effing Stomachache

Went to some Success Edge Workshop today. It's something about studying smart. It was held in one of those mini rooms (not even halls) in YMCA. We arrived late because Annie took too much time preparing herself. Tsk. Even though we arrived late, we did not miss anything because Mr. Jeya started the workshop later than we thought. Yeah, so as expected we went home late too. The workshop was actually some sort of a preview to the real study smart camp thing. So mom was complaining because 20 bucks is too much for a workshop and the study smart camp is actually around 600 bucks. Parents claimed the camp thing is a scam because he's not well known enough, bla bla bla. Oh, never mind, not that I really wanna go. Already expected that I couldn't attend it.
Yeah, as if you're so focused.

Strong woman? I mean girl.

Menjealouskan lah those two people on the left so we decided to stick our heads together too.

teh Poser Annie and me.
So we'll be sitting for Maths paper 2 again tomorrow. Could be good news or bad news. Bad news for those who tried really hard. Good news for those who did badly. Now you're finally given another chance to do it! Give your best! Unfortunately, I don't feel like giving a damn because I'm already in the 'merdeka mood'. Foong Vai went through a few chapters with me and Ken-Ann last night. Hopefully I can still remember and do better tomorrow. Ken-Ann labeled Foong Vai as the Math God. How true!

Anyway this took place last Friday after Mrs Lee made the announcement that form 5s need to sit the Maths paper 2 again..

*Maths teacher walks in*
*most 5v3 students very excited especially those sitting in front*
Harshil : Teacher teacher, need to sit the Maths paper 2 again.
Other students : Yalah, teacher, bla bla bla~
Harshil : Teacher, the circle, bla bla bla *lists out those questions she doesn't know*
Teacher : Uh, ya, so what do you want?

That made most of us laugh. Okay, maybe it isn't funny because you actually have to be there to see how she reacted. Swt.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


1. Write the title of your memoirs using 6 words.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link to the person that you tagged.
4. Tag 5 more blogs.

Title : Sleep, Guitar, Sex, Music, Love, Parents.

Something essential in everyone's life. How many of us here actually gets the sufficient sleep for the body? Definitely not me. I lack sleep, lack a lot of sleep. Sometimes I sleep too much but most of the time I lack sleep. Somehow I can't understand how people can actually sleep for so many hours in the evening, and they still sleep extremely early at night. *coughs* *coughs* as much as I love sleeping for hours when I'm bored or when I'm moody, I also hate sleeping because sleeping is such a major waste of time. I used to force myself not to sleep in the evening so that I have more time for my other activities. Lol, actually I really feel like sleeping when I'm writing this.

From classical ones to acoustic ones, from acoustic ones to electric ones, they're still amazing. One of the best instruments ever made. Each type of guitar can bring out the oomph of each genre of music. Even the most basic technique, strumming is able to make a song so lovely. This explains why many of us enjoy listening to acoustic versions of songs. For rock songs, they're catchy riffs which makes the song plays in your head for days, for weeks or even more. Then we have solos. I'll describe guitar solos as orgasmic. Mind blowing. Never forget the importance of plucking! Instrumental stuff played by plucking is extremely beautiful. There are so many techniques to be mastered on the guitar that you'll never get bored of it. Well, I'm never bored of the guitar because it's one of my greatest passion in life which keeps me going. It's one of those things that I'll keep on trying hard to improve because guitar really requires tremendous effort.

One of my favorite subjects for discussion. It's interesting even though you might be saying practically the same points over and over again. Why is it interesting? Human nature. Lol. I believe most people are really into this topic but I just hate those people out there who shows those 'I'm-disgusted-will-you-please-stop-it-' face. Oh, c'mon, why do you get so disgusted easily? How were we all conceived? Yes, from sex, so I don't see anything wrong discussing sex. Showing this kind of attitude is definitely a super turn off. It doesn't prove you're innocent, pure, holy, clean, whatever shit.

Life would be meaningless and dull without music. If you disagree, I'd like to meet you because it'd be really 'cool' to meet someone who actually hates music. You must be an intriguing person. Yeah, so basically I start off my day with really loud and heavy music like metal and rock. My day ends with really soft love songs or instrumental stuff such as trance, new age, traditional or fingerstyle guitar music. I used to be a freak who downloads huge discographies of rock bands but I've stopped this habit ever since my PC went kaput. Since I'm only using a temporary PC, I can't afford to download so much stuff. Moreover, my external HD which I use to store my music is almost full. I think my music collection is 50 ++ gb. Someone should give me a larger external HD for my coming birthday so I'll be able to download more music without worrying.

Love, I love the fact that you can make me so crazy of someone and I also hate you because you can make really depressed if it's not a mutual thing. Stupid. Sometimes I hope there is no such thing as love in life. Then there wouldn't be so much sorrow and minor problems to be worried of but then again, without love, there is no joy. How ironic. Love comes and goes so fast. One moment you'll be so in love with that person and maybe the next moment, you start to hate that person so much just because of one silly little thing. Oh wells, it's weird but that's what Love is capable of doing to us.. I mean me but for the time being I believe love is here to stay as long as we try to work things out. =)

Running out of idea for the sixth word. Therefore I choose Parents! They're the light of my life. Without them, there will be no me. Even though there are times I do hate them because of their opinions and the way they judge people and their lame reasons for not letting me do something, I still love my parents. I think it's not an overstatement to say that my love for other people will fade someday but my love for my parents will never fade because they're always there for me no matter what. Somehow I hope my mom will stop complaining that I don't love her.

I'll tag :

  1. Foong Vai
  2. Ken-Ann
  3. Kiern
  4. Ikaru
  5. Audrey

Monday, May 12, 2008


Want Some?
These were served as finger food for the church people who came over just now. I managed to hide in my room for more than 3 hours studying and onlining and doing other unnecessary stuff of course. Their prayers and songs and talking were so loud. It was extremely hard for me to fully concentrate on my revision. As a matter of fact, I was compelled to put on my headphones and listen to new age music while trying to absorb the facts from the text book. This is so not myself because I can't actually read something while listening to music. Swt.

Freaks actually refer to those people out there who are stealing my books! Yes! There are freaks out there who actually steal books! What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays? For those who don't know, I practise leaving all my books in the class, those which I won't be using for revision of course. Today when I went to my class during stayback, I saw my Sastera reference book on top of the drawers. Next, my English Essay exercise book was under a desk at the end of the class. Never mind. I thought those strangers who came to my class messed around with my books. After that I went to look for my English Literature and Ekonomi Asas exercise books. Couldn't find them. Again, never mind. I went home, searched searched and searched. Couldn't find them too! Someone must have stolen it. No doubt. FREAKS. Sick. I'm gonna kill her or whoever if I know who stolen them. You people need to be sent to the asylum or something. I can't see what's so fun messing around with people's books.


My grandpa's piece of art. I know totally not related but if you were there, you'll be like O_O . The chairs looked as if they'll fall anytime on anyone passing by.

Somebody said I look like her? What the heck? Which part? Please tell me not even 0.1% of me looks like her. UGH.

Anyway today is Happy Mother's Day!
Did you wish your mom? If you haven't, please please do so. After all they're your moms. Be good. *hinting to someone* *coughs*

Still another week to go before my exams end. My brain was really really frozen for some period of time today. What I read couldn't go in. It's alright now thanks to some exercise. I'm actually drinking tea to keep myself awake. Unfortunately I'm still quite sleepy. Screw it. =(

Friday, May 9, 2008


Was busy with exams few days ago. Yeah, thanks to last minute revision. Gonna do crash revision this weekend. Gotta force myself to really concentrate for another week. It's so hard to concentrate nowadays. Something must be wrong with my brain. If only Doraemon existed then life would be much easier for Crystal. Ever heard of the bread which allows you to remember all the facts? If you're scratching your head now, you should really get yourself a copy of Doraemon. I'm surprised there are people out there who actually doesn't read Doraemon. *coughs* *coughs*

People from the church or group you call it will be coming over next Monday to have this Rosary session thing. Fortunately I can use exams as an excuse to hide myself in my room. If not, I'd be really screwed. I can't recite those prayers. How embarrassing.

My mind is actually frozen. I had a lot to blog about a few days back. Suddenly I've forgotten everything. Lack of sleep I guess. Will blog more when my mind 'recovers'.

Yesterday during Lionel's tuition, while he was so busy explaining, I was busy scribbling and doing totally irrelevant things such as this. Lol.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Lazy Sunday


Feeling extremely lazy and moody today. Lazed in bed in the evening while my mom went for mass. Didn't know why she told me to stay at home instead of following her. Weird? She said something about late. Was half asleep so didn't really understand what she was talking about. Anyway I did a cover of Eric Clapton's Unplugged version of Wonderful Tonight.

I used something to make the volume louder. Haha.

So yeah, there's Big Apple in JJ now. There goes my dream of opening a donut shop in Ipoh. *cries* but~ I still have the chance of opening J Co. =D

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