Monday, November 16, 2009

fatt choi mao my ass

Was having dinner with relatives last night and I got attacked by a stray cat! Cats are incredibly pretentious. I'm not kidding. They act all cute and innocent, then they'll suddenly go nuts and ambush you. I couldn't even eat in peace. The cat was literally stalking me the whole night while I was in the restaurant. In the end it got so full of itself and it took over my chair. Thanks to that I had to stand for about 15 minutes.

Oh, Mix FM played FYI today. I got so happy and I virtually shouted in the car. As usual, my mom gave me a big swt look and continued driving and also as usual, she took the chance to annoy me by purposely saying Yuutada instead of Ootada. Anyways I didn't expect them to play that song.

Started playing FFI today since I've already finished GTA CTW. Such beautiful music and the so called 8 bit characters look damn adorable. Hopefully I won't get addicted since I need to finish 3 4 assignments by this week. Oh Kami-sama.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

can i play with madness?

Much has been happening recently. Had 2 practical programming assessments immediately the week after mid terms; thus, no time for me to even take a break. Dear lecturers were right when they said semester 2 is actually a run in the park. Fortunately I did not take Moral. Else it would be a sprint in the park.

Something must have fallen on my dad's head last Sunday because he finally helped me to drill the holes for the curtain bars and pin up board. I'm actually loving how the black, red and white blend together so perfectly, especially when my room is green in color. In other words, the bond between me and my bedroom is getting stronger. Heck, what comes out of my mouth these days is getting weirder. I wonder why. Must be excessive consumption of caffeine.

Found out something funny from Mey today. Apparently a few of my college friends on my MSN contact list think that I'm the person in the display picture that I use. They even said I look cute in the picture. I LOL-ed badly. Seriously. It's really comical but then again it's a tad depressing. Shows how much people pay attention to my face. They can't even differentiate the features on my face. *inserts crying emoticon* Guess I'll change my display picture to something which looks more celebrity-like.

Despite the shitload of assignments given, I still have time to catch up with the latest PSP games. For instance, GTA : China Town Wars. Good Lord, I utterly adore this game. I'm addicted to it. The old school top down camera view is wonderful! I don't comprehend people who thinks that just because the camera view is top down, the graphics are 2-D. How dense. The retro camera view makes the game so much enjoyable. There are so many mini games or side missions to be done including drugs dealing. Talk about the immensely 'good' influence that video games have on children these days. The best part of this game is-it revolves around chinese people. Hell yeah, asians rock. I'm so glad Rockstar decided to make this game. Chinese people can really kick ass. There's even a radio station which plays traditional chinese music which are played using instruments like Gu Zheng.

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