Monday, December 29, 2008

i'd like to work as a mascot

Finally got back to Ipoh. Not like I was in Genting for days. Was just there for 2 nights but I was too lazy to update because I was too busy sleeping in KL. Anyway it was bloody cold in Genting. Exceptionally cold this time. Maybe because it's the rainy season. Had difficulty sleeping. Forced myself not to move so that there'll be more warmth. And I hurt my ass after going to the outdoor theme park. Crap. Mom said it's the backbone or something. Whatever. It still hurts till today. Damnit. Overall it was quite enjoyable but I wish I'm 21 so that I could go to the casino instead of rotting at night. 4 more years. Be patient! My parents said I have the tendency to become a compulsive gambler. What the heck?

Cousin bro's girlfriend and I.

Together with cousins.

Looks cool (look at the photo below)..

..trick revealed.

Second day at the outdoor themepark.

Lumix mascot!

This thing looks VERY adorable.


Such a poser.

You actually have to pay if you wanna take photos with them. Bugger.


I think this is the mascot for the local ice cream. Ridiculously lame.

I still find clowns scary. His costume reminds me of KFC.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i want a psp as an xmas gift

I'm in KL and I'll be here for one week. So anyway today's my first day. Had a nice lunch at Duck King. Damn, people have no idea how much I love ducks and just how much I've been craving for them. I don't get to eat them often because my mom doesn't take ducks due to health reasons.
What the heck? This made me laugh.


Some kinda old fashioned rice with minced pork and mushroom.

Szechuan soup with dumpling.

Stuffed brinjals with some kinda fish paste.

Fried chicken with chillies. Boy, this is effing spicy. I gave up after trying one bite.

Headed to Mid Valley. Mom wanted to get Xmas gifts for relatives. It was boring. I had to help her choose stuff and she was asking me for opinions. It's okay to ask for opinions but she was choosing those really girly stuff. I have no idea what's the best and the most IN thing in town. Later on we ate the BEST EGG TARTS (that's what the shop claims). Anyway it's really not bad. So far the best egg tarts I've ever tasted. People should try. Better than Kampung Simee ones.

The ones without butter and the ones with butter. Heavenly.

After dinner, we went to Echo Park to take a look at Avia shoes. I've been drooling over them since one year ago. They didn't have my size. Btw I hate the size of my feet, it's weird. It's not too big or too small. Saw a few new designs and in the end mom decided to buy a pair for me. *muka very elated* Thanks mom.

In the process of drooling.

...and finally it's mine. *smirks*

Tomorrow will be going to Genting for 2 nights. So an early Merry Christmas to everyone! Have fun people. =)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Most people do believe that the more you hate something, the more that thing will come to you. I'm not an exception. My hatred towards weird creatures is something that even me myself can't comprehend. Since I was a kid, I could sense it when a beetle or bee is about to get into my room. I could sense it even before when it lands right outside the door of my room. No idea why but I'm gifted with sharp hearing, only for listening to the sound of their wings, not other things. 9 out of 10 times when I have that gut feeling, for sure the beetle or whatever weird insect will be in my room in less than 10 minutes. Besides creatures which can fly, four legged weirdos scare me a lot too, for instance, long lizards. They look SOSOSO disgusting. Saw one at home 2 weeks back. Grandma ended the lizard's life by hitting it with a pot.

Then today while I was having dinner at the food court near Tong Sui road, I saw this dog which looks a cow. It's the newest species in town. Look closer, it even has eyes which glow in the dark. xD

Went out with Leong and friends to celebrate her birthday. Watched the movie Yes Man. Gotta say the poster doesn't give me the impression that it'll be an enjoyable movie. I told her I'll blame her for everything if the movie bores me. Fortunately the movie was really good. It has gotta be good because most audience were laughing during 95% of the movie. Your sense of humour must be really atrocious if you don't think it's funny. *coughs* *hint* *hint* Anyway I laughed so badly, couldn't control it. The movie made me grin even when I was walking out of the cinema. Zi Zhe said the next time people should provide me with tissues if I ever watch a comedy movie because I laughed too much till I cried. A lot. I think I produced a lot of tears today.

So my dad was saying that what Carl did in the movie is something good for everyone and everyone should learn to apply it. And yeah, I totally agree with him and I told him to practise saying yes to everything. He should say yes whenever I ask her for new gadgets and money. Immediately he showed me a swt face. Parents,.. tsk.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Finally received my birthday gift from Zhen Min. It's really special. Special as in the process of getting the gift. Here's the story.

This morning at 11 plus, she phoned me.

ZM : Go check your mail box, I already left the gift in your mailbox.
Me : Huh? What? Are you sure it's the right house?
ZM : Yeah.
Me : 21?
ZM : Yeah, go check but I'm not sure whether it's that house.
Me : ...
ZM : I thought no one was at home so I just left it there and I was afraid that your mom will come out yelling at me.
Me : Uh okay, I'll check. *checks* (fyi the mailbox is full with weird tools and there's a lizard inside so I had to actually muster my courage to check it) Don't have lah. WRONG HOUSE IS IT?
ZM : Oh my god (I have no idea how many times she repeated this. Lol)
Me : Should've phoned me right? Now how?
ZM : I lost your number and I had to ask from 5 friends to get your number. I'm at home right now.
Me : ... uh ask someone to fetch you there to get it?
ZM : I'm with my grandma and she can't drive. (and I think she mentioned something about her mom isn't home)
Me : Well I guess I have to wait for my mom or grandpa to get back.
ZM : What time will they be back?
Me : Uh, 5 plus.
ZM : Oh my god. The owner of the house would've taken the gift.
ZM : Walk to the house and get it.
Me : You said it's 21 right? How can there be so many 21s in one single taman? *swt*
ZM : I don't know. Just walk lahhh.

So in the end I decided to walk. My biggest concern was being chased by dogs. It was super super hot. I walked till the opposite end and there wasn't any 21 house. So I phoned her again.

Me : Don't have lah. You dropped it off at 121 is it?
ZM : No, it's 21.
Me : Describe the house.
ZM : I think it's brownish orange. There's a grandpa chair. There's a small field with a few medium sized plants and there's a bell above the mailbox. (I thought she really meant a BELL, a friggin BELL)
Me : That's my house LAH! ...uh what bell?
ZM : Those white electronic bell but it isn't working anymore.
Me : (oh that kinda bell) okay lah I'll walk back to check.

So I walked back to my house and I kept digging the mailbox. By the time I finished, the weird tools were scattered all over the floor. Then suddenly I remembered my grandpa came back. Most of the time he's in charge of checking the mail. I phoned him and asked him whether he took anything from the mailbox. He said he took something like a CD and he actually placed the CD near the stack of newspaper which is supposed to be recycled. Wtf. Fuhhh, I went to search and fortunately it was there. Quickly phoned Zhen Min. The whole process was 1 hour long. Then I unwrapped the package.


a MARILYN MANSON CD! I was kinda surprised. My first MANSON CD. w00t! Awesome.
THANK YOU ZHEN MIN! ZHEN MIN IS <3. HAHA, she said she had to ask the police and look at the map to find my house. LOL.

Monday, December 8, 2008

the unrequited dream

It's already the 8th.
She did not return my call.
This means they've decided not to hire me.
No job.
Anyone knows where I can find a job with good pay? (close to RM 1000)

Since I was so bored, I recorded a video of myself doing a cover of Big Bang - Make Love on the acoustic guitar, without vocals of course.

Chords :

Standard tuning, Capo on 1st fret.

Friday, December 5, 2008

everything about this is insipid

Was exercising and when I wanted to get my towel, this thing was on the towel. Is it a spider or what? It's disgusting for sure. *runs*

Thursday, December 4, 2008


First day after finishing SPM. I'm not that excited. In fact, I'm bored. Nothing much to look forward to except for getting a job and sitting for the driving test. This morning I piled up all my reference books, test papers and notes. Then I had to go through them all to see which ones are still in good condition. Troublesome. Very. The dust kept attacking my nose and eyes. Ugh. Anyway I just realized that I have many new Perdagangan workbooks. There's also an Accounts Form 5 and Science past year SPM papers. All of them are new. I'm giving them away for free so if you're interested, msn me or leave a msg here. Ask your friends whether they're interested. Somehow I don't feel like selling them to novel hut. Lol.

After months of waiting, finally managed to download a nice dvd rip of Saw V. The methods of killing are still cool. I wonder where they get those ideas. The ending was a bit unexpected. Can't wait for Saw VI. I'm so excited because Jigsaw will be making his appearance.

Anyway has anyone watched the trailer for The Spirit? It'll be out on Xmas day. Looks good. Reminds me a lot of Zorro, but a much better version. The best thing is, they're using the Dark theme.

Monday, December 1, 2008

another day thinking why

Accounts was really bad.

Accounts can easily beat history. Damnit.

2 more days and I will get back to my job, a full time slacker.

Had dinner at Restaurant Unique, bla, something like that. Forgotten the exact name. Took a few nice photos.

Thanks to someone's bad influence, I'm addicted to DMC. Awesome shit. Went to Popular book fair last week and bought an old book. I think it was released a few years back.

Last night I was so busy reading this book. Therefore, I ended up dumping my revision books aside. Well done Crystal. Anyway the book consists of many short stories. Most of the short stories that I've read left a great impact. Leaves reader with something to ponder. And I just realized this cover sucks, mine is better because it doesn't have this woman. >_>

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