Saturday, May 14, 2011

evolving taste?

Finished Mass Effect 2 two days ago and I have to say it's one hell of a space adventure! I usually avoid games which are too futuristic/space-themed and also shooter games. Definitely not my cup of tea but after coming across countless praises for this game, I decided I had to give it a try! 

Lucky for gamers who do not own the Xbox360 or a gaming PC, this was released for the PS3 a few months back together with an interactive comic which summarizes the events of the first game and a few DLC packs. Great deal!

I was a bit skeptical when I first bought the game. Despite being a RPG, it still looked too much like a shooter but after 2 hours, I was convinced that I purchased the right thing because by then I was hooked. Busy completing sidequests and mining for more resources to fortify whatever necessary. 

Very diverse cast, each character comes with an interesting story. Each leaves a different impression and I like how I get to choose who to bring during missions. Though it's a shame that the romance options do not allow same sex relationships. I'm hoping this will be rectified in the third game (2012!?). Bonus points for no annoying voice acting, I actually dig the voice acting for the female main character though I haven't gotten the chance to try out a male character.

She reminds me of Angelina Jolie.
Though there are many terms which can be overwhelming to those who haven't played the first game, fear not for the dialogues and codex are both helpful. Difficulty setting is very flexible and it can be changed whenever possible though I don't plan on touching insanity....

Battles are fast-paced but I heard different approaches can be taken depending on which class you picked. The only thing which I really hate is the sub vehicle missions. The controls are awful; hence, the frustration. Hopefully they'll get rid of this in the sequel or at least improve it.

And because music is one of the top 3 things that I look for in a game, ME2 doesn't fail. The music isn't very impressive but there are a few memorable tracks here and there that invoke intense feelings when played. I just found out that Jack Wall is the composer. Now if I get to see him again live this year, I might ask him to sign my copy of ME2. That's if he's willing to, lol.  

Overall, the game is incredibly immersive. It's like how you want to rush it to know the end but when you're there you get this sad little feeling that it's all over and you're gonna miss the game. ME2 has changed my view towards shooter/space-based RPGs and right now I'm dying for more Mass Effect related things. Someone answer me why the hell is the first game not released on the PS3?

Frankly speaking I can't wait to start a second run, this time using a male character instead but for the time being I'll be busy with Yakuza 4 (was also very lucky to get a second hand copy; nevertheless, it was in perfect condition). :)

That wasn't the only thing I completed, I've also finished both seasons of Code Geass and I'm 101% sure that Lelouch and Light from Death Note are actually brothers separated at birth. If you've watched both animes, I think you'll agree with me. 

I'm not sure which I prefer more but both are gems.  DN is darker and more twisted while CG is more emotional and there's more drama to it. Music-wise DN would win because its post-rock tracks are excellent but what the heck, why am I even comparing them? They're both of different genres though the main characters are amazing strategists.

Now what should I watch next.


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