Monday, May 2, 2011

what angered me and what didn't

I'm totally in the mood for big fat complaints.

Let's not touch on pet peeves or else I'll have too much to say.

THE 'wedding of the century' took place a few days ago.  'm aware that they are many people out there who respects or admire them in various ways and they'd hog the television / internet for hours to witness the whole ceremony because yeah it's g-r-a-n-d and very very elegant. Nothing's wrong with that but you know what totally irks me is those bunch of people who keeps telling others to watch it. 
They say things like,
"You're big already. You have to watch things like that".
"Such grand wedding ceremonies are extremely rare. You should expose yourself to such things".

They go on and on with the same points paraphrased. Stop it. 

People all have different interests and I for one have ZERO interests in weddings, let's not even drag same sex marriage into this or I'll talk non-stop. It's fine if you're so intrigued by this wedding. If that's the case go ahead and watch it and stop telling me to watch. I'm not bothered at all.

The worse thing is this. If such wedding were to happen in Malaysia (as in the Msia's royal families etc), would you even bother to watch it (assuming there's live coverage)? Be honest now. How many people would watch it? I know that I won't. But people who watched the recent wedding of the century, how many of them would watch it? It's safe to say zilch but of course I might be too presumptuous here. But then again adults that I've spoken to said that it's not worth watching the ones in Malaysia because hey, it's Malaysia so it's not gonna be as grand and it'll be boring, waste of time, bla.

Now you see why the young generation these days have no love for their own countries. As much as I talk bad about Malaysia from time to time, it IS SAD to see adults telling such things to kids. This will obviously lead to people having no love for their country. I admit that I'm not very patriotic but I believe that it's because of how I was brought up, very much due to nurture. My parents or family weren't exactly the patriotic kind and I believe most of us here didn't  grow up in patriotic families.

By telling your kids such things you're conveying the message that other countries are far more superior than Malaysia. Fast forward ten years, what would your kids think? Malaysia sucks, I wished I was born in America, in Japan, in this in that. Anyways yes, I just felt that it was quite sickening to hear such things from the adults I've talked to including my own mother. 

Moving on to happier things, watched Thor with Ann yesterday. Highly entertaining. Great blend of action and humor. Nothing much to dislike especially when there's Natalie Portman. Nothing much to shout about the story though, very straight forward. Also met Nigel and his mom at Coffee Bean, what a small world!

Maroon 5's concert was fun too, very energetic performance by the band. Great tracklist, they played most of my favourite songs including the not so well known Secret and they were pretty friendly with the audience, encouraging them to move forward. Had the chance to talk to the super Adam Levine fangirl aka Audrey for a very short while, wow her hair is loooong! 

On Sunday, there was a 3 page article in The Star (thanks to Mey who informed me about this) which covers common LGBT issues like bully, disrespect, rejection, prejudice and you get the idea. Good effort I say. It takes such actions to raise awareness. The article would be even better if they focused more on lesbians and ftms as well. Dr Goh was interviewed and judging from what he said, maybe it's safe to assume that HELP is pretty gay-friendly. Btw isn't this an excellent opportunity/timing to suggest to him about the LGBT club that we spoke of awhile ago? Anyone? :p


~Soul~ May 2, 2011 at 9:56 PM  

I'm not invited to that meeting~ =)
so I should just act dumb~ hehe

【Huiyin】 May 2, 2011 at 9:57 PM  

LOL.. because he got a relative who is also "kaki lang".. that's why he is more positive on this issue.. XD

Yan Shan May 5, 2011 at 8:48 PM  

I haven't read the article and i asked mey to save it for me.

As for the LGBT group, I shy nak suggest~~~

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