Saturday, January 19, 2008

Screwed Up

Song of the Week :
McFly - All About You

Don't know why but suddenly I'm into their music again.
I guess their music really suit my current weird mood. I can still remember how much I listened my first McFly song, She Left Me. Back then I was facing similar problems too. Funny.
Anyway this song is really happy compared to She Left Me. Direct and sweet lyrics. I so wanna play and sing this song to someone. *swt*

" and i would answer all your wishes if you ask me to.."

Good morning people, I just woke up like half an hour ago which is around 1 in the morning. Well actually it has been really tiring for me lately due to my not so healthy sleeping patterns. Anyway after tuition, me and FV went to L's House so it was really tiring after that. Then went for dinner. Got home, played guitar awhile. After that which is around 10 plus I told myself that I'll just nap for 30 minutes. What happened? I switched off my alarm thrice. Goodness, that's how I ended up here writing this.

Shit, my eyes are swollen and I'm actually hungry. Ate 'guilingao'. Omg, it's really nice. Or maybe it's because I haven't eaten that for years. I'm still hungry. What am I supposed to do? Damn, should have woke up earlier. She went off. She actually msn-ed me a few minutes after I went to sleep. Cruel fate or bad timing? Bah, never mind.

Now I'll do some crap and go to sleep at 3 if I can stand it.
Honestly, I'm still tired. *laughs*
Good night.


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