Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Than You, More Than You Know

Addicted to fried crabsticks. Half remaining after I updated.

CNY is just around the corner.
In other words, it's the time to get fat. =)

The rain was soooo heavy today. At some point I wished those trees will fall, like what happened last time. I'm not sick. I just wanna experience it. You know, the chaos and all. Haha, I bet it'll be really interesting. Too bad they didn't but the field was practically flooded. So were the drains. The cars couldn't see the drains. Most of them nearly got stuck (including my grandpa). Fortunately there was a group of juniors telling the drivers by using sign language to stop moving. The traffic sucked. To play safe, I won't write why here but some people should be more considerate by moving their car aside for others. Thanks to one car, everyone can't move. Such a bloody waste of time. When I was on my way back home, water entered grandpa's car. Total fun. My first experience.

Wouldn't have stayed if I knew it was gonna rain so heavily. We wasted practically one hour. Did nothing. Stared at people. Talked. Slacked.

Anyway today is Hyde's birthday!


The organizer, Kar Yen tarik diri during last minute. Funny. I met her at the toilet. She asked me so many times whether I really wanna do it. I was like of course, it's your plan. Lol. Anyway we didn't do it in the end because she thinks it's really pai seh. *shakes head*

I'm in a good mood now and hence the post title. =DDDDD
Seriously, I hope you really mean everything you say because Crystal can't take jokes.
Copied the title from Daughtry's Over You. I'm currently addicted to that song. Strong vocals and it's fun to sing along. Scream your lungs out. Might be doing a cover of it later after I get a new mic.


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