Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eve !

Just got home from reunion dinner. Waited one bloody hour for the food to arrive. Haha when we asked when will the food will arrive, the 'Captain' tried explaining. Aunty Mei made many jokes and kinda scoffed at the 'Captain'. She claimed those are lies. Well, I bet she knows a lot since she deals with customers everyday. The food was pretty unique especially the dessert and the prawns. Too bad no photos. *winks*

Anyway I went over to Aunty Jo's place this afternoon to see my cousin Jeff for awhile. He looks less macho this time. Apparently he's busy with his job so less time for work out. Doesn't matter much because he actually looks better with less muscles. Too much muscles is scaryyyy. Then Aunty Jo gave me a bag of candies she bought from Taiwan. Cool. =DDDD

Weirdo keychain!


Nice Shape huh?

Guilingao Candies from Aunty Mei. The texture is something like Dodol.

I'm so excited because we'll be having western food for dinner tomorrow. First time in my life having western food during CNY. Do not scoff. HAHA!


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