Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Money Face

Been really busy since last week.
So far things are going really good. First of all, I'd like to say thank you God for blessing us all. Next, thank you to those people out there who actually supported and prayed for us. The prayers were answered. Managed to win first place for Kuiz Pengguna Peringkat Daerah. Will be representing Kinta next week.

Today we went for Kuiz PNB Peringkat Negeri together with Convent. Both MGS and Convent represented Kinta Utara and another Islam school represented another part of Kinta. Forgotten which part. Took a van to this place called Gerik. Don't ask me where is that. It's somewhere after Kuala Kangsar. A small town. With KFC but not McD. Chin said, "Since there isn't McD here, means those people belum makan McD before. They only know the taste of KFC". Lol, she can be so mean and funny at times.

The quiz was held in some sekolah asrama. The school is located up in the mountains. Yes, mountains. You actually need to climb a few flight of stairs to reach the asrama. How torturing is that. Especially with the excruciating heat. So as usual, the event was held inside this place, Dewan Makan. Bloody hot, really effing bloody hot. I almost died due to suffocation. Practically 5 hours inside that place. Felt like being in the desert. No wait, felt like being trapped inside a mini microwave. I have no idea how those students there actually survive in their baju kurung-s.

So anyway to cut it short, we won.
Therefore we'll be representing Perak for the next Kuiz PNB Peringkat Kebangsaan which is in August. It'll be held in Palace of The Golden Horses. Utterly awesome. I'm so looking forward to that. *smirks* xD


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