Monday, June 2, 2008


Just to update a bit, I'm now in KL.
Went for dinner at Tony Roma's. Lovely and huge portions.
Anyway my camera 'died' again thanks to those cheap ass batteries so I managed to take these pictures only. Friggin' lame.
I like the butter.

My dad called the waiter who did this faggot. Swt.

Sauce sauce sauce.

The main course. RIBS! The little bowl beside the ribs is tomato pesto salad.

Tomorrow will be trying out some Japanese + Western fusion type of pasta.
Too bad the Food God won't be able to snap any photos.

Busy shopping the whole day at Sungai Wang and Times Square. So those places are so packed with those stupid Jrockers wannabes. Whatever you wanna call them. They're like so into visual kei. I notice the shops for visual kei are actually increasing. Some of them even require you to have membership? Through membership only you can enter that shop to purchase those clothings. How lame is that. There was this shop with so many huge posters of VK bands.

Besides, there were many youngsters who try TOO hard to look vk-ish and in the end they look like shit. I also bet that they just like VK because it looks good, not because of the great music. Anyway there was this shop playing Gazette's Taion. I got quite excited. I actually purposely stayed in that shop to listen to the music. Those wannabes were such an eyesore. Lol. I'm so mean but I can't just help being mean because they really annoy me to the max.

If you have the time, please look at the video below.
It's the music video for Gazette's Taion. Great song. Great music. Average looks but fucking great band. Yay. =)


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