Sunday, June 8, 2008

You People Can Just Quit Convincing Me

Dai Gau Min - BIG FACE? APAM?

Truth is I just like posting pictures of any food. They make me happy and the one above is one of my all time favorites.

My blog is half dead so I'm just updating it in order to 'resurrect' it a bit.
Anyway, been busy these few days with lotsa activities. Came back from KL, hung out with friends, went to SMI's Military Band concert and spent time with relatives. Tomorrow school will be reopening. How depressing. I'm actually a little looking forward to it due to a few reasons *coughs* *coughs* but I also dread school, especially those, uh, never mind. Not good to to be so specific sometimes. I'm also having Quiz Pengguna this Wednesday so please pray for me and my other team members, Chin, Lim and Cherish to do well.

Regarding the SMI concert, I think they did a great job. Spectacular performance by both bands. We arrived late though because we were too busy enjoying our meals. The last song, Tong Hua was really beautiful and touching. Many people waved their glow sticks in the air. Ken-Ann was busy singing along. How 'menswtkan'. I thought the concert was over but the audience shouted for an encore. So for encore, both bands played We Are The One. Another touching tune. Overall I think the concert was quite entertaining but a little too long for impatient audiences such as me and some other people. *coughs* I forgotten who asked me about MGS band after the performance. I think Nicholas did. Well, I didn't want to give any comment. Haha. Btw Yuk Choy is such a nice school. Nice hall and nice basketball court. Would be totally cool if MGS has a basketball court. A gym will be even better. I can just dream on.

Been playing bowling quite often these days. Like what Foong Vai said, I've got myself addicted but too bad I'm still such a n00b. So far my highest score is only 130. Watched many pro bowlers on youtube and I've got to say, they're amazing especially the way they do 'the hook'. I'm actually thinking of getting lessons but I don't know where I can get them so if you people have any idea, please do tell me. I'll really appreciate it. Btw if anyone wants to play with a n00b, you can always count me in, I'll be glad to join and if you're willing to share and teach me, I'll be also very willing to learn. xD


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