Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Blog is Dying

Haha, you're right.
My blog is really dying. Partially. I don't mean to kill it but recently there hasn't been any major interesting events. Never mind, I'll just drop by to update a bit before I go for my Quiz Pengguna tomorrow. So people, please please please pray for us again. It'll be held in Kampar. I haven't been there before so I'm a little excited. I know I lame. So what?

Seriously there is nothing much for me to post so I'll simply post a few photos. These are actually real photos. I used my digi camera to take them. This explains why they're 'senget'. Uh, know what I mean? Never mind. I'm too dumb to explain. Lol.

This week will be an extremely hectic one. I'm so thankful that the quiz doesn't clash with the camp. If not, I'll be so so so dead and heartbroken. *coughs*

My lovely Sejarah teacher teased me again today.
I was practically dozing off, so if you know me, you can imagine how my eyes look like.

Pn. Murizan - "Crystal nampak macam Garfield. Ei, nasib baik saya perempuan. Kalau saya lelaki, saya akan ingat awak sedang 'tackle' saya".

After saying that, she laughed so loud. Swt.
I don't see how those small eyes can be used to tackle people.
She even gave me a task for the week after next. She'll be away for some course I think so she wants me to teach the class during the absence. I'm trying not to imagine the worst case scenario but really, this task thing is scary. My sejarah isn't that good and she's telling me to teach people. Wait, those are not even ordinary people, those are 5V3 students. *dies*
Anyway, I promise I'll post something 'yang berkualiti' when I'm back from GB Annual Camp. xD


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