Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the knack to murder

Despite having a ridiculous timetable, I'm actually beginning to like Semester 3.  Lovin' this semester because of the amount of subjects and the ludicrous time for most classes (Wednesday especially). It's from 8 - 9.30 am. After that I'm free for the whole day. Was bragging last night in front of my mom, she looked so incredibly annoyed and envious. Who wouldn't?  I can have the whole day to myself, lazing around at home. This is the first Wednesday of the semester. Came home after class and immediately started to watch 07 Ghosts. After 3 episodes, took a zizz. Had a horrible dream of being put to sleep by a witch and I turned into a killing machine in order to defend myself. Killed the whole family. It was a pretty gory dream which involved cooking utensils as weapons. Very surreal though. As I was enjoying smashing people's heads and watching them crying out in pain, I was awoken by a voice,"Eh, hungry or not?".  Dad's a wet blanket.

I'm pretty proud of myself today because I finally have the willpower to revamp my dusty blog after months of not blogging and not visiting it at all. First time using XML skins, quite a slow person, I've been living inside the forest alongside the farmers. Even decided to dumped many blog links that I don't really visit. Figured out it's better to shorten the list because it's quite an eyesore. For 2010, one of my resolutions is to not abandon the blog. This will be exciting year so why abandon it?

It might be a little late to say goodbye to 2009 but it was a really great year for me. Attended college for the first time. Even though up to this point, I don't really like going to college, I have to say the exposure is highly significant and worthwhile. Academically wise, I'm quite content with what I accomplished in 2009. The only complaint will be my results for Semester 2 but I've made an oath to give my best for this final semester. Besides that, I just realized that I watch more animes, read more and play more video games during my college years as compared to my high school years. Frankly, I'm not really sure whether this is problematic or not. One more thing, my caffeine addiction has gotten worse since last year. Fortunately I don't smoke or else my teeth will be really yellow.

2010 will definitely be thrilling and it's not because of my optimism. I don't think I have that in me but it's because Psychology intrigues me and Statistics is pretty challenging. Though it seems difficult but Ms. Jasamine claimed it's easier than Finite Maths, so that's definitely something to look foward to. March draws near. In other words, we're getting closer to the release date of FFXIII English version! There's also Kuroshitsuji Season 2 and K-On! Season 2!

The only thing that I'm not really happy about is that annoying Eric took entirely different subjects. We no longer have the same timetable. That's something to be sad about. No more breakfasts at McD every Monday and no more Starbucks sessions every Thursdays. Sheesh.


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