Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sites better than your typical social networking

It's a tad late to talk about new year resolutions but if a survey was done, I believe the results would reveal that a high percentage of us aim to get more things done, which also means less procrastination. Whether the task is something small or big is not the issue here. And since we're all so dysfunctional without the internet & we 'face it more than we face our family', it would be great if we could fully use the internet to our advantage.

Because my laptop is practically on 24/7 with access to the internet connection whenever I'm at home, I find TeuxDeux to be extremely useful. I've only started to use this a week ago and it has helped me to get more shit done than before. At least minor tasks won't slip off my head (provided if you remember to jot them down in the first place). Take a look.

 Very clean interface, completely no-frills without unnecessary features. Extremely user-friendly and has the right editing options. You just have to input what you need to do for the day and as you go along, cross out the tasks you've done. Tasks can also be dragged to another day. You know yourself best, if you're gonna keep dragging them to the next column (or day), procrastination is taking place so of course, you gotta have adequate discipline and self-control. Registration isn't time-consuming at all because they don't ask for unnecessary shit. Why not give TeuxDeux a try and see whether you can really get more things done, at the same time become a happier person?
Another site that I've recently started using again is LastFm. Was inactive for a few years because ever since I switched from the ancient chunky desktop to this laptop, I got too damn lazy to install a plugin which tracks what you listen to. Because my hibernation period was too damn long, I decided to delete my 'listening history' during secondary school and started from scratch all over again a few days back.

So what's the point of this site? If you're someone who listens to music as much as I drink coffee--uhh. Bad example. More like how much I think about coffee but I'm sure you get what I mean. And also if you're one who likes discovering new artists and music, this site works wonders! From what you've been listening, they recommend similar artists. That way, you get to broaden and diversify your listening experience.

Each artist also has a page which means you get to see top tracks and albums. This feature is what I love most because say I'm new to this particular band and I'm interested to listen to more of their songs, I get to see which tracks are the better ones (or more like which are the overrated ones). Besides, like every other place on the internet, you get to see people fighting over the smallest things and it's pretty entertaining because some fans really go all out to defend their opinions or favourite artists.

If you have other sites which you find to be incredibly helpful in any areas, please recommend them, I'd be glad to try them out.


QueenP February 12, 2011 at 11:58 AM  

Thanks for sharing! Just created one in TeuxDeux. Let's see how well will I NOT procrastinate.

I reckon you should put 'update blog' in one of those days in a week every week. :D

Crystal February 12, 2011 at 9:50 PM  

Updating blog is something that I do when I feel like it so it's unnecessary to put it on TD. HEHE! Hope it will help to remove the P from the QueenP! :p

ユカナ vi Britannia February 13, 2011 at 1:30 PM  

TeuxDeux sounds interesting. Maybe I should try it too. I'm not using Vista or 7 so there're no sticky note function on my lappy. =/

You SHOULD update your blog loh. I like reading your posts!

btw, I changed my blog add ddy lah!

Crystal February 14, 2011 at 10:27 AM  

Sticky notes aren't huge enough, they look ugly and they get in the way of my wallpaper. I ditched them because I like my desktop to look clean and pretty, haha.

Yeah, I updated the links already. :p
Will try to make it a point, it's hard to develop this habit of updating blogs! Idk how people do it!

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