Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's dinner with mom

Despite my love for most pastas, I don't really fancy Spaghetti much and that's also why I don't order Bolognese Spaghetti whenever I dine out, even more so when it's not a Italian restaurant because they'll use lots of ketchup together with pre-made sauces for this dish. Major disaster. Before I started adhering to this rule, I always felt ripped off whenever this happens.

Since then, I made it a point to only eat Bolognese Spaghetti prepared by mom. Not pure Bolognese, there's a bit of fusion to it. Nevertheless, it tastes way better than most restaurants out there.

Photos courtesy of mom's.
Take note of the amount of veggies, prawns, mushrooms and garnishing which are usually kept to the minimum when I eat out. They usually give you really little of these and to compensate, lots and lots of noodles-- which really irks me. But my mom's the exact opposite. That's why I love it when she cooks for me. To be frank, that's also why I sulk or put on faces when she changes her plan to eat out during the last minute. Very nasty thing to do but it can't be helped.

Speaking of food, my tastes has changed once again. I'm beginning think Lou Sang/Yee Sang as pretty acceptable. Used to detest it a lot when I was a kid. Would only take the keropok and pamelo bits. This year I've been indulging in 2 servings whenever possible though I must say it's more enjoyable if we do take away because grated carrot will be added in. Chinese New Year ends this week so most probably there will be one last session because my mom really fancies it.


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