Monday, May 12, 2008


Want Some?
These were served as finger food for the church people who came over just now. I managed to hide in my room for more than 3 hours studying and onlining and doing other unnecessary stuff of course. Their prayers and songs and talking were so loud. It was extremely hard for me to fully concentrate on my revision. As a matter of fact, I was compelled to put on my headphones and listen to new age music while trying to absorb the facts from the text book. This is so not myself because I can't actually read something while listening to music. Swt.

Freaks actually refer to those people out there who are stealing my books! Yes! There are freaks out there who actually steal books! What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays? For those who don't know, I practise leaving all my books in the class, those which I won't be using for revision of course. Today when I went to my class during stayback, I saw my Sastera reference book on top of the drawers. Next, my English Essay exercise book was under a desk at the end of the class. Never mind. I thought those strangers who came to my class messed around with my books. After that I went to look for my English Literature and Ekonomi Asas exercise books. Couldn't find them. Again, never mind. I went home, searched searched and searched. Couldn't find them too! Someone must have stolen it. No doubt. FREAKS. Sick. I'm gonna kill her or whoever if I know who stolen them. You people need to be sent to the asylum or something. I can't see what's so fun messing around with people's books.


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