Monday, May 12, 2008


My grandpa's piece of art. I know totally not related but if you were there, you'll be like O_O . The chairs looked as if they'll fall anytime on anyone passing by.

Somebody said I look like her? What the heck? Which part? Please tell me not even 0.1% of me looks like her. UGH.

Anyway today is Happy Mother's Day!
Did you wish your mom? If you haven't, please please do so. After all they're your moms. Be good. *hinting to someone* *coughs*

Still another week to go before my exams end. My brain was really really frozen for some period of time today. What I read couldn't go in. It's alright now thanks to some exercise. I'm actually drinking tea to keep myself awake. Unfortunately I'm still quite sleepy. Screw it. =(


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