Monday, May 19, 2008

Effing Stomachache

Went to some Success Edge Workshop today. It's something about studying smart. It was held in one of those mini rooms (not even halls) in YMCA. We arrived late because Annie took too much time preparing herself. Tsk. Even though we arrived late, we did not miss anything because Mr. Jeya started the workshop later than we thought. Yeah, so as expected we went home late too. The workshop was actually some sort of a preview to the real study smart camp thing. So mom was complaining because 20 bucks is too much for a workshop and the study smart camp is actually around 600 bucks. Parents claimed the camp thing is a scam because he's not well known enough, bla bla bla. Oh, never mind, not that I really wanna go. Already expected that I couldn't attend it.
Yeah, as if you're so focused.

Strong woman? I mean girl.

Menjealouskan lah those two people on the left so we decided to stick our heads together too.

teh Poser Annie and me.
So we'll be sitting for Maths paper 2 again tomorrow. Could be good news or bad news. Bad news for those who tried really hard. Good news for those who did badly. Now you're finally given another chance to do it! Give your best! Unfortunately, I don't feel like giving a damn because I'm already in the 'merdeka mood'. Foong Vai went through a few chapters with me and Ken-Ann last night. Hopefully I can still remember and do better tomorrow. Ken-Ann labeled Foong Vai as the Math God. How true!

Anyway this took place last Friday after Mrs Lee made the announcement that form 5s need to sit the Maths paper 2 again..

*Maths teacher walks in*
*most 5v3 students very excited especially those sitting in front*
Harshil : Teacher teacher, need to sit the Maths paper 2 again.
Other students : Yalah, teacher, bla bla bla~
Harshil : Teacher, the circle, bla bla bla *lists out those questions she doesn't know*
Teacher : Uh, ya, so what do you want?

That made most of us laugh. Okay, maybe it isn't funny because you actually have to be there to see how she reacted. Swt.


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