Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Johnny's Sucks

Since exams are over, I can finally 'waste' my time eating. Right. So mom took me and grandpa to her friend's new place. It's located behind JJ. Serves steambot. The concept they use is something like Johnny's. You can choose to order, not necessary to order sets. Anyway they don't have sets. Most importantly, the food there taste so much better than Johnny's. Damn I hate Johnny's. Johnny serves tasteless food. Second thing, this place is so much more comfortable. Yeah, it's worth trying.

Hotpot House


Examples of the food they serve. Pretty much like Johnny's but much fresher.

The chili sauce is lovely.

We had Japan soup and Laksa soup.

No, they don't serve pork there.

Yummy beef.

Me and Old Man, he looks happy tonight.

Mom and me.


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