Friday, May 9, 2008


Was busy with exams few days ago. Yeah, thanks to last minute revision. Gonna do crash revision this weekend. Gotta force myself to really concentrate for another week. It's so hard to concentrate nowadays. Something must be wrong with my brain. If only Doraemon existed then life would be much easier for Crystal. Ever heard of the bread which allows you to remember all the facts? If you're scratching your head now, you should really get yourself a copy of Doraemon. I'm surprised there are people out there who actually doesn't read Doraemon. *coughs* *coughs*

People from the church or group you call it will be coming over next Monday to have this Rosary session thing. Fortunately I can use exams as an excuse to hide myself in my room. If not, I'd be really screwed. I can't recite those prayers. How embarrassing.

My mind is actually frozen. I had a lot to blog about a few days back. Suddenly I've forgotten everything. Lack of sleep I guess. Will blog more when my mind 'recovers'.

Yesterday during Lionel's tuition, while he was so busy explaining, I was busy scribbling and doing totally irrelevant things such as this. Lol.


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