Tuesday, July 1, 2008

GB Annual Camp '08

Firstly, I would like to clarify something. Reason I did not update is because my desktop fucked up again so I'm compelled to use the laptop. The keyboard is really an utter pain so it's really hard for me to type something properly. Because I really don't want my ramenbox to die, I'll struggle and be patient a bit to do a short update.

The camp this year is held in Port Dickson. Not a very comfortable place indeed but fortunately most of us managed to survive. The place is quite dirty and hot. I'd rather they have it again in Cameron.

A few things that I'm really not satisfied with are :

  1. Extremely hot weather.
  2. Huge red ants everywhere including the toilets.
  3. Inadequate food.
  4. Lousy air cond.
  5. Weird smell in certain dorms.
  6. The blankets stink.
5 hours of boredom causes you to start acting lame.


Spooky toilet.

Waiting for lunch.

Sook Mun and Kai Teng's group presenting.

Jessica aka Princess Mimee.

Prisoners. Lol, they're so desperate to get to the beach.

Invading the beach.

Somebody too busy playing with the waves.

Last worship session.

My group. Surprisingly I'm in the same group as Sok Wai again this year.

I've recorded a few presentations. Will post them up when I'm free.
I kinda miss last year's camp. Too bad those people weren't interested to attend this year's. Lol.
This year's camp was a totally different experience because of the different company I had and I really miss those 3 days. =) ) ) )

Oh, 'something' happened again on the second night of the camp. It suddenly occurred when the groups were presenting. Haha. Many people cried and panicked. Fortunately the high praise session managed to fix most of their mood. Anyway nothing big happened. Those people are okay already. God is Great.


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