Thursday, August 7, 2008

kuiz pelaburan pnb '08 peringkat kebangsaan

Me, Chin and Dawn went to KL for the quiz on tuesday, we came back on wednesday, empty handed. Lol. Well, it was quite disappointing that we didn't win but experience is what that matters. Anyway we had fun and I think that was my last quiz since I'm already in form 5. Thank you God for giving me the chance to experience this and also thanks a lot to our lovely teacher, Cik Hasnoridah for giving us the opportunity.

So actually the event was supposed to be held in Palace of the Golden Horses but apparently because of some Chelsea thing, they were forced to hold the event in Equatorial instead. Right, that's like so pathetic please. Thought could experience something nice. Eesh. Fortunately the food there was not bad, really. Three of us ate like pigs especially me. Other participants ate really little, what's wrong with them? Seriously, haha or maybe I'm just so 'kiasu'. Who cares anyway.

Arrived around 2 p.m. Checked in.

Revised until dinner time. Rushed to the hall for the written test. There were 2 sessions. First session was okay, second session was so bloody hard. Everyone was struggling, some of them even gave the Imsofuckingdead look.

So we had to wait until the next morning for them to announce who qualify for the final quiz. Unfortunately MGS or Perak couldn't make it. Pahang, Johor and Perlis made it. Perlis was the champion for last year. Many schools were invited to the quiz including a few VIPs of course. Don't know their names though.

Question is... who won? Perlis failed to defend their JUARA. Johor was the winner. Pahang second, Perlis third. Somehow I'm quite glad for Pahang, don't wanna state why. Hehe. Look at the size of the PINGAT. Huge. Lucky buggers. It's huge because this year is PNB's 30 years anniversary. Couldn't get clear photos of the winners because of the reporters and massive crowds. Ugh.

Too lazy to write the captions for food. Took too many photos of food, will just post those which are quite yummy looking. Haha.

Our last lunch or you can say last meal at the hotel wasn't buffet style. It was more to those chinse set. Since most of them were Malays, they were kinda complaining because there were 'too many' dishes. Lol. Teacher said she can't afford to sit there so long to wait for each dish to come out. Sat with malay students. They ate so so so little, especially for prawns and brocollis. Being the pig, I think I ate practically more 70% of the prawns? The waitress even shoved me the last piece of chicken.

A photo taken before we checked out.


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