Sunday, December 21, 2008


Most people do believe that the more you hate something, the more that thing will come to you. I'm not an exception. My hatred towards weird creatures is something that even me myself can't comprehend. Since I was a kid, I could sense it when a beetle or bee is about to get into my room. I could sense it even before when it lands right outside the door of my room. No idea why but I'm gifted with sharp hearing, only for listening to the sound of their wings, not other things. 9 out of 10 times when I have that gut feeling, for sure the beetle or whatever weird insect will be in my room in less than 10 minutes. Besides creatures which can fly, four legged weirdos scare me a lot too, for instance, long lizards. They look SOSOSO disgusting. Saw one at home 2 weeks back. Grandma ended the lizard's life by hitting it with a pot.

Then today while I was having dinner at the food court near Tong Sui road, I saw this dog which looks a cow. It's the newest species in town. Look closer, it even has eyes which glow in the dark. xD

Went out with Leong and friends to celebrate her birthday. Watched the movie Yes Man. Gotta say the poster doesn't give me the impression that it'll be an enjoyable movie. I told her I'll blame her for everything if the movie bores me. Fortunately the movie was really good. It has gotta be good because most audience were laughing during 95% of the movie. Your sense of humour must be really atrocious if you don't think it's funny. *coughs* *hint* *hint* Anyway I laughed so badly, couldn't control it. The movie made me grin even when I was walking out of the cinema. Zi Zhe said the next time people should provide me with tissues if I ever watch a comedy movie because I laughed too much till I cried. A lot. I think I produced a lot of tears today.

So my dad was saying that what Carl did in the movie is something good for everyone and everyone should learn to apply it. And yeah, I totally agree with him and I told him to practise saying yes to everything. He should say yes whenever I ask her for new gadgets and money. Immediately he showed me a swt face. Parents,.. tsk.


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