Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pretty vacant

Went down to KL last Friday. Parents wants me to study in APIIT and in case anyone of you don't know what's that (which I'm sure majority doesn't), it stands for Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology. Talked to the counselor. Everything's fine except for the dress code. They say no slippers, jeans or shorts. Must be formal. The heck, why must they make things so complicated. What if poor people can't afford their own formal attire? *lame excuse* gahh, screw it. School starts on the 23rd of March. I'll be coming up with my own plan to solve this problem. *gg*

Look at the umbrella. Weirdos.

Heh, and I'm actually close to completing P3 FES The Journey. Currently 75 hours. I'll complete it by the end of this week. Gotta do some grinding and some fusions since most people said final boss is a friggin' pain in the ass. After that, gonna start on The Answer.

It's already February and I haven't get a laptop yet. For duuuut's sake, please get me a laptop. I know it's not necessary for foundation but how the heck can you people expect me to survive in KL without one? People like me will die in less than 5 hours if I don't have something to play with. Talk about stupid, now I'm starting to regret that I actually declined mom's offer. She said she'll get me a psp but I declined. Oh, how fucking dumb of me. I thought by doing so, I could get the laptop sooner. I should've ACCEPTED. GAHHHHHHH. *throws the keyboard*

Valentine's this Saturday. Nowadays I find myself switching channels whenever they're showing those annoying love stories on tv. It'll just be another ordinary day for single people like meeee and maybe some of you out there. Right, there are many single people out there. I'll try not to care so much since it's the same every year except for 2006. Like someone said, I'm "FOREVER BAHAGIA". So I think I should live up to that. I'll be 'bahagia' at home with my games and my imaginary...*coughs*Naoto*coughs* I'm still not over Naoto.

Hat wearing boy? ZZZ.

Watched both Underworld part 1 and 2 last week. I can see why people said both of them are better than the latest one but personally I like all of em. I can't even decide which lead actress is hotter. Both are awesome. I need more 'Dark' movies, someone should suggest me good ones.


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