Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it's frustrating

CS3 sucks, sucks, sucks. What were the developers thinking? Every single user uses the latest pc? Bloody thing crashes so often just because it's not meant to run on Athlon. Seriously, they can go suck it. Now I'm compelled to downgrade to CS2. How stupid.

Watched Imagine Me & You for the second time today because I was so fed up. I've developed a crush on one of the main characters, played by Lena Headey. Thus, I'm so gonna get myself a copy of the tv series of Terminator just to see her. =)

Anyone watched Far North? One of the sickest movies I've ever watched, the ending especially. Would you kill your step daughter? Then cut our her face? Then put it on your face as a human mask? Then have sex with your step daughter's boyfriend? So that's what humans will do when lust consumes them. Or maybe greedy? Jealousy? It's sick.

Leaving Ipoh in 3 days time. Mom kept asking me whether I'll miss the house. She told me to take photos of my current bedroom. How funny.


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