Monday, May 26, 2008

Crystal Wants a New Phone

2 weeks of holidays.
To be honest I have this love hate relationship with holidays. Too many reasons for me to list out why I love holidays and why I hate holidays. Someone told me I should update, so I guess I really should since I'm quite free. Got too much time to spare.

I think I'll be going out a lot during this holiday. I just have this feeling, I don't know why. For example I went out on Saturday, then I went out on Sunday again. With different people and at different places of course. Then most probably I'll be going out on Thursday and Friday again. Hopefully my mom won't kill me. I believe it's quite healthy to go out often. You get to absorb positive energy, stuff like that. *lame reason*

Watched Narnia yesterday with Ken-Ann. She got her new haircut. Looks pretty good on her, but she seems to be complaining a lot. Tsk. Fell asleep during the beginning of the movie. I prefer part 1 more. The plot seems to build up quite slow in part 2. I woke up when Ken-Ann suddenly pushed me. Thanks so much. I actually missed the first battle scene. I think next time I should nap before going into the cinema.

Anyway here are some photos taken by don't know who, I got them from Cik Hasno's CD.

Harshil looks very funny.

Was busy talking with Audrey and my face actually looks funny if the picture is bigger.

Zzz, Harshil you look great, stop touching your hair.

Photo sessions can be really boring when it gets too long.

Ain and Leong complaining about something.


I don't see any reason why they must have candid shots.


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