Thursday, September 25, 2008

flirting with disaster

A comedy mainly about sex. Right, actually the whole movie is about fucking. From the start till the end. Horny freaks out there should stay away from this, really. *coughs* Throughout the movie, there are only scenes of various people having sex; exes, housemates, couples, best friends, etc. Some parts are indeed hilarious. I'd say the movie is kinda stupid but who cares, I know many people out there are too curious to watch this because of the title. Eat that. =) And btw, it's not porn okay. Tsk.

School nowadays is friggin boring. Sometimes I rather play truant but I'll always end up in school because I'm such a considerate deskmate. *smirks* You know what I mean. Apart from checking test papers, there isn't much to do. I'll either crap in class, eat, drink or sleep. Crystal needs to get a life. Today me and Leong did the most pathetic thing ever, we begged our class teacher to allow us to go for PJ. Since only 6 people brought their PJ attires, she didn't wanna let us get out of the class. Leong and I were bugging her like mad and I think she got fed up and allowed us to go out. Only two of us went for PJ. Felt dumb. Anyway it was better than rotting in class.

People nowadays just love making use of their wild imagination. Some form 3 kid spreaded rumors about 5v3, claiming that our class is haunted. Just because someone from 5v3 passed away, it doesn't makes the class haunted. You're so dumb. If you think it's haunted then you should just stay away. I don't know who but someone must be really paranoid because she hung this indian god type of amulet thing at the entrance of the class. I think you people are being brainwashed by movies. Just STOP imagining things okay. If you think she'll really come and haunt you then maybe you should hang a buddha amulet, a cross and islam related thingy at other doors of the class too. I think that will definitely provide sufficient protection for the class. I notice that people just hate letting people rest in peace. Even though it's close to 2 weeks after her death, I still hear shit stories about her death. Cancer? Kidney failure? Virus infection? Pregnant? Would you people just stop and let people rest in peaceeee? Gah.

the Big day is coming and I need to get shirts. Anyone knows where to get nice shirts at a reasonable price? =D


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