Sunday, September 21, 2008

mike myers is my idol

Spent my evening watching this sick movie at home. It's a remake of the classic by Rob Zombie. Not exactly a remake since it has extra stuff in it. This version covers the origins of the killer behind the mask, Mike Myers. I still remember how much I love watching this stupid movie when I was a kid. They aired it on tv every year when I was in primary.

I'd like this mask for birthday.

Average movie. 2 hours of gruesome stuff. 1 hour covers his childhood and teenage life. The next is all about his revenge. The second hour is practically pitch black all the time. Damn it. Had such a hard time watching during certain scenes. There were too many predictable scenes, but it was indeed quite fun even though you'll know what happen next.

He thinks her ass is nice.

Scenes which are TOO damn common :

  1. Sex scenes - why must the killer attack them each time they fuck? It's always like that. They just like having many sex scenes and while they're enjoying, the killer strikes. Dumb.
  2. Die hard killer - yeah, the murderer wouldn't die for the first time. Most of the time he gets back to life and it requires a 2nd strike or something for him to die.
  3. Babysitters - murderers just love preying on them for no reason.
  4. Sluts - most sluts in the movie live a really SHORT life. They'll be the first to die.
  5. Weak ass police - police does not have the ability to kill the murderer. It will be the job of an ordinary person to do so.
Director Rob Zombie posting with the kid and adult version of Mike Myers.

Mike Myers is a huge fan of metal music, I guess that's why people thinks metal is satanic. You people are DENSE.

This movie was released back in 2007 but since we're in Malaysia, we only get to watch this movie this year. Great.

Will be sitting for my last paper tomorrow.
I feel like shit now for some reason. I should stop watching sick movies before I get influenced.


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