Sunday, September 28, 2008

is there more than this

Watch it here on youtube.
OBVIOUSLY it's a GAY movie. If you think it's disgusting then you can click the huge red x button okay? Simple storyline. Main character faces ordinary problems like conflicts with girlfriend, family members and career paths. He tries discovering himself, looking for what he really wants and in the end he realizes he's gay. Lol, I'm SO GOOD at summarizing. Yeah, well go watch it. You might like it.

You have a problem with us being gay?

I like the dude on the left more.

He's admiring my armpit hair.

Unlike those yaoi that we usually watch, don't expect to find many sex scenes in this movies. There are no sex scenes, really. It's CLEAN. What makes this movie really enjoyable to watch is the music that they use. The soundtrack is really good and I'm still trying to find the torrent for it. The main singer who does most of the songs for the soundtrack is utterly talented. Check out Shane Mack on MySpace. Songs like Lie To Me, Remember To Forget and More Than This are nice acoustic stuff for chilling out.

Anyway in case anyone out there is curious, this movie won a few awards :
Got it from wikipedia. Haha.


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